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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Day 1136 - Inge reignites the Blue Rose flame

Last night was not a night for Moz to accept a blue rose, but BRS member Inge Kersten gave it a really good go, and for some strange reason, today I feel as if the Blue Rose Society has suddenly been reignited. Before I explain further, here is Inge's review of the concert in Vienna's beautiful Konzerthaus. Inge is Dutch, and yet she has managed to write a review for FTM in English. I am both hugely impressed and grateful:

Inge's Review:

I did arive at Vienna airport yesterday evening and took a taxi to the hotel.
Got up early and while i was getting ready to go outside i was the 3 tourbusses drive by my hotelroom window.I rushed to the Konzerthause that is on the other side of the street but did not see Moz or any bandmembers.Strange enough there where allready 4 people standing at the venue while it was only 9:00.One man had a list where i could put my name on.they would use it to make a queue before the concert.i was nr 5 so i was happy to be on the list.spend most of the day hanging around the venue talking to people(just a hand full from all over europe+one american)and just being cold and bored.went back to the hotel a couple of times just to get warm.

Got back to konzerthal around 18:00 and this time my roses where not in a bag.some man from france that is following Moz this (and other)tour looked at the roses and said"ooh no you are not one of those blue rose people".so people asked him about it and he sad some dumb stuff about brs members being weird and believing all strange things and more stuff like that.i just walked away.i know what i believe and i do not care about the rest.

so when everyone was allready inside the venue they finaly made the queue.i already gave up believing that it would the one's from the list could go in before the rest.that was nice.i got a good spot on the left(i always stand left) in front of the stage.there was a barrier so that sucket.the concert started the same as the one 's before first screen that band and Moz starting with the queenSuedehead was a lovely surprise.i think it wad the best one on the setlist.yes i am blind also good.i did not look at the screeb during meat is murder.i am already a vegan so i just do not want to see it.

when Moz came back after meat i trew the rose right in front of his feet.he did look at it but withing a second some b**ch fron securiry grabed it and took it of the stage.did it again during 'sunday' knowing it would be the last song.and again within a second they take it of stage.noone was allowed to make it on stage as i heard after the concert.the first one did get on stage so i would also give it i try.stood ob the barrier;got of of it,almost touched the stage and....two man grabbed me and carried me away.while this was happening Moz looked me straight in the eyes and reached his hand out to me.the security was mean and fast and they took me out.i have to go round the back to go back in.within just a min.i made it back to the stage laughing at the security and seeing the very end of an amazing concert.

no rose taken;no handshake.i was sooo close!!but still a good evening for me.

did meet a lot of nice people during the day and evening.ooh yeah.the girl that was standing next to the girl next to me knew my name.we do not follow eachother on twitter and i think she's german so i guess it is Chuck.she and the girl she was with where very nice and friendly.everyone was.hopefuly Utrecht is also gonna be that much fun.
goodnight and sorry for my spelling.

Ooh Moz reaching out to me while they carry me away.this will keep me awake for a long close yet so far away.all of the pictures are sh*t so no need to post them.bloody phone.

It would have been the best thing i the world if he would have accepted te rose.but at least he did see it so he knows there are still brs members around.maybe i have more luck at the next never know.

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Inge joins an ever growing list of BRS members who have offered a blue rose and had it rejected, but here are some words of encouragement left by Heather:

"As I've offered roses at two concerts, I know it can feel discouraging when they're ignored, but I completely agree that it wouldn't be special if roses were accepted more often. And let's not forget that Our Mozzer once said that he wanted some effort to be put into the delivery, through a stage invasion. I commend Inge for her invasion attempt tonight."

Here are some more words on the subject from EARS:

"For the record Morrissey has declined to take my rose on 3 occasions. Twice in Rome, once in Genoa. Lets not forget the light up plastic blue rose which did make the stage in Edinburgh, which Moz saw before being cleared away by security.

