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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Day 1119 - Journalists Who Lie

Last week Morrissey gave a number of interviews to Spanish and Portuguese websites, and in those interviews Morrissey mentioned that he had undergone a number of smears to check for cancer; which is a common routine for somebody who has suffered from Barrett's Oesophagus. Morrissey explained in the interviews that the smears were all clear, and yet yesterday, the world's media went mad as the story spread that 'Morrissey Has Cancer'. It is FRIGHTENING that one journalist can invent a story, and within minutes, it is EVERYWHERE. What is more frightening, is that people believe what they read, completely without question. As soon as the story broke, hundreds upon hundreds of people took to twitter to tweet, "Morrissey Has Cancer."

The reason that Morrissey only gives interviews by email these days, is to avoid people twisting his words, just as the NME famously did, and yet here we are with his words once again being changed. The excuse will be that something got lost in translation, but that isn't good enough. I managed to translate the interviews, and NOWHERE did it say that Morrissey was being treated for cancer.

Not only was the story all over the internet yesterday, but this morning I awoke to find the nauseating Richard Arnold virtually dishing out an obituary for Moz on ITV's breakfast programme. As if he cares! They ALL just want a story, and NEVER must the truth get in the way of that!


All these lies could effect Morrissey's livelihood. Fans may decide not to risk buying a concert ticket incase old Mozzer drops dead! If Morrissey is so inclined, I'm sure he could have a field day suing the likes of The Manchester Evening News and the London Standard, who have clearly stated 'Morrissey HAS Cancer'. People CANNOT be allowed to get away with writing whatever they like, and it will be interesting to see if Morrissey's lawyers go after anybody else who has taken to twitter and other social media sites, to state that 'Moz has cancer'. They are ALL committing an offence. WHY do these fools believe anything they are told?

Of course there is a flip side to all this publicity, and as the old saying goes, "there is no such thing as bad publicity." If people genuinely believe that Morrissey is on his last legs, then they may decide to go and watch him in concert before it is too late! Ticket sales could increase. It becomes a win win situation for Moz, because ticket sales increase, and yet he can sue for potential loss of earnings! Anybody waiting for a True-To-You statement from Moz rubbishing the stories, may find that there is nothing imminently coming. No hurry.

No wonder everybody believed True-To-You when it stated that Morrissey wasn't behind MorrisseysWorld. People just don't ask questions, they accept EVERYTHING they are TOLD. The same goes for many things in life, particularly with politics and religion. ACCEPT, ACCEPT, ACCEPT.

Meanwhile, back in MorrisseysWorld-

In the absence of Broken, Our Mozzer and anything MorrisseysWorld related, I shall instead report on A**sB****n, who yesterday returned to The Twitterdilly Arms. A** is still making out that he is Morrissey, so it is my duty as an upstanding member of the Morrissey community to report what he says, regardless of my own views.

A** strolled into The Arms at around 2pm, but he didn't stay long. He also returned in the evening for another short session. I will also take this moment to mention that F*f*, who returned last week, has been silent since re-opening her bar tab.

Words of A**:

A**: I feel like Cilla Black

ME: You look like Lulu

A**: You look like Susan Boyle with an even more ridiculous hairpiece.

ME: I'd happily have Sue's hair. And voice... she's like an angel, you know.

A**: Yes but she dresses like a blind bishop.

"And what was the surprise?" (Kerry replied "Neal Cassady", and her tweet was favourited.)

In response to Lizzy tweeting "Trouble Loves Me": "That will never leave", which if A**'s previous predictions are anything to go by, means we will NEVER see it again!

"Dressed all in white it was almost like I was an angel. Not even God wants me."

A**: I'm off to play cricket in the park with Boz. He will play the part of the stump.

ME: He could also be the roller.

A**: He could also serve tea. He has many uses."

ME: Can he bowl a googly?

A**: He can bowl chips.

ME: Yes, I'm sure.... although he looks to have lost a little weight.

A**: Just a little.

"When dressed in black I wasn't coming back. Dressed in white? Who knows.

"The patron saint of outrage."

ME: If today's paper are to be believed, your death is imminent.

A**: If my body is to be believed I've been dead for years.

ME: There must be a part of you that is healthy?

A**: The brain. Only just.

In response to a hash tag which read ZaynDeservesPrivacy "In his own prison cell."

"I have invented a time-machine. I once went back to my birth and considered shooting the infant I saw."

In response to MozFiend tweeting, "Thankfully you didn't have a gun, or else where would we be?": "Listening to Wham!"

"Sands of time running out. Clocks joking and melting."

And then he was gone.... back to the bedsit. ALL of the fake Mozzers live in bedsits. It's the rule.


Astraea has paid a visit to The Arms this lunchtime, and she has pointed out the one thing that we have all missed..... Justin Bieber wears an all white outfit on stage! JB also wears gold gloves, but as far as anyone can tell, Morrissey did not have his gold nail varnish on in Lisbon, so it is hard to tell if his all white outfit was a nod to JB. I guess it is just a coincidence that Moz wore all white.

