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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Day 1126 - Rumours keeping me grounded

Last night's set in Rome was virtually identical to the set of the night before, with just You Have Killed Me replacing Neal Cassady Drops Dead. Girl Least Likely To wasn't played, which further proves that A*f*B***** is a fraud, although some will argue that Morrissey is purposely not playing the songs A*f mentioned, just to make it look like Alf is a fraud! It will be interesting to see if anything A*f predicted comes true during this tour.

Footage is starting to appear from last night's concert in Rome, which was attended by one solitary BRS member, EARS, along with her blue rose. The mysterious and fingernail less Romina didn't make it, and neither did Clover Dean, who is being accused by the LA Moz Posse of fabricating her trip to Rome; I've been accused of worse! Morrissey once again ignored EARS's blue rose. Here is EARS's brief review of last night's concert, in which she states that Rita Pavone was mentioned by Moz. According to another review that I have read, Morrissey apparently said that Rita Pavone was the inspiration for I Know It's Over, which he then also allegedly said was a song he will NOT ever sing again! This CAN'T be true, and if it is true, WHY?


Another wonderful night. I threw my rather sad looking rose during the encore. It hit the side of the stage & fell in the pit. I never was a very good shot!

Moz mentioned Rita Pavone & heart.
Pause in Speedway not sure of first part but ended with some La La La's.

Sorry you couldn't make it Romina.
I have lost my voice & have gone rather deaf but my heart is full.
Heartfelt thanks to Morrissey for such special & memorable shows.

Will post more when home.

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All has remained quiet on the MorrisseysWorld front, although rather interestingly, F*fi has popped into The Twitterdilly Arms this morning and posted two videos. The first video is Log Lady's introduction to Twin Peaks, which is a rather strange thing for F*fi to post, as she has never been directly linked to MorrisseysWorld, and in fact Broken has always been quick to point put that F*fi was nothing to do with it, so WHY has she posted this Twin Peaks piece?

The second video was a Facebook link to TQID being sung in Rome on Monday night. F*fi tweeted "5:11" and at the 5 minute 11 second mark, Morrissey shouts "C'est la fin". NOBODY else has noticed this. Here is a Youtube clip of the song. "C'est la fin" is shouted at the end (funnily enough!):

The BRS lush, Manc lad, yesterday posted the following statement on FTM, before then deleting it:

"all is not quite as happy as it should be in camp moz right now, but I hope that gets sorted out soon."

I've never particularly warmed to old Manc lad, but he does tend to know what he is talking about, due in the main to his friendship with Morrissey's bodyguard, Liam. I know that I shouldn't listen to rumours, but I have decided that on the back of Manc lad's little tit-bit, I am not going to buy a ticket or book a flight for the European concert that I was intending to go to. I hope Manc lad is wrong, but it is a strange thing to make up.

And on the subject of rumours, virtually everybody I know in the real world has contacted me to offer their sympathies to the 'fact' that Morrissey has cancer! Morrissey has not issued any sort of denial to the rumours, so with all the widespread publicity, it almost seems to be have been accepted by the world at large that it is true!

And finally, a new LP called Morrissey Curates The Ramones is being released on Friday November 28th, and is available on vinyl. Track listing here:

Morrissey, The Ramones teaming up for Black Friday


  1. People don't know each other, or themselves. Everyone hides and peeks in only to see where the leader is. We are all Chameleons.

  2. Sorry to hear you've cancelled your concert plans, Ratty. If there are any problems with the tour, hopefully they will be resolved soon. Continuing to enjoy all of the wonderful concert footage.

  3. How civil that Rome airport had free wifi.
    I can confirm that is what Moz said about Its over not being sung again.

    Morrissey appeared in good spirits again last night. Each song sang with passion & pure emotion.
    MIM is just as powerful as it was when it was first released. I find the video very painful to watch, but if I had my way it would be on during every commericial break on TV.

    Kick The Bride was awesome - What a song. Asleep was breathtaking, the emotion it created for me, I will never forget it.
    Istanbul is beautiful & lets not forget the message in WPINOYB.

  4. And lastly on the videos at the start of the show there is a black & white clip of 2 men, one of whom is shouting "Edit Edit Edit" This reminded me of a tweet, I think to Heather a while back. Maybe Heather could confirm.

    I hope Morrissey is ok & the tour continues as planned.

    1. Yes, I do remember that tweet. Well remembered, Ears!

    2. I have been racking my brains about that “edit, edit, edit” tweet. What I remembered about it was a clever play with the word. Anyway thanks to a little tip that Rats gave me the other day, I found it!!
      Now I wonder what the film clip is.

    3. Ah, the old "mozziah edit" on google trick.... Day 1052. Mentioned by one of the fake Mozzers... St Ill.

      So, what IS the black & white clip?

    4. You dirty rat! (Or words to that effect).
      Watched the concert intro again and the clip is of James Cagney. Not a film buff so cannot name the film. Perhaps someone else can help with that?

  5. Hello Ratty dear, as you wrote I did'nt attend the concert last night, just phoned yo a friend of mine who was there and I can confirm everything you and Air wrote plus the fact that Morrissey looked a little bit nervous....that's what she said to me, of course she enjoyed the concert and it was, obviously a great show. I do hope Manc could be wrong and about I know it's over, maybe, he was only joking. Have a nice afternoon, children got to do homework...boring life. P.S. did Johnny Marr played IKISO recently? Just a tought...

