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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day 1140 - Na Na Na Na

Morrissey stood on the stage in Utrecht last night and announced, "I've been to Utrecht before". The comments posted in the comments section of yesterday's FollowingTheMozziah by 'former' MorrisseysWorlders, leaves me today saying "I've been here before", but more about that later. First of all, let me mention last night's concert.

BRS member Inge attended the concert, and hopefully she will write a review in the comments section of today's blog. Unfortunately Inge's homemade blue rose looked a little worse for wear even before it reached the concert hall, and then it managed to get dropped and lost before it could be offered to Moz. With no roses being offered to Moz, we still have no idea as to whether or not the BRS is dead or alive.

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Morrissey started the concert with a snippet of the song How Do You Do, a 1971 song by Dutch duo Mouth and MacNeal; which for some bizarre reason was never a hit in the UK despite being Number 1 in a number of other countries. After 10 seconds of How Do You Do, in which the audience clapped along, Moz abruptly stopped, said "goodbye" and the band launched into The Queen Is Dead. What a way to start a show.

The concert was again fully charged, and Morrissey gave it EVERYTHING, whilst looking relaxed and happy.... if Morrissey can ever be happy. Lyric changes once again included "brother's bridal veil" in TQID, "journal" in Suedehead, "back to the deli where God is her belly, her world is her telly" during Bride and "wish I'd never been born" in Everyday Is Like Sunday.

As ever, it is impossible to choose the standout songs of the concert, but from the footage that I have seen so far, WPINOYB was sung with real passion and meaning, Yes, I Am Blind with true emotion and Trouble Loves Me was once again simply mesmerizing; it is ALWAYS mesmerizing.




And now to the 'other' business. Yesterday I gave former BRS members, Marcus the Greek, GOB, Chuck and LizzyCat the opportunity to contact Morrissey via my blog, and to perhaps say sorry to him for their despicable behaviour towards him when he was in his most broken state.

All of the aforementioned four people have followed the MorrisseysWorld story for a long time, and all of them have declared many times that they believe MorrisseysWorld to be the work of Morrissey; and after all, if they didn't believe that the person behind MW was Morrissey, then why on earth would they be here in the first place? As I reminded the aforementioned four  yesterday, Broken and Our Mozzer are, by 'Morrissey's' own admission, the same person, albeit that 'Broken' is NOT the man we all see stood on the stage, or listen to on our ipods/record players, the 'BrokenMorrissey' is literally just that, the Morrissey that is lifeless, functionless and virtually dead; and herein lies the reason that Marcus & Co have continued to make mistake after mistake concerning Broken.

I am fortunate in that I do not suffer from clinical depression, but I would imagine that Morrissey, like other tortured geniuses before him, does. I can only try and imagine how a tortured soul must feel, but to have that feeling of permanent despair is unimaginable. I would guess that anyone in that state would lose all feelings for anyone and anything, and life would be just be one long constant battle with one's own mind, asking over and over and over again, "what is the point?". Perhaps if a person were that low, the only thing they could bother doing, was something mindless, like posting photographs of Justin Bieber on twitter for instance. It doesn't really matter what you do or say when you are in this state, because NOTHING matters. Likewise, when a person reaches a point where they actually jump/pull the trigger/kick away the chair/swallow the last of the pills, NOTHING matters.

Marcus, GOB, Chuck and Lizzy are all 'normal' middle class people, with 'normal' middle class lives, mixing with other 'normal' middle class people. There is nothing wrong with this 'normal' existence, and it is a world I live in myself, but it is also a world that is far removed from that of a tortured genius like Morrissey, and therefore when the BrokenMorrissey, in the depths of despair, entered our world, very few of us were equipped to interact with him. Luckily I managed to follow the lead of EARS and Heather; two people full of compassion and understanding, and I watched how they interacted with Broken. I have learnt many things from the MorrisseysWorld story, but learning how to try and understand a tortured mind has been as big a lesson as any for me, and I thank both EARS and Heather for helping. If it hadn't been for them, I would probably have been as bigoted and self centred as the others.

I should add of course, that being middle classed and normal doesn't mean you can't suffer from depression, only simpletons and the ignorant could think that, and in fact  'middle class normal people' have more to be depressed about than most, but the mind of a tortured genius is something totally, totally different.