It has transpired that Rosy Mires was not the only former BRS member to attend the concert in Lisbon; Chuck was there too. Despite Chuck being banned from the BRS by Broken in the aftermath of 'Fag-Gate', she has posted a comment on FTM, presumably because she is excited and has nowhere else to take her excitement. Here is Chuck's comment, in which she rather deludedly describes her handshake with Moz during TQID:

3:30 @

I love how he rubs the sweat of my hand all over his body. It was a special moment. He held my hand with his eyes closed, then softly let go while letting his fingers slowly glide through my hand. I saw the girls who brought the blue rose at the venue, we even offerend them a spot on the list, we're not hateful you know. Some of the regulars were offended though, saying "Whatever happens, I just hope those creepy girls will end up behind me at the show". I kept my mouth shut. I was there for the REAL Moz, and the REAL Moz offered me his hand. I wonder if he was aware that I'm banned for a lifetime from "his" society? I'm too happy for hate. But what about you?

Posted by 307someDay to Following The Mozziah at 8 October 2014 02:46

Chuck's version of her handshake is somewhat different to the reality, in that Moz looked (mock) disgusted after shaking hands, and tried to wipe away the germs, but I guess it meant the world to Chuck, and the fact that she travelled so far to see him shows that she is a true fan and not just a stay at home moaner.

It is a shame that Chuck didn't have the ability to see how wrong she was during the 'Fag-Gate' row, as she actually comes across as somebody with intelligence, and was a major part of the BRS. Chuck's behaviour has been disgusting at times, but despite everything that has happened in the past, I for one would welcome her back to the fold, although if she still can't see how wrong she was in the way she behaved towards Broken, then I can't see it happening. Chuck is welcome to leave comment regarding this.

And on the subject of the BlueRoseSociety, Romina has tweeted to say that she will be taking a blue rose to the concert in Rome on Monday. The BRS lives on.

And finally, some more videos have emerged from Lisbon, and they are ALL remarkable, especially Kiss Me A Lot and I'm Not A Man.

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  1. When will the world wake up to the fact that the media cannot be trusted, and in fact shouldn't be trusted at any cost? Splendid video clips from Lisbon - can't wait for Madrid!

  2. The media is full of shit
    I wait for the statement before i get worked up about it
    I can't believe the lies they say
    That rumor is a sad one

    I hope the statement comes soon
    I really wanted to reach out to band members to find out the truth but don't want to bother them

    I can't believe the fans are sheep taking this cancer stuff seriously

    I post on Facebook last night remember the tweeter account wait for true to you

    1. Angela, that twitter account WAS Moz!!!! Don't believe all you read on TTY. Good grief.

    2. Everybody lies
      Now I don't know what to believe anymore

      Good dammit lol

  3. I love the youtube videos from is amazing to see Moz sing his new songs.I can watch it over and over again.I never film anything during concerts,but i do like it when others do and post it on youtube.

  4. ok great concert and full steam ahead for Madrid, one thing you can be sure of, even if Moz was on his last legs you wouldn't get him anywhere near a hospital in Madrid now that ebola mania has broken out.. onwards Moz, onwards, I guess Ena Sharples will just have to wait to Stodola, ah Stodola, home of the infamous statement that upset the whole of Norway, also where I came in to contact with a polish bouncers jackboot, still I got my handshake, so all ended well

  5. I've had my face dragged in 15 miles of shit....

    The media have whipped up a storm for Morrissey, shame WPINOYB isn't currently available, might have got to No. 1 this week!
    All the footage from Lisbon so far, has been watched by me.
    Was a great "performance" by Moz and band.
    Roll on Gothenburg and London!

    Thanks for the blog & videos today Rat.

    1. Hadn't thought of it that way. It's a post-album release tour, when the album has already been deleted.

    2. It must be a first to have a tour of an album that has been deleted! You couldn't make this up.

    3. Is that your catchphrase now Rat?

  6. I don't trust anything I read anywhere. I am the most paranoid person who has ever stepped. Forget about others, I can't even trust myself!

  7. Here I am Ratty dear! I'm so glad to see Morrissey in top form and I don't care at all about the press and the rest. Morrissey simply explained his health's trouble, he was hospitalized more than one time and, of course, he did accurate screening and that forced him to cancel concerts. That's life and nothing more. Just read some interesting tweets by Astrea, particulary the tweet about Ezra, one of the most underreated poet in my country. Is the novel by Morrissey somehow related to Ezra Pound? Morrissey was dressed in withe, as a crickey player, but as an old style tennis player too and tennis was the favourite sport of Ezra Pound. All this it's very interesting and I just discovered that Ezra had very original ideas about economy, just hoping some people could be cleaver enough to not associate Ezra with fascism and Morrissey with fascism too! Everything Moz saying is immediatly misundestood! Have a nice evening, ciao!

  8. Romina,

    Have I ever told you that I love you yet? No, I didn't think so.

    Well, let's all just thank god that summer's over in Sperlonga, and let's all hope that you'll have more time to post here from now on again.

    FTM needs you, but it especially needs you together with your 'usband's tablet.

    Ciao for now, and don't worry about logging in

  9. Good blog today Rat, and rightly pointing out the cancer shambles. It is extraordinary how little filter is applied by people nowadays. I have given up on mainstream newspapers and news channels, so little is either not reported or mis-reported.

    Lisbon looked like a joyous occasion and the new songs sound great and already settled in the setlist.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. shame you are leaving us, for many years Moz has pulled a face and wiped his hand on his pants after shaking hands with people, the cheeky bleeder did it with me in Milan and pulled a strange face, sadly, nobody noticed except little ol' me, but hey I was happy, if you want to see it chuck it was during Sunday.. take care


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