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Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 1114 - Fifi & Alf (Unpublished)

Both Fifi and Alf remain on twitter, but neither have tweeted in the past three days; no doubt old Mozzer has been busy, what with the new tour starting on Monday. Alf has popped into my DM box/Twit Arms toilets this afternoon, but only to ask where have I been? Silly sod, I haven't been anywhere.

I haven't written an FTM entry since Tuesday, and if MorrisseysWorld doesn't return, or if there is nothing from the concerts that is MW/BRS related, then it WON'T return!

Meanwhile, over on Solow, that thick cunt David Tseng is asking if Morrissey's new 'Be kind to animals or I'll kill you' t-shirt that is being offered for sale in the new MPorium, is inspired by Doris Day? Well, I wonder!

I wonder if this counts as a novelty pop act t-shirt, because if it does, then if Morrissey wears one, it will tick the last box on the original list of 5 predictions made by the MW blog.

*Eventually published Nov 9th 2015

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