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Friday, 24 October 2014

Day 1135 - The signs are still there

I have recently been asking myself on an almost daily basis, 'why am I still writing this blog when MorrisseysWorld would appear to be over, and nobody is following the story anymore?'. It has been a case of, it just isn't like the old days anymore.

This morning however, I have managed to convince myself that there is a purpose, and that the story hasn't ended. The reason I have been been filled with such optimism, is because I have been re-reading some old FTM blog entries, and I have realised that we are actually in exactly the same position as we were three years ago; MorrisseysWorld is closed, only a handful of people believe Morrissey to be involved with MW, and Morrissey isn't accepting roses..... YET. Nothing has changed, except a few of the names of the Dreary Deluded Dozen.

We are now eleven dates into this European tour, and the only BRS member to have offered Moz a blue rose is EARS in Rome, but Morrissey refused it. A young girl also offered a blue rose in Lisbon, but that too was refused, but as Our Mozzer has always been quick to point out, he is NOT a whore and WON'T accept every rose offered to him, and after all, if he did accept every rose, then it would all become far too obvious, and not at all special.

The fact of the matter is, that ever since Morrissey accepted and wore that first blue rose of Kyle's back in October 2012, he has only accepted and worn two other blue roses since, one in March 2013, and another in Santa Ana earlier this year.



The reason that only a handful of people are still following this story, is because Morrissey has been so so subtle in everything that he has done. Those who have demanded 'selfies' and an instant answer, have got bored, and moved on to far more interesting things, like discussing on twitter what they are having for lunch.Those who have been patient, and have enjoyed Morrissey's subtlety, have been rewarded with an experience that has been incredibly special. I still can't believe that this adventure has kept going this long, and what is even more astonishing, is that it is appealing to so few people, but I am thankful on both counts.

I believe that a blue rose will be accepted and worn on this tour, but nobody knows when or where, and that is all part of the thrill. It would also appear that Morrissey is subtly continuing to give out the MorrisseysWorld signs, such as the 'O' and the 'V', and whilst the BlueRoseSociety theme tune, Trouble Loves Me, remains in the set, then the MW story is still alive. Even the sweat shaped heart on the back of the shirt, which was written about on the MorrisseysWorld blog, is back in evidence, having been spotted in Firenze. The story continues, and I was wrong, this is like the old days, and perhaps tonight will be the night that Morrissey accepts the next blue rose.


Morrissey has posted on True-To-You to say how sad he is that the Cat & Fiddle pub in LA is closing, and he asks, "where will we now go to chew each other's fat?" There is always The Twitterdilly Arms. A further TTY statement has listed Bologna as the best concert so far on the tour.

And before I sign off, just for the record, here is a list of those deluded few who are currently following the story, are active in The Arms, and are part of the BRS. It will be interesting to see who is still here in three years time:

@loughtonlil - Followed the story from the start, but doesn't get involved like he used to.
@heathercat222 - Has followed from the start, but has less time to be around anymore.
@AIRRAID25 - Has followed from the start & twice offered blue roses at concerts.
@vulgar1mkela - Has presented Moz with a bunch of blue roses & the BRS ring.BRS Vice President.
@mancladmozfan - Has followed from the start, and taken many roses.... but not offered them.
@comradeharps - Dips in and out. Always believes.
@MOZKIDKYLE - The BRS president.
@MOZISMYSHEPHERD - Father of the above.
@Jazissey - Broken's favourite MorrisseysWorlder
@mecaniqueorange - Picked up along the way. Comes and goes.
@mmedestaelghost - Rarely seen these days.
@MozzeriansATW - Last seen in Rome.
@girlwithout - Constant.
@Fancys123 - Dipper.
@OdysseyNumber5 - Watches.
@caterita2008 - Mysterious.
@TheRatsBack - Managed to get a plastic blue rose to Moz. Real roses offered twice, but rejected.
@FadingGoldLeaf - Mystery.
@MozFiend - Silently observed and now a pub regular.
@AmIMoving2Fast - Stumbled upon FTM, read it, and realised that the evidence was overwhelming.
@HoarselyCry - Friend of the above, although I have no idea if she truly believes the story to be true.
@IngeKersten1980 - Will attempt to get a blue rose to Moz tonight in Vienna.
@geniussteals - Stumbled across FTM, read it, and realised that the evidence was overwhelming.


  1. "Like a fine Wine, the Society will age well" There is always a Pause in Life- but then someone hits the Play Button again and Life is resumed again. There is 5.2 Million people in Colorado....

  2. For the record Morrissey has declined to take my rose on 3 occasions. Twice in Rome, once in Genoa. Lets not forget the light up plastic blue rose which did make the stage in Edinburgh, which Moz saw before being cleared away by security.

    The sentiment of taking a blue rose is significant, we shouldn't lose heart if roses are not accepted on stage. I am guessing the occasions will be fairly rare....only Morrissey knows this of course. (I guess some will say I am bound to say this as my roses were not accepted, but hey--ho, it is my belief)

    I understand why Morrissey didn't like the venue in Rome, it had zero character. However that didn't take anything from the memorable & over emotional nights I had there.

