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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Day 1130 - Broken walks into The Arms

At 1.30pm (UK time) today, Broken strolled back into The Twitterdilly Arms. He posted a photo of Biebs and re-tweeted my offering of I'm Not a Man (LIVE in Bologna).

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Perhaps, just perhaps......


  1. "Head in the Clouds, and a Mouth Full of Pie"

    1. thought you were going to say a mouth full of something else then for a moment!!!

  2. Damn, I missed Broken in the Twit Arms! (Time differences and me sleeping in on Sunday after very late Saturday nights.) How disappointing. I hope you kept notes Mr. Ratty and will write all about his visit very soon. I am truly dying of curiosity and glad to see he was back.

  3. I am glad Broken was back with us again. Sorry I was only able to briefly pop into The Arms this afternoon.

  4. A nice surprise to see Broken back in the Arms. What does it mean? Unfortunately I wasn't around at the time, as I'm rarely able to drop in anymore.

  5. Missed him again--blame it on different time zones. Glad to see Broken is still around and glad you countered the JB pic with one of Moz, although it I thought the rules were 2 Moz pics per 1 of JB.


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