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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Day 1147 - Basel Faulty

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog entry, that the Morrissey concert in Basel scheduled for Monday was cancelled. As I write this, there is no news as to whether tonight's concert in Hannover is taking place or not, although the venue have stated that there is no reason to believe that it won't.

According to the organisers of the Basel concert, it was cancelled due to band illness, but NOTHING was announced on True-To-You! It has been noted by a number of people, that one of the main sponsors of the Baloise Session Festival that Morrissey was due to play at, was a company called Novartis, a pharmaceutical company who carry out animal testing. As to whether or not this played a part in the decision not to play the festival is unknown, but it can't have helped.

Broken and Astra both returned to The Arms last night, with Astra posting a Brigitte & Kirk photo, and Broken posting Bieber photos. Broken also posted the following tweets, which once again looked more like the words of Our Mozzer:

"When you're desperate, apathy is your only goal. When you're apathetic, any feeling is welcome."

"Elegance is a passing fantasy."

"Pop music is nothing if not persistent."

"I sit through life. I walk through pain. I run through airports."

"My fingernails collect the world's problems."

"Posh Spice is to civilisation what the prune is to constipation."

"The moment feminism was embraced by men, it died."

"Can we please ban David and Victoria Peckham from England?"

"Uncertainty is to art as certainty is to science."

"I was depressed. Then I was tired of depression. Finally I was depressed because of my tiredness. These days I just drink to sad songs."

"Do you understand yet?"


And on the subject of not understanding, I really wish that I could work out what Morrissey really thinks about Justin Bieber. As I wrote the other day, all evidence from 2011 would suggest that Morrissey really dislikes Biebs, with The Kid's a Looker being a blatant dig, and the review of Never Say Never being a piss take, but that was three years ago, so maybe Moz has had a change of heart since then, and as I mentioned in my piece from last Friday, perhaps Moz even has a crush on Biebs. Would that really be so strange?

Yesterday I stumbled across a Morrissey interview from February 2013, in which Morrissey describes Justin Bieber as a "singer who has absolutely nothing to offer anyone", so even as recently as twenty months ago Morrissey really wasn't overly keen on Biebs, but then again, Moz wasn't initially keen on the Ramones.... although it was probably the Ramones music that Morrissey eventually fell in love with, and I very much doubt that the same can be said of Baby, although 1,105,694,890 people can't be wrong.... can they?

justin bieber shirtless horseback ride 03

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  1. fantastic pics.. colonel whiskers

  2. The 'run through airports' tweet has definitely made an appearance before. As far as 'The Kid's a Looker' goes, I saw it more as a pop against the industry that created the Kid rather than an attack on the Kid himself.

    Let's pray that there is Hope in Hannover tonight.

    1. It is true that certain tweets are being repeated or are being found out to be quotes from other persons. I wonder why.

  3. Nice title by the way, let's hope Man Well

  4. "ALWAYS in our Hearts" - Wellness and Strength to All....

  5. I took the TTY statement about Lausanne to also be the announcement about Basel. Where it said 'Tomorrow's show