  3. what a motley crew that lot listed above are and no, not the band

  4. I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
    I keep my eyes wide open all the time.

  5. Moz will take a blue rose when he feels like it, for what ever reason only he knows. We just have to wait and see, maybe follow the clues, if any, to attempt to predict when it will be. As of right now, I am enjoying the reviews and pictures/videos posted by fans who were lucky enough to attend a concert.

  6. Why do you come here?
    And why, why do you hang around?

  7. Sorry Rat, but the last statement of Morrissey truly disappointed me. Rome was a sold show and I was there and people were happy, but, as usual, he plays the role of the children who ruins the party. I don't know something about Milan television show and, apparently, he does'nt know too. Good night.

    1. All that Morrissey said in his TTY statement about Rome, was that it was a poor venue. You are the only child here, Romina. And what a shame that you didn't bother to take a rose, as requested by Our Mozzer at the beginning of our journey. The tree continues to prune.

  8. What the hell.where is my story i just took for ages to write it!

  9. Just wrote a long story and now it's gone.I would rather go to sleep but i did promise to write so here we go again.
    Already midnight.time flyes.
    I did arive at Vienna airport yesterday evening and took a taxi to the hotel.
    Got up early and while i was getting ready to go outside i was the 3 tourbusses drive by my hotelroom window.I rushed to the Konzerthause that is on the other side of the street but did not see Moz or any bandmembers.Strange enough there where allready 4 people standing at the venue while it was only 9:00.One man had a list where i could put my name on.they would use it to make a queue before the concert.i was nr 5 so i was happy to be on the list.spend most of the day hanging around the venue talking to people(just a hand full from all over europe+one american)and just being cold and bored.went back to the hotel a couple of times just to get warm.Got back to konzerthal around 18:00 and this time my roses where not in a bag.some man from france that is following Moz this (and other)tour looked at the roses and said"ooh no you are not one of those blue rose people".so people asked him about it and he sad some dumb stuff about brs members being weird and believing all strange things and more stuff like that.i just walked away.i know what i believe and i do not care about the rest.
    so when everyone was allready inside the venue they finaly made the queue.i already gave up believing that it would the one's from the list could go in before the rest.that was nice.i got a good spot on the left(i always stand left) in front of the stage.there was a barrier so that sucket.the concert started the same as the one 's before first screen that band and Moz starting with the queen.Suedehead was a lovely surprise.i think it wad the best one on the setlist.yes i am blind also good.i did not look at the screeb during meat is murder.i am already a vegan so i just do not want to see it when Moz came back after meat i trew the rose right in front of his feet.he did look at it but withing a second some b**ch fron securiry grabed it and took it of the stage.did it again during 'sunday'knowing it would be the last song.and again within a second they take it of stage.noone was allowed to make it on stage as i heard after the concert.the first one did get on stage so i would also give it i try.stood ob the barrier;got of of it,almost touched the stage and....two man grabbed me and carried me away.while this was happening Moz looked me straight in the eyes and reached his hand out to me.the security was mean and fast and they took me out.i have to go round the back to go back in.within just a min.i made it back to the stage laughing at the security and seeing the very end of an amazing concert.
    no rose taken;no handshake.i was sooo close!!but still a good evening for me.
    did meet a lot of nice people during the day and evening.ooh yeah.the girl that was standing next to the girl next to me knew my name.we do not follow eachother on twitter and i think she's german so i guess it is Chuck.she and the girl she was with where very nice and friendly.everyone was.hopefuly Utrecht is also gonna be that much fun.
    goodnight and sorry for my spelling.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing all the details with us, both here and on twitter. Very well done on getting to the front, offering your roses, and trying to get onto the stage. Sounds like quite a memorable evening!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I did find a stupid spelling mistake so i did remove the comment.sorry.
    moz reaching out for me while they carry me away.this will keep me awake for a long time:(

    1. Oh Inge it sounds like you had an amazing experience overall! But the "almost hand touch" that'll replay in your head over and over if you let it. I'm sorrh if the other Morrissey fans made you walk away it sounds like you took the higher path and I respect that. As Rat has mentioned above not every rose offered is taken but at least it was seen.

  12. As I've offered roses at two concerts, I know it can feel discouraging when they're ignored, but I completely agree that it wouldn't be special if roses were accepted more often. And let's not forget that Our Mozzer once said that he wanted some effort to be put into the delivery, through a stage invasion. I commend Inge for her invasion attempt tonight.

    Although I'm not around as much any more, I'm always present in spirit and my heart forever belongs to the BRS.

    1. It would have been the best thing i the world if he would have accepted te rose.but at least he did see it so he knows there are still brs members around.maybe i have more luck at the next never know.

    2. Good on you for getting your roses on stage Inge, its more than I managed.
      I enjoyed reading your comments about the night.
      Thank you for sharing & treasure those memories :)

  13. I am a firm believer that everything that happens is for a reason, but what the reason is I'm really not sure as of lately...

  14. Morrissey really needs a manger (on about the TTY statement).

  15. Fans still take blue roses some aren't seen but they do, they still love te whole thought of the BRS.


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