  6. ah whiskers, my comment was after a chat I had with someone who I had not seen for about 25 years, nothing to do with Morrisseys' security team, so please go ahead and buy your ticket, Moz is in good health and the show goes on.. as for Liam, wild horses could not drag any tit bits out of him, he's as solid as they come when it comes to minding his own business

  7. You might as well leave. Rat was given so many opportunities to stop talking about fake OMs such as alf button - more chances than could be his rightful share, and more than OM would ever anyone else - but he chose each time to ignore OM.

    OM has left and will not return. The parody pieces - all 5 pieces lovingly crafted by myself, OM, Russell and Mikey with help from Menippus - has been deleted.

    The Blue Rose Society is over.

    "You don't want to believe...."

    Thank you for everything, those darling people who remained true.

    We shared this journey together and those of us who were there will never forget.

    1. Ok. I understand.
      Thank you & goodnight.

    2. Please keep in your heart how much this amazing journey has meant to some of us.
      Thank you forever to OM, Broken & all involved with MW & BRS.

    3. Sorry... normally, I wade in against the Rat, but on this occasion I will stand up for him. For all his faults, there is a part of me that is fond of him. I waded with him, through thick and thin (mainly through thick), with his giant red inflatable rose in 2012. At times, he may have got things wrong and that was mainly in how some people felt they were being treated - but I'm not sure that was ever any of your concern Broken. I think you are the biggest fraud of all - without any wit and little sign of intelligence. I suspect your 5 pieces lovingly crafted by you and your fantasy line up of aspiring comedy writers were not as good as you would believe them to be. The manner in which you crumble when stood up to shows you for what you are: a coward and a bully. I suspect if we ever met face-to-face you would prove to be a horrific disappointment. You know this. The Blue Rose Society was never yours to own. If some of us choose for it to live on, then that is our choice, not yours. Retire to the wings - it's where you feel safest - with your pea shooter, your ego and your grandiose and self indulgent statements about journey's ending. Our journey's continue to continue. Rat... blog on regardless.

    4. Marcus still hasn't figured out that Broken IS OM. Broken gets the last laugh.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Oh My Broken!
      That was bold. Another piece of the jigsaw falls into place, but will all the dots ever be joined?

    7. oh broken, we are surely not worthy, but it has been a blast as they say

    8. why has the reply by Marcus been removed whiskers

  8. I did order my blue rose this morning:(

  9. Damn! Five parody pieces down the drain. What a waste.

    Psst - Menippus you could always post an excerpt of your contribution here :))

  10. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. "C'est la fin" and I'm truly devastated. Thanks for this extraordinary journey - I'll treasure the memories always.

  11. Let's get stuff straight

    It's a shame that Clover would put my name and the moz Krew name out there the way she did

    Myself or the moz Krew had nothing to do with her friends accusing her for not going to Rome
    We were simply tagged on post that these people that are her friends that are NON MeMBERS of MOz KREW made about her (clover dean)

    Moz Krew is not a social group that disrespects non members of the group we all live by the words of the smiths Love , Peace and harmony

    Now myself, the other person tagged on the post along with the moz Krew name are being bashed thanks to Clover for something we had no part of.

    I can honestly say that I did comment on the post that I was tagged on with OH MY

    It's a shame that everyone has to hear or read about this childish drama

    Again the people that mainly accused her are those that are her friends who are NON-MEMBERS of the MOZ KREW family

    But it was a great set list

    Broken I missed you love
    And no matter what anyone says the BRS is never going to die

  12. I tried to be as quiet as possible but remembering that even the angels that took no sides during lucifers seige in heaven were cast into hell, I must say something.
    I am heartbroken at this news that it's all over now, but I'm not surprised. Rat was warned many times, and none of us thought to tell him so. Honestly, I don't believe in Alf, and not because that's what I've been told to believe but because I feel that Alf was there only to play to Rats vanity. Whatever the case there is no more Alf on twitter now. I know it's over indeed. Thank you to MW writers for these blessed years, thank you to all the people I've met even the ones I've fallen out with and the one's who didn't care.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Alf's Button was one of the buttons on one of the valet's uniforms at the Dorchester.

      You have to learn to never let a button fuck with you.

      Or a valet, for that matter.

      It's just always a pity to see everyone so easily taken in. Incredible in fact.

      Have none of you any sense of reality? This is becoming tedious now.

    3. Oh MozFiend, what a childish rant. We have managed to get this far without the need for selfies, so must we really start asking for them now? Perhaps this is not the place for you.

    4. I apologize for my rant, which is why I deleted it. That wasn't really me, it was my other disturbed personality who wrote that. I will behave. Please forgive my foolish outburst. I don't really know where it came from. I will be quiet now. (Back to the shadows.)

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Sorry, but I do hope to read some nice reviews about the concert in Milan just here....

  15. I thought it was from the movie 'Alf's Button Afloat' an old black and film where a genie appears whenever Alf rubs a button on his clothing. It was on TCM about the time the twitter account started. Thanks to EARS and Romina for their reviews. I too hope to read s ome nice reviews from the upcoming concert.


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