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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Day 1129 - Open door

I haven't written a blog entry since Wednesday, and wasn't sure if I would write one again, but I have now had a couple of days to think things through, and have come to a conclusion. Here is the comment left by Broken on Wednesday which led to me not blogging:

You might as well leave. Rat was given so many opportunities to stop talking about fake OMs such as alf button - more chances than could be his rightful share, and more than OM would ever anyone else - but he chose each time to ignore OM.

OM has left and will not return. The parody pieces - all 5 pieces lovingly crafted by myself, OM, Russell and Mikey with help from Menippus - has been deleted.

The Blue Rose Society is over.

"You don't want to believe...."

Thank you for everything, those darling people who remained true.

We shared this journey together and those of us who were there will never forget.

Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 15 October 2014 19:58

In response to Broken's comment, Marcus Markou left a comment advising me to ignore Broken and to carry on blogging, stating that the Blue Rose Society was never Broken's to own, but as usual Marcus has managed to get it wrong, because the BRS IS Broken's, and if Morrissey is no longer receiving blue roses on stage, then the BRS really IS over.

In response to Marcus's comment, came the following comment from Our Mozzer:

Marcus still hasn't figured out that Broken IS OM. Broken gets the last laugh.
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 15 October 2014 22:51

This comment was swiftly followed by another:

The end.
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 15 October 2014 22:51

Marcus tried to reply with another comment stating that he knew Broken and OM were the same person, also adding that Broken was just like Marcus's other character Anon E Mouse, but I deleted Marcus's comment on the grounds that A) It has been blatantly obvious throughout this journey that Marcus had NO idea that Broken & OM were the same person, B) The dreary Anon E Mouse was nothing like Broken, C) There is no way I was going to allow Marcus to have the last word over Morrissey. There is NO D).

Ch**k also tried to post a comment, but to quote one of the BRS members, Ch**k has been nothing more than an "abomination" throughout this journey, so I deleted her comment too. Why is it that the  likes of Marcus and Ch**k state "this isn't the place for me" and yet continue to come back time and time again, wanting to have a say? Bizarre behaviour.

At the end of Thursday's concert in Milan, Morrissey once again accepted a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, and for the encore sang One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell, which to me seemed like he was putting two fingers up at MorrisseysWorld, and it looked like the MW journey had ended once and for all, and perhaps it has; However....

This is certainly not the first time that Broken and OM have informed us that the journey is over, so I am going to leave the door open for their return. I hereby announce that neither AlfsButton, St Ill Morrissey or Fifi will EVER be mentioned again in this blog of mine, and if anything ever predicted by any of them happens to come true, I will not draw reference to it in any way shape or form. What is more, NO ONE will be allowed to leave a comment mentioning them. From here on in, FTM is a MorrisseysWorld ONLY zone.

The following people, who have continued to be negative towards either myself, the BRS or MorrisseysWorld are banned from leaving comment on FTM:

Girl On Bike, LizzyCatMoz, Marcus/Anon E Mouse, Ch**k/SmallBoyJokes/Someday307.

It may be that I am too late, and MW is over for good, but yesterday in those filthy old Twit Arms toilets, I shared a conversation with Astra that has led me to believe the MW story is set to continue.

Astra also made a return to the main bar of The Arms yesterday afternoon, and we had a rather amusing conversation about house guests:

ASTRA: Voltaire would pretend to faint in order to get rid of guests that bored him.

ME: When guests bore me, I simply ask them to leave. It works every time. My friends even joke about it.

ASTRA: When I used to have guests that bored me in my home, I used to be the one to leave. my friends used to joke about that.

ME: Where did you go?

ASTRA: OUT. Without saying a word. One of my best party tricks of all. My dinner parties were legendary for a time. For my disappearing trick.

ME: That is hilarious. Would you sit outside & wait for them to leave?

ASTRA: No. I would leave and not come back. Once I checked into a hotel. A few other times I walked out and went straight to Paris. I'm a creative little thing when I want to be.

ME: Why did you do that? Why not either ask them to leave or not have them around in the first place?