The sentiment of taking a blue rose is significant, we shouldn't lose heart if roses are not accepted on stage. I am guessing the occasions will be fairly rare....only Morrissey knows this of course. "

Heather is right about Our Mozzer asking for effort to be put in when delivering a blue rose, and Inge's attempted stage invasion with a blue rose must have warmed Morrissey to his cockles. It is a real morale booster in a week when the BRS lost both George Edge and Romina. Both of them attended concerts last week, but despite them both knowing that Morrissey has asked for roses, neither of them bothered to take them, and both then subsequently saw fit to have a dig as they left. George parted with the words, "I won't take a FKNG rose to a concert and hold it all night like a sad C***", whilst Romina parted with, "Dear Morrissey next time go sing somewhere else! Rome doesn't need you! Yes, Milan got majesty theatre, but not for Morrissey, you got what you deserve. So-low is your place." Romina's parting words for me were to call me a "Nazi"! Sometimes one is simply lost for words, but as Broken often says, "the tree continues to prune itself."

Going back to Inge's review, I find it both astonishing and desperately annoying that some bloke took it upon himself to inform Inge and other Morrissey fans in Vienna that BRS members are "weird" and "believe strange things". How has this man managed to arrive at this conclusion without having followed the MorrisseysWorld journey, and what makes him feel he has enough knowledge of the story to TELL others? Inge obviously couldn't be bothered to argue with this ill informed know-it-all, but I would have had to have asked the guy this:

1. If the Blue Rose is so offensive, then WHY did Morrissey lean deep into the audience on the Morrissey25Live film to collect a blue rose, and then wear it? (See photo above)

2. If the Blue Rose is so offensive, then WHY did Morrissey lean into the audience in New York to collect a blue rose, and then wear it?

3. If the Blue Rose is so offensive, then WHY did Morrissey lean deep into the audience at Santa Ana to collect a blue rose, and then wear it?

and finally

4. WHY did fans start taking blue roses to Morrissey in the first place?

The detractors would not be able to answer the above questions without showing that they have NO IDEA about Morrissey's Blue Rose Society and MorrisseysWorld. We are being persecuted just because we wear a blue rose. Oscar Wilde's followers who wore green carnations were no doubt also persecuted for wearing a flower. In a bizarre way, the persecution is starting to make this whole thing even more meaningful and the blue rose is exposing people's ignorance and prejudices. I know full well that I won't be able to get a blue rose to Morrissey at the o2, but the one thing I do know, is that on November 29th, I will still be wearing a blue rose..... because we must.

The footage that I have watched of last night is just WUNDERBAR. At the very start of the concert, it would appear that Morrissey made a motion to make a heart shape at the very beginning of the show? Surely not!



As I wrote yesterday, whilst Trouble Loves Me remains in the set, then the BRS lives on, and following on from the great efforts of Inge, it REALLY lives on. I will finish today with some words to those who read this blog of mine despite not embracing the BRS:

People have come to see the BRS as my crazy cult. I feel that I must once again re-emphasise that I did NOT start the BRS, I merely write about it, which seems to have caused rather a lot of confusion. The BRS was started by the author of MorrisseysWorld, who I happen to believe is Morrissey. I fully appreciate that this is incredibly hard for many people to comprehend, but I reiterate what I have written further up the page, MORRISSEY KEEPS ACCEPTING AND WEARING BLUE ROSES, so whether you believe that Morrissey created MorrisseysWorld or not, he fully embraces the BlueRoseSociety; it really is that simple.

The BRS is open to everyone with a love of Morrissey. It is a way to say thank you to him for everything he has given us, i.e., the songs that saved our lives.

And finally, MORRISSEY SANG SUEDEHEAD LAST NIGHT!!!! This tour just gets better and better.


FOOT NOTE (ADDED SUNDAY PM) - It has just dawned on me that Morrissey's lyric change in Suedehead of "journal" instead of "diary" is a MorrisseysWorld reference. Our Mozzer would often refer to 'My Live Tour Journals'. I wonder if OM still writes his tour journals? If so, perhaps he would consider posting one on FTM?


