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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Day 1123 - "Nothing has changed"

It has become a standing joke among my loyal blog readers (most of whom hate me and don't believe a word of what I write... and yet still hang off my every word) that whenever I post a blog entry saying that it will be my last, 'something' always happens to bring me back. The truth is, every time that I have written a blog entry stating that it will be my last, I have genuinely meant it, but 'something' has always happened to bring me back. When I wrote yesterday that I thought we had reached the end of the road/rose, I once again really meant it, but.....

...... Just minutes after I had published my blog entry of yesterday, A**sB****n strolled into The Twitterdilly Arms. A*f no doubt felt that he needed to come and reassure the BRS that Morrissey's acceptance of a bunch of flowers in Barcelona, DIDN'T mean that it was the end of the BlueRoseSociety.

Here are A*f's words:

"I will accept a blue rose by the end."

In response to somebody asking, "it's not over then?": "Never Ever."

In response to Kerry 'Action' Richards asking, "Why take the other flowers yesterday then?": "I enjoy drama."

In response to somebody mentioning Oscar Wilde's green carnation: "Oscar's was for style. Mine is life."

"We exist only to pleasure ourselves."

And then he was gone.


As it happens, A*f needn't have bothered offering the reassurance, because no sooner had I posted my blog entry of yesterday, than I realised I had missed something VERY important.

When I re-watched & re-listened to the Youtube clip of Morrissey accepting the flowers in Barcelona, I noticed that Morrissey actually mumbled something to himself as he placed the flowers by the drum kit. I turned up the volume on my laptop, and heard Morrissey say, "nothing has changed". This comment was also picked up by the Spanish website, who in their review of the concert wrote, "Morrissey protested when someone gave him a bouquet of flowers, saying "nothing has changed"."(Review found by GWO).

 I will no doubt be accused of being deluded, which I am more than happy with, but it is OBVIOUS that Morrissey's 'mumble' is a message to the BlueRoseSociety, that his acceptance of the bouquet means nothing has changed with regard to wanting blue roses. What else could he possibly mean?


I entered The Twitterdilly Arms yesterday evening to let the BRS members know that I had made a mistake. As soon as I had posted my tweet, A*f reappeared (he is like the shop-keeper in Mr Benn) and replied, "Quite right."


A*f then exchanged a few 'pleasantries' with me; which included a rather menacing, "Don't toy with me boy", before announcing the following to the masses (well, hardly masses; more like a dozen, but you get the idea):

"NOTHINGS CHANGED" followed by:

"As long as you are dreary and as long as you are deluded..."

And then, once again, he disappeared.

A*f's reappearances yesterday enabled me to scroll through his tweets from last tuesday, and it would appear that I missed quite a few.

Here is what I missed:

TUESDAY OCT 7TH (The day that the Cancer story broke):

(A*f appeared in The Arms at 22:44)

"As if you could tour with cancer."

In response to MozFiend tweeting, "I think there is a conspiracy to sabotage you": "Its been this way all my life."

In response to the hash tag PrideOfBritainAwards "Those who still but records."

"Carol Vorderman - Is she dead yet. Let the countdown begin."

"Must I dispel another rumour?'

"Yes I've been ill. Yes I've been better. But please don't dump me in the ground just yet."

In response to Moz Fiend tweeting, "You're immortal": "I believe that's what long haired genius Rustle said."


"I will catch Ebola as well by the end of the week. According to the press." (Tweeted with a location setting of Berlin.)

'The Royal Family is an anachronism" (From Berlin again)

In response to Kerry 'Action' Richards asking "Berlin?": "Bradford would not show up so I picked a 'B'"

"Handsome people are boring but so alluring." (Tweeted with a location setting of Istanbul)

In response to Solipsist (@jennifersusanh1) tweeting, "just a hello perhaps so as not to be forever ruined?": "Being in ruins is a permanent state. We are all falling apart at the base." (Still Istanbul)

"Feet eroding into nothing. Arms disintegrate into oblivion." (Istanbul still)

"TheRevolutionWillBeTelevised please hunt and kill Cameron, Clegg, Dribbleband, The 'royal' family and Obama." (Still Istanbul)

"Progress is a myth" (Istanbul)

"Born. Decline. Die." (Istanbul)

"Utopia's are often dreadful." (Istanbul)

"Loyalty is rewarded. Think of me as a nectar card." (Istanbul)

In response to Solipsist quoting Wilde with "America is the only country to go from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between": "Oscar only speaks the truth. My life is the only life to go from birth to death without living in between." (Istanbul)

"Eyes rolling shut. Exhausted. This is the hour for sleep."

