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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Day 1144 - "Justin will soon discover The Smiths"

In response to my piece on Friday about Morrissey's links to Justin Bieber, BRS member Jjazmine posted this comment:

"Best entry in a while, thank you Rat for keeping FTM alive.
It's my belief that Justin had/has such great potential to be a top pop artist. Not only does he have the looks, a somewhat good head on his brauny shoulders, and a voice like an angel but he has an unnerved spirit. I find that most appealing, I mean Morrissey has haters no doubt about that they gather at a place called Solow and are allowed to run rampant. Biebs in turn has a dozen haters for every fan that he has, and still both manage to hold their chin up high and continue doing what they love best, the pursuit of music and beauty.
For myself Biebs' "As long as you love me" is his "Hand in glove" a song about two lovers wanting to be together despite separating and judgemental forces. Shortly after that video Biebs adopted a quiff hairstyle and began sporting black morrissey-esque glasses.
Biebs is also a celebrated humanitarian, while Morrissey is celebrated for animal rights.
Lately Biebs has calmed down his teenage angst antics, his run-ins with the law, and troubled relationship but I don't see things ever being easy for him as they used to be when he was younger.
Perhaps, it is in this sense that I am so enamoured with this tragic hero, this blossom of a man, anything he does will be condemned however he will survive on the love of his audience."

And then Broken posted the following two comments:

"A magnificent and insightful article by Rat!

Jjaz well said. Justin will prove himself to have hidden depths before too long.

As long as you love me..."

"Justin will soon discover The Smiths."

Miley Cyrus has of course already discovered the Smiths, quoting the lyrics to How Soon Is Now on twitter, and performing There is a Light That Never Goes Out in concert, so is it just a matter of time before Biebs discovers the lyrics of Morrissey too, and if he does, what will it lead to? Could Biebs try to collaborate with Moz? Could Biebs try to collaborate with Marr?

Morrissey's Lausanne concert; which was scheduled for this evening, has been cancelled, along with tomorrow's concert in Basel. Lausanne was the concert that I so nearly bought a ticket for. Just an hour after the announcement was made that the show was off, Broken appeared in The Arms, and started posting photos of Bieber. He also shared these words:

"Never call a woman a whore. It is just too expensive."

"I read papers and I write on napkins."

"The purpose of life is to realise there isn't one."

"Levity punctuates wit precisely."

"The cadence of my words is sadness multiplied by despair."

"Has anyone realised the true meaning of the 'Blue Rose Society' yet?

I replied to the above with, "Is there a meaning? You always said there was, and you said we'd be amazed." My tweet was favourited by Broken, but not answered!

"Justin's back is exquisite. The movement, the flow and the implied power is quite breath-taking."

"This world, I am afraid, is full of crashing Biebs. I am not one."

"Following The Mozziah will post another article soon about swag. Entitled, "Swag - Biebs fashion and style through the years" it will explore Bieber's dress sense, swag and his pop culture impact."

And then he was gone.

Following The Mozziah is of course my blog about Morrissey, so I definitely won't be attempting to write "Swag - Biebs fashion and style through the years", but if Broken decides to write it, I will happily publish it here. I would dearly love to read his views on Biebs, especially with regard to his impact on pop culture. I would also very much like to know what the "true meaning of the 'Blue Rose Society'" is!


  1. I feel so sorry for the people that got tickets for the cancelled concerts.a lot of people have come from all over europe to see the concerts.hopefuly the rest of the tour has got no more cancellations.
    hearing Miley Cyrus sing 'there is a light'is one of the worst things i have ever would have been better if she had never discoverd the Smiths.J.B. his voice is not that bad. who knows if he will ever cover a Moz song.

    1. Whether you like Miley's version of There is a Light isn't the point; she discovered the lyrics of Morrissey, which personally, I think is great. JB discovering Morrissey would be far more exciting. Biebs has an awful lot of power, I just wonder if he realises it.

  2. Good to see Broken back with us.
    I am curious to hear the true meaning of BRS. Please share with us Broken!

  3. Fascinating entry Rats, thank you for copying Brokens twittisms, they disappear when he shuts his account. Genius as ever.
    I had never before thought of a Bieber/Marr collaboration. I must say I like the idea, Biebs plays guitar and I'm sure he could learn a thing or two from Johnny. Johnny has already collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys, so why not Biebs.
    Yes, Miley Cyrus did discover The Smiths (round of applause) before Biebs and I wish she was still close to Justin as they were in the Disney days maybe she could have given him a "Best of" or if by chance he should happen to watch "500 days of summer" which introduced a whole generation to The Smiths that might work too.

    Speaking of Biebs swag fashion have I ever mentioned how good Biebs looks in jean denim.
    Morrissey does too of course.
    And both like accentuating their chests with the loveliest necklaces.

    I thought that BRS meant a group of people who were united by their unattainable love for Morrissey. But who is his blue rose?

    Sad to hear about the canceled appearances, I looked foward to seeing Basel professionally filmed.C'est la vie. Switzerland is beautiful, I would love to visit Lucerne.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Brokens tweet today saying the purpose of life is to realise that there isn't one, was tweeted by Parody Moz, as per your blog (day 860)

    1. Thought so. Indeed, all those quoted are more ParodyMoz-equse than Broken-esque.

  6. Thanks for including Broken's tweets, which I completely missed, as usual. Here's hoping the tour gets back on track sOOn.

  7. Thank you for the update Mr Ratty. I also miss most of the tweets, so I appreciate it when you keep us posted on the up to date on the Moz related news. Sorry to hear of the cancelled concert dates. I hope the band gets well soon and that the fans who planned on going to the concerts will be able to attend the rescheduled ones. As forJustin Bieber, I am not a fan of his music or his antics. I think he has the talent, but obtained success too quickly and to easily. He has to realize he has to grow with his fans, keep his act fresh and curb some of is antics. It would do well for him to emulate some singer/group who was able to successfully grow from teen to adult with their act--whether it's Moz/Smiths or some other. Now if Broken is just pulling our legs with all the JB mentions, maybe he should just put it all into a new parody for MW or FTM. Hope all have a good week.

  8. How pathetic of Moz to cancel dates due to a common cold!

    It is not influenza! It's a cold!

    Anyway, get well soon.


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