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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Day 1115 - Nothing lasts forever

Despite us being promised a new parody piece by Our Mozzer, it has failed to materialise, and this morning Broken left a couple of comments on FTM suggesting that there won't be a parody piece. Broken's first comment of this morning was a berating of MorrisseysWorlders for not being grateful to Our Mozzer for his "Herculean efforts" in producing "5 years of free parody writing to rival Dad's Army." Broken's second comment was this:

"There comes a point when unremunerated parody writing ceases to be worth it. I think that point arrives when many of the audience gripe and moan to you and about you. The blog has gone now. The occasional article was the best you might hope for - and that's now hanging by a thread.
When will they learn, Rat?"


Morrissey started MorrisseysWorld to have a bit of intellectual fun with his fans, but despite giving out hundreds of signs over the past three years to prove that he is behind MW, and despite writing dozens of hilarious parody pieces, Morrissey's fans have failed to see that MW is the work of their hero, and have either completely ignored it, or have continuously argued that "it ISN'T him!" With the exception of the Dreary Deluded Dozen, Morrissey's fans have completely missed the subtlety of MorrisseysWorld, have completely missed the thrill of the chase, and have missed Morrissey's wonderful idea of a Blue Rose Society.

Having an audience of a dozen excited fans watching out for anything MorrisseysWorld related was just about enough for Our Mozzer to keep MW going, but the dozen has now fallen to about five or six, and the appreciation of the greatness of MorrisseysWorld is virtually non existent. I posted Our Mozzer's last parody piece THREE times, and yet only half a dozen people commented on it. Some people may argue that they read but don't comment, but that is like going to a concert and not clapping.

If I'm honest, I feel exactly the same way as Broken does. I started writing FTM to try and show Morrissey fans that their hero was writing a blog, using twitter, and giving out secret signs, but for the most part, instead of being thanked for my sterling efforts, I get ridiculed, harassed and even threatened. Over the past three years, I have even thrown in a few parody pieces of my own, and tried to entertain people when Our Mozzer wasn't around, but as Broken has written, there comes a point when everything ceases to be worth it. On the eve of the last tour, I wrote one of the funniest parody pieces I've ever written, but only nine people commented, and five of those commenters have since fallen away from being interested in MW.  I, like Broken, can not see the point in spending hours and hours writing for people when the audience is so tiny and so unappreciative.

I am really excited about this upcoming Morrissey tour, but I  I have decided that I won't be reporting on the concerts, after all, I didn't start this blog of mine to write reports on Morrissey's concerts, I started it because of MorrisseysWorld, and have only ended up reporting on concerts over the past three years as we watched out for signs. From here on in, I will only write FTM entries if something happens relating to MorrisseysWorld, i.e. a new parody piece appears, or Morrissey does something on stage or says something in an interview that is relevant to the MW story. If NOTHING relating to MorrisseysWorld happens, then FTM will quietly fade away. Nothing lasts forever.


  1. I know that it is not a total surprise that Moz is not gonna write a new parody piece,but it still makes me very sad.I can totaly understand you,Moz and Broken.Spending so much of your time for what might be a hand full of people.There have to be a bigger audience to make this more fun.The one's that do read your blog and the parody do appreciate it.I am 100% shure of it.And maybe all things come to an end,and nothing last forever:(The only thing that do last is our love for Morrissey.Does he exept my blue rose?I don't know,but i am still trying to give it to him.
    Thanks for the blog.

  2. There will be a Blue Rose with me in Gothenburg!!

  3. I am not really surprised to be reading this. I admire & appreciate your dedication Rats but when the work goes virtually unappreciated it must be hard to stay inspired to write.

    The same goes for OM & Broken. The quality of the writing from the MW blog was outstanding, it deserved far greater audience I would imagine, the lack of appreciation & enthusiasm must leave one feeling horribly disheartened.
    I also recognise my own contributions could have been much richer.

    It is exciting that the tour is about to start. Roll on Monday......

  4. Mr. Ratty, are you insane? You can't stop the blog now. A tour is just about to begin for Moz's sake! You HAVE to keep the blog going! You must report on the shows and we all have to keep our eyes and ears and hearts open, searching for the signs that Morrissey may give us. I just know he will! It isn't over. Perhaps some kind and brave fan will even get a blue rose to our man. BRS lives! And as long as MW characters are interacting with us on Twitter, then MW still exists, if just barely. Don't give up. Something big is coming. I just feel it in my bones!

  5. Dear old Rat, I do hope you're not counting me as one of the drop-outs, I am around but with many other things to deal with at the moment. You know all you have to do is . . . well, whatever rats do to attract attention, gnaw loudly I suppose.

    I do sympathise with Broken, an audience of c. 12 deluded people, who may also be dreary, is a tough audience.

    Still, Lisbon awaits us all.

  6. "When we have The Rat - We have everything" , The blog Must go on.

  7. you need to have your pen at the ready then, cos we go again

  8. If there is still a thread, I guess we can all hang on to it.
    Shame Rats that you won’t be reporting on the concerts. I always enjoy the pictures that you find of the venues, backdrops, the set list etc. It’s a great way to enjoy the concerts when you are not actually there. I do appreciate that it is a lot of work to bring all those bits together.
    Oh well, talking of the concerts I am really excited about the European leg. This will be the first time that we hear songs from WPINOYB after the release of the album (that is assuming that concert footage turns up on utube). And when ‘Neal Cassady’ hits the stage with Morrissey ‘not really rapping’ I may just spontaneously combust.

  9. I understand your reasons for not wanting to continue this blog. Believe me, I really do. But some of us who have been or will be unable to attend Morrissey's shows live them vicariously through your blog. Where will we go now? SoLow? I guess it isn't your problem through, is it? Let's all hope something amazing occurs that will keep this blog and all it stands for alive.

  10. Ratty, it's perfectly understandable that you and Broken feel the way you do. But I do believe the numbers are closer to a dozen than five or six, and those of us who remain are very devoted and appreciative. We're keeping the torch lit, clutching tightly to the thread that remains with no plans to let go.

  11. I know you have always wanted to just document the journey and MW story. but I always liked the idea of your blog being about more than JUST that ... you can't stop Rat ... one day people will wake up. and you were the one that told the whole story.


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