In response to Kerry Action tweeting "no": "You say no, I say yes. And you will change your mind."


Some marvellous footage has emerged from the Barcelona concert on Friday. Morrissey not only looked very well and healthy, but he also looked relaxed and in good spirits. TQID, I'm Not A Man, Trouble, How Soon Is Now and Everyday is Like Sunday were ALL breathtakingly good, but the song that really grabbed me but the scrote was Kiss Me A Lot; it is just sensational! During Kick the Bride, Moz suffered a fit of the giggles when the audience joined in with the singing, and he then changed the words to "back to the deli, her god is her belly, her world is her telly."

The Barcelona concert even had an 'O' thrown in for good measure, as spotted by Jaz.

Embedded image permalink

Here is the Barcelona setlist:

14. MEAT

So there we are then; all back on track. Tonight Morrissey will be singing on an Italian tv show called Gazebo, and tomorrow he starts his seven date tour of Italy. Will a blue rose be accepted in Rome? We shall have to wait and see, but even if it isn't, we know it's gonna happen one day.

And finally, on the subject of Italy, Morrissey was quoted last week in one of the interviews saying, "Linder Sterling told me yesterday that "happiness is geographical"", and Moz backed-up Linder's words by stating that whenever he is is Italy, he is always happy. It does make you wonder why the old boy just doesn't move back there.... but then WHY would Morrissey want to feel permanently happy? Where is the joy in that?

Morrissey's mention of Linder has also reminded me that her 60th birthday is imminent.... but when?


  1. Drones are not Human so they do not need to be loved.

  2. I must have tweeted you, Alf and other DDD, that he said "nothing has changed" after excepting those f'ing OTHER flowers...
    That's why I never commented on here yesterday.
    As I've said before, (and you Rat quoted me), it's all a game and NOT for the faint hearted.
    Please do not mention the end again on this blog, it makes a mockery of ALL of us.

    1. I will mention as many ends as I like. Perhaps you should write your own blog if mine upsets you so much. My advice to you, Kerry, would be to ignore the mockers. They continue to say we are deluded and yet they spend EVERY waking hour watching what we say. Why do they waste their lives like this? It's because deep down they KNOW they've got it wrong, but they could NEVER face the embarrassment of admitting it, so all they have left is their mockery. It's really laughable, a ha ha ha ha ha, a ha ha ha ha, o o o o o, a ha ha ha ha, a ha ha ha ha.

    2. "Nothing has changed" could simply mean that people still give him flowers.

      But what is muttered just before that?

      And that Meat is Murder is sending shivers throughout my vegetarian body (again).

  3. Quite like Kerry 'Action' Richards that needs to stay....

    1. Kerry '2Fast' Richards has a special meaning too...when was that course again?

    2. Just got that Nathalie, very good.
      It relates to my speed awareness course that I am so very much looking forward too!

  4. I noticed the 'nothings changed' in that interview too + last nights tweet. Maybe you're right, or maybe it's meaning is multi interpretable. All roads lead to Rome.

  5. working on the blog on a Sunday whiskers, what next, must admit, I also thought that was it at first, but when you go back and examine and I'm sure moz has had a few of them lately, well you know, anyway to Italy @mozzeriansATW is over the atlantic as we speak, hope customs don't realise there is a special flower in her hold on the l00kout at the concert people

  6. on the 24th it will be my turn to give a blue rose to Morrissey.i can only hope that he will see me and will accept the rose.i make shure that i will order the rose in time and hopefuly it does survive the long trip to Vienna.
    the story of the blue rose does not end.
    from what i have seen (from this tour) on youtube Moz is alive and kicking and enjoy's being back on stage again.this is gonna be an amazing european tour.i am counting the days till i can see him. thank's to the people that film the concerts!

  7. I didn't think a three-year journey would reach its end through a bouquet of flowers. So the DDD remain dreary and deluded and very thankful. Roll on Roma and Viva BRS!

  8. Hello Ratty, hello people, just arrived at home after a week end by the sea. I'm waiting for see Gazebo and I'm very exited for tomorrow! I'll see Air and we'll try to do our best! Ciao.

  9. I found the picture through MozFiend on twitter, I merely pointed it out.
    I love how M flashed his blue rosary during Trouble, it means nothing to no one though.

    1. That is why I posted the picture in the first place, because of his hand signal. Although I do put a lot of pictures on Twitter for no good reason at all, just because they are Moz.

  10. For the DDD , they should not presume anything, for nothing is as it seems. They should just relax and enjoy the tour--in person or through updates on FTM. Thanks Ratty for keeping us updated.