Before I return to the aforementioned four, I want to very quickly return to the subject of Justin Bieber. One of the main reasons that Morrissey fans have been so adamant that Morrissey is nothing to do with MorrisseysWorld, is because of the constant mention of Bieber, which the real Morrissey "would NEVER do", but the connections between Moz and JB are there for all to see. Morrissey's song, The Kid's A Looker is very obviously about Bieber, and it's mocking tone would suggest that Morrissey doesn't like him, but I don't think that is true. I personally think that Morrissey probably fancies the pants off Bieber, and why wouldn't he, Bieber IS beautiful, but more to the point, I would imagine that Morrissey is annoyed that the man who should have become the the new Elvis Presley, hasn't.

In the early days of the MW blog, Our Mozzer wrote how he and Boz Boorer had reviewed Bieber's film, Never Say Never*, a film in which Bieber takes to the stage and says, "Welcome to my world". Just days after writing this review, Morrissey took to the stage at London Palladium, and announced, "Welcome to My World", which is one of the many 'coincidences' that helped Marcus, GOB, Lizzy, Chuck and the rest of us realise that MW had to be the work of Morrissey.

I could write about Morrissey and Bieber links for hours, but for now I really must get back to the aforementioned four. Having been given their platform yesterday, ALL FOUR decided to take Option B, which was to call the person behind MorrisseysWorld a fraudster, and leave. Rather than apologise to Morrissey, or try and understand a BrokenMorrissey, they have ALL instead decided to convince themselves that MorrisseysWorld ISN'T  the work of Morrissey after all. It would appear that it is much easier to do that, than admit they got things wrong. Denial is a very common form of coping, and I am today reminded of a blog entry I wrote at the very beginning of this journey, in which I asked Mike Joyce if he was ready to apologise to Moz, but he too took the easier route of denial.

The tree continues to prune itself, and the BRS lives on. I have often seen the BRS as similar to the Peoples Front of Judea from Monty Python's Life of Brian, and now Marcus has gone off to form the Judean Peoples Front, or the Option B Brigade as they shall now be known. Marcus has today published a 'coping article', in which he lays all the blame at my door, which I don't mind, because I can see that he is just lashing out because he has got things so very wrong. Marcus has even written about Broken having fans, but Broken doesn't have "fans", Broken isn't a pop star.

I don't dislike Marcus, in fact I don't dislike any of the aforementioned four, which is why I tried to offer a helping hand yesterday. I realise that they just don't understand what is happening. Marcus has been joined in the Option B Brigade by GOB, Chuck, Willow, Nicole, Yunara, Sarah Munro, Robert Ferdenzi, SusieSue, Max, and a few others, and I hope that they are able to comfort each other. Hopefully one day they will realise that they got things wrong, and take Morrissey a blue rose, which is all he ever asked for.

All of the scenes in Life of Brian that featured the Judean Peoples Front were edited out from the final film.

Goes off singing *Just like before and you will say na na na na

* 'Boz Boorer' actually posted a review of Bieber's Never Say Never film on here I believe, although I can't be bothered to search for it:

Foot note: Please do not post a comment on this blog unless you are one of the dreary few who believe that Morrissey is behind MorrisseysWorld. This blog has only ever been for those people.


  1. Morrissey did play in Vredenburg Utrecht yesterday evening and i was blessed to be able to be there.
    When i did arive at the venue at 10:00 there where just a hand full of people waithing at the door.Most of them where Dutch or Belgium.It was a small group of very nice people.As always there was a list.I was nr. 8 so if things would go as planned i would get a perfect place right in front of the stage.After waithing outside for a while we where allowed to go inside the building.That was realy nice.I did see just a small part of the beautiful city while i went out to stretch my legs and got a vegan burger.During the day just a hand full of people did show up.It was already about 18:30 when there was a long queue.Doors did open at 19:15 and i got a perfect place in front of the stage.
    Moz came on stage and started singing a part of ''how do you do''.I knew the song just like probably most of us dutch people.It was nr.1 before my time but i have heard it on the radio now and then as a kid.Then they played the queen is dead.There where no new songs edit to the setlist.That was a bit of a shame.I would love to hear art hounds or some of his old songs.He has got so many songs,so i don't know why he sings the same one's every night.I like a surprise now and then but the list stayed the same.But the energie of the crowd was amazing.It was a good vibe.
    I did put my rose behind my belt so i could save it to trow on stage during the last song.The security woman that took the one's in Vienna of the stage was there again so i knew it would not lay there very long.But then half way during the last song i saw one girl trying to get on stage.I also went for it.Because of my hight it was not easy to get over the barrier so a few people did help me.I got over it but four security people did grap me withing like two seconds.By that time the rose was already somewhere on the floor.So one's again no handshake,just a couple of extra bruises.But still i had a great time(everyone had) before,during and after the concert.
    No Moz concerts for me for the next 3 weeks:( I will see him again in Poland.