ASTRA: Mostly because I didn't know they would be like that in the first place. And because I don't like being asked why.

ME: Do you still have dinner guests?

ASTRA: I no longer have dinner guests that make me leave during dinner. Mainly because when I go to Paris I like to have time to pack.

ME: Is that a sign of getting old?

ASTRA: I think it's a sign of preferring to have more than just the evening dress on my back with me.

Astra also posted some great pictures:

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Meanwhile, Morrissey has continued on his tour of Italy, last night playing in Bologna. Once again it looked to be a fantastic night:

That is it from me, and this time I really will only return if something MorrisseysWorld related happens. I shall leave the final words to Noel Gallagher, who last week came up with this great quote about Morrissey in an interview with Jo Whiley on Radio 2:

"He's the funniest man I've ever met in my entire life. Absolutely side splitting. He's not got a good word to say about anyone - he's very cutting. He bullied Russell!" Now that sounds like a combination of both Our Mozzer and Broken!


    "It's not over until the log lady sings"

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  3. Hello Ratty, I'm at swimming pool and not in Sperlonga and this is very disturbing for me, but no matter. Thank you for your post and for the footage of Bologna. Crisantemi at Milan Concert? That's very strange, because in Italy crisantemi are flowers for dead people and outside every italian cemetery you could find a florist full of that flowers. No one will ever send crisantemi as a present, maybe just for joking or, maybe, the person who gave crisantemi to Moz was Japanese because on Japan thay are very appreciated as the most beautiful flowers. That's all. Have a nice week end. Ciao.

  4. I took the flowers being accepted & ODGWBF as a strong indication that our journey with MW & BRS was over.
    I dearly hope this is not the case.

    What a delightful conversation between Rat & Astraea & very funny. Of course I've never had a formal dinner party, but if I have have family or friends over they know when I go to put my pajamas on it is their cue to leave.

    Thanks for the YT footage Rats, I will look forward to watching later on.

  5. Hi Rat, i am happy to see that you wrote a new is always a pleasure reading it.
    have a nice weekend!

  6. Confusing me with someone who is actually enlightened must be... very confusing.

    Don't forget I follow Cheryl Cole and Dave Gandy, not world leaders.

    Let's talk about Brigitte instead. Beautiful Brigitte being fed in a beautiful white bed, whilst nude and wrapped in nothing but a white sheet, is all of the exquisite I need.

    As for everyone else?

    Forever lovingly bastardizing all the cunts, with all of the fun and twice the blame

    As I live and breathe and shine

    I will always be yours,


  7. So now we wait, with the door ajar, probably in vain. My only mistake is I'm hoping...

  8. things could not go on forever, as more and more people took stock the only way to distance oneself was to do nothing, i've had a great ride the last three years, of course if one was to come face to face with his holiness say in a hotel bar, then a wry smile would explain more than words ever could, yours, indefatigable Manc

  9. Hopefully this is not the end and something spectacular is coming. Perhaps this is the intermission and the best parts are still to come. Or perhaps I am dreaming. If this is indeed the end, it was a very interesting ride. Thank you to all who made it worthwhile.

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  11. They must be related some how. My Granny Pearl use to pretend to fall asleep when she did not want to deal with someone any longer. They usually would then turn away and begin conversing with someone else, usually me, while Granny would wink at me over their shoulders. She always said she could do this because of her age. I always looked forward to being her age, but having heard of some of her exploits, I think she was doing things like this at a much younger age. I am sorry to hear that BRS may be over, but am sure, because they are still Moz fans, and may still continue to connect with each other, even if it's during a tour, release of a new CD, DVD or, in the near future, a hologram. Good luck to those who are lucky enough to be going to one of his concerts. I hope Mr Ratty will leave his blog up so we can enjoy the reviews through the comment sections. I would like to add that he must have a quick wit if he can best Russell Brand, unless RB is afflicted with the 'KD Syndrome' or the tendency to freeze up and tongue tied (I did not say drool) when in the vicinity of one's idol--like Kirk Douglas.

  12. It was never going to work.

    Farewell rat et al. Sing me to sleep.


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