  11. Morrissey was looking & sounding just grand on TV last night.
    I have just walked across to the venue for tonight, a few die-hard fans are already there.
    Hope to keep you all updated but relying on dodgy wifi.

    1. EARS, Keep posting your updates here. Treat it like a diary. Post as much as you like; we are all interested.

  12. Alf predicted Girl Least Likely To be played in the first five shows. Seems Moz has only one more show left to make this come true. Or perhaps this promise was made in a drunken state and was forgotten the following day. Happens to me all the time. I guess we shall see tomorrow..

  13. A cracking night last night. Morrissey arrived in a sleek black Merc about 6.30. It happened in a flash. Moz I think was wearing a black jacket he was gazing straight ahead.

    I don't know if it has shown in any pics yet, but the finger lingerie has returned!

    1. yep, there is a pic, it is his little pinkie, not much of a plaster, one of those little plastic ones... papercut type

  14. Morrissey wore a red shirt with sunfowers on it for the encore. I saw a lovely boquet of sunflowers go back stage before the show began.

    I got pushed over during shirt toss, but imagine my excitement when I thought I'd got a was a bit of red paper cup!!!

  15. The show was stunning. Moz appeared in good spirits & was quite chatty.

    I never dreamt I would hear Trouble live, it was very emotional. I will never forget it.

    Asleep was so moving, I listened with eyes full of tears.

  16. Oh Rat, just wrote my comment and this silly pc ate it, no matter, try again! What a night Ratty dear, what a night! I arrived around six and there was a quite long queue yet! Yes, Morrissey arrived with a dark Mercedes and a woman told me that few minutes before him she saw Julia arriving all alone. Doing the queue I chatted with many funny people, there was a speker of Radio Popolare, two very young sisters who told me their parents were huge Smiths fans, but we love Morrissey, they remarked me with a smile. Very cute. It was'nt a special theatre, people who know this things better than me were'nt happy for the location, but we were all agree about the fact that Morrissey could sing everywhere. In a few minutes the venue was full, it was quite like in a bus of the centre of the city. Interesting pre gig video, with Ramones, Dolls and at the end of Charles Aznavour song there was an applause. Ding Dong, Ding Dong and the screen felt down the floor as a Deus ex machina in a Greek Tragedy: The Queen is Dead: simply stunning! The bullfighter and Kiss me a lot and all the people singing along, i got the impression the people knowing the wors of the new songs better than ever! For the first time I listened to Certain People alive, marevellous! Befor Earth he said :" Listen to what I have to say to you..." wonderful. How soon is now sounded better than ever and during World Peace everybody sang very loud, at the end of the song Gustavo sang the refrain in spanish with his lovely voice, I got a crush for Gustavo, he's special. Boz looks slimmer and Jesse was very seroius, professional but he did'nt smlile at all, I shouted:"Bravo Jesse!", but i don't know if he listened to me. Paris lovely as always and when he sang Neil Cassady the theatre was exploding, expecialy during the refrain: "Victims or life adventurers..." During Trouble, terrific more than ever, i saw the blue rose flying on my left, on Monday florists are closed in Rome, maybe it was a plastic one, I had the improssion Morrissey was trying to grab it, but it was no possible, we were very sqeezed. Istanbul sounded fantastic, but with Kick the Bride Morrissey reached his best. It was'nt simply a song, was a total drama performance, his face, his mimical gesture, every wrinkle communucating a feeling, o please Hollywood's Actors with your faces blocked by botox, learn something by Morrissey! To Give, Meat is Murder and Speedway very impressive, during the pause of Speedway he repeted the word nausea three times, i don't know, maybe a reference to Sartre. I'm not a Man and everybody jumping like little children with a jumping rope, yes no men, only like children when Moz singing! During Asleep some tears dropped down my face, happiness and sadness at the same time, all it is possible with Morrissey singing. Everyday is like Sunday for encore, he changed his shirt with a red one with sunflowers, I supposed it was an old shirt from Smyths era, maybe because it was quite like a female blouse, the shirt felt down my face and I was assalted by a lot of people! Thanks, thanks and forever thanks to the security who saved me, the chief trimmed the shirt in a lot of very small pieces and one of them is here with me, for my eternal pleasure and privilege. Thank you Morrissey!

    1. Romina you are a star. This is a great review. Thank you.

      Oh the rose was not plastic!

  17. Fantastic review Romina, just like being there, thanks.

  18. Lovely snippets from the concert. Glad to hear that Neal Cassady is turning out to be so popular sung live. Now just need some footage of it on utube.


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