    1. Cheers Inge!
      Good luck in Poland- hope you get a handshake or a stage hug!!

    2. Thank you for your reviews of the shows you attended and your efforts to bring Moz a blue rose. As Kerry also said, I hope you are able to get a handshake and/or hug from him when you attend your next show. Will you also be bringing a blue rose to Poland?

    3. Well done, Inge! Your reviews and efforts are much appreciated.

  2. At the risk of repeating myself, we are made with many layers. I like to think I can offer people compassion & understanding. Equally I can be short tempered, irritable & mardy to say the least.
    My point being that whilst Broken can be sharp & 'outspoken' I also feel he is a deep & sensitive person who can be warm & compassionate. Despite what others have assumed I say this because he is a human being whom I have grown fond of. Not because it may be Morrissey.

    Glad you enjoyed last night Inge. Thanks for your review, I've not had a chance yet to catch up on recent YT footage, but it sounds like another great night.

  3. Some terrific videos from these shows, Trouble was wonderful, it's hard to imagine the days when we longed for this to to be performed live. Most unusual venue in Utrecht by the way. Full marks to Inge for her efforts and for her wonderful reviews.

    JG, all jazzed out.

  4. I object. Objectively of course.

    1. What is the subject of your objection? Be as subjective as you like, time is no object. Were you a fan of the Smiffs?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. FTM is a place for the dreary deluded dozen ONLY. I am not seeking any other readers and have no desire to be constantly abused for my views. Your comment was also deleted because it was utter nonsense. Other blogs are available on the Internet to post utter nonsense, whereas this blog is is for deluded MorrisseysWorld fans. Thank you.

  6. dear inge, I know first hand the problems of taking a rose to a concert, Hermosa Beach (my LA base) I had one choked to death, in Singapore the heat was so intense it drove me to the beer stall and the poor rose and myself were wilted beyond recognition, mind you I lost the bleedin thing anyway, but at least after the concert I was able to get my book on Manchester to his holiness.. so press on..

  7. Eh?
    What the hell is option B and when have I joined in?

    1. Oh Yunara, you have re-tweeted and favourited a twitter posting about me that is full of lies. This blog of mine is my diary of Morrissey's life on the Internet. I am happy for people who share my excitement to post on my blog, but those who continuously kick me, or join in with those who kick me, are NOT welcome to post here. If you agree with the article that was written about me, then that is entirely up to you, but please don't then feel you can come and post comment here. People keep talking about my 'censorship' of their comments but what they fail to understand is that this is just my little blog, it is not a national newspaper. If you don't like me, don't enjoy my views, don't share my excitement of Morrissey being on the Internet, then just don't come here, it really is that simple.

      Thank you.

  8. I would recommend your next blog article focuses on Bieber's body and mind and his songs. You should use lots of shirtless pictures.

    1. I don't know enough about him. How about you write an article about him, and I publish it? You could perhaps explain what you find so fascinating about him, and point out any connections to Moz or Elvis or James Dean. I just wouldn't do the article justice, and I also don't know enough about YOU. Thank you.

    2. Go head Rat. See it as an intriguing project. All I ask is you post at least 15 shirtless pics, and write something interesting about Biebs.

    3. Ok, I shall give it a go.

  9. Thanks Inge for another great review and good luck in Poland, although many of us are envious of how lucky you are, ,because of how many concerts you are able to attend. I remember how fun MW was around the time Boz gave his review of the JB movie. Broken has always had a thing for JB. I do not know if he suffers from depression or if it's over some situation, but he has always been a bit curmudgeon at times--it's just him. Thanks again Inge for the review, reading it makes me feel a little closer to being at the concert.

  10. Heather, EARS, JJaz and Astraea have been magnificent, as have Rat and Manc.

    1. steady on Broken, people will think you are quite fond of us

  11. Nice Inge! Couldn't find many reviews in Dutch newspapers/ online magazines. Many used the opportunity to quote this one man (member of the Board of Culture) who bitched about the fact that the venue had to be all meat/ fish free that day. Even the quality papers copied. So sad they don't understand.
    Wish you so much fun on the next shows you'll be attending!


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