  1. OMG what a lot o stupid spelling mistakes did i made last night!my english is a lot better when i am less tired.i still had a beep in my ears from the concert and typing on my phone does not always go fingers keep touching the wrong keys even when i did not drink a g&t;).
    Thank your for your gives me a lot of hope for the next's in my own country so that makes it special.gonna have to color the roses myself this time because they don't deliver the flowers on monday i got inkt,hair paint and spray so one of them should work!i might look like a smurf when i'm done.
    flying back home tomorrow evening at home,sleep a couple of hours,go to work and than it is Moz time again.the countdown starts again.
    i the mean while i keep busy looking at every day is like sunday over and over again.does it looks like Moz gives the security a handsignal like' it's ok i got it'when he walks to me,or is it just me that sees it?

  2. It may flicker and appear to die. Remember, after the fire, after all the rain....
    You know there is a light that never goes out.

  3. I've always thought that the persecution faced by the BRS makes the experience more meaningful. For me, standing apart from the crowd is the very essence of being a Moz fan, and I happily stand by my beliefs, no matter how unpopular they may be. Inge, the BRS salutes you and we wish you all the best at the next concert.

  4. All this was so lovely all that Inge said. What the BRS stands for, is absolutely beautiful. I agree with Heathercat the p

    1. Sorry about that, that the persecution makes it more meaningful. Thanks for sharing you're story Inge. <3

  5. How can I manage to offer a rose in a venue as Atlantico? There was a single rose and he ignored or he did'nt see it. When tge dates were publishef I thought:"My God, Rome and Milan, the worst venues"But I understood it was a question of profit, cheap venue, expensive tickets, big city, sold out....It's easy to understand, but when the venue is no so good it's better don't buy tickets. Lesson learned. As I was supposing days ago Morrissey recorded for "Che tempo che fa" tv show, the name of the show is just a joke, it's not a weather report.Ciao.

    1. Is this the tv show that Bullfighter and Kiss are on? And if so, any idea when?

    2. Now, but no Moz,there is Anna Calvi and Marianne Faighfull, sorry, I was wrong.

  6. Persecution by this society generally warns us we are on the right track.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Glad Rat removed the bitch's latest illiterate whinge.

  7. Great blog Rats. I rarely fit in with the crowd which is why this experience has been so special for me.
    Long live the BRS.

  8. "Get around town, Add Your voice to the Sound of the Crowd"

  9. great review bracket, oh ok, inge, anyway, as it has dawned on me that I cant attend any concert (given up with work) I cant but help thinking I could be making a big mistake, you see, try as I might, I cant get Mozs' words out of my head " when I finish the novel, I stop singing" now we all know he is half way through it and with a break for Christmas coming up I cant help but fear that he might just stop, it would be so like him, no goodbye tour, nothing, just the end.. I can only hope that he decides to say goodbye with a tour when he calls it a day, now then, Madison Square Gardens anyone

    1. It would be nice to end there, but the end would not be nice.

  10. Ratty, I had exactly the same thought about the use of the word 'journal' when I first watched the Suedehead footage. It would be delightful to have a new tour journal to read.

  11. Hello Ratty, apologies for my absence, I have been enjoying the Cork Jazz Festival for the last few days and I've clearly missed quite a bit. Glad to see that the latest TTY statement has rattled some cages, as Broken so artfully pointed out, the tree prunes itself. There have been some interesting set changes so that should silence the moaners.

    JG, always here.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Thank you Inge for the wonderful review and thanks to Mr Ratty for providing the stage for Inge to do so. This is one of the reasons I love when Moz is on tour--the fans writing their feelings so the fans who can not be there can feel how it was to be at the concert. I do not know what is so weird about a group of fans showing blue roses so others will know they are Morrissey fans. And what are our strange beliefs?


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