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Friday, 17 October 2014

Day 1128 - The End. (Unpublished)

I am writing this on Friday October 17th but won't be publishing it just yet as it is yet another "it's all over" entry. I can't keep on writing "it's all over" one day, and then carrying on blogging the next day, so this time I will wait to see if it really is all over before publishing.

The reason that this is an "it's all over" entry, is because Broken left the following comment on my last blog entry of Wednesday:

You might as well leave. Rat was given so many opportunities to stop talking about fake OMs such as alf button - more chances than could be his rightful share, and more than OM would ever anyone else - but he chose each time to ignore OM.

OM has left and will not return. The parody pieces - all 5 pieces lovingly crafted by myself, OM, Russell and Mikey with help from Menippus - has been deleted.

The Blue Rose Society is over.

"You don't want to believe...."

Thank you for everything, those darling people who remained true.

We shared this journey together and those of us who were there will never forget.

Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 15 October 2014 19:58

In response to Broken's comment, Marcus Markou left a comment advising me to ignore Broken and to carry on blogging, stating that the Blue Rose Society was never Broken's to own, but as usual Marcus has managed to get it wrong, because the BRS IS Broken's, and if Morrissey is no longer receiving blue roses on stage, then it really IS all over.

In response to Marcus's comment, came the following comment from Our Mozzer:

Marcus still hasn't figured out that Broken IS OM. Broken gets the last laugh.
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 15 October 2014 22:51

This comment was swiftly followed by another:

The end.
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 15 October 2014 22:51

Marcus tried to reply with another comment stating that he knew Broken and OM were the same person, also adding that Broken was just like Marcus's other character Anon E Mouse, but I deleted Marcus's comment on the grounds that A) It has been blatantly obvious throughout this journey that Marcus had NO idea that Broken & OM were the same person, B) The dreary Anon E Mouse was nothing like Broken, C) There is no way I was going to allow Marcus to have the last word in this journey over Morrissey. There is NO D).

Chuck also tried to post a comment to say sorry to me for the way she has behaved, but it is far too late for that, so I deleted her comment too. Why is it that people like Marcus and Chuck state they want nothing to do with this story or the BRS, and yet continue to come back time and time again, wanting to have a say? Bizarre behaviour.

It has been reported that at last night's concert in Milan, Morrissey once again accepted a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, and for the encore sang One day Goodbye will be Farewell. If this is true, it is almost as though Morrissey is putting two fingers up as he walks out of the door. Perhaps Morrissey has finally tired of the whole MorrisseysWorld game. Perhaps he regrets ever having started it.

As to whether this really is "The end", I have no idea, but is does feel quite final this time. I have immediately deleted my twitter account, but will keep an eye out, just in case Morrissey has a change of heart.

Late last night and earlier this morning, Astraea posted some tweets, but mainly of old Brigitte & Catherine photos. Fifi also returned to twitter, posting the following, "Ceiling shadows shimmy by".

It certainly isn't enough to warrant me continuing to write FollowingTheMozziah with, but it does show that Morrissey hasn't completely walked away from twitter just yet, so maybe, just maybe......

*Eventually published Nov 9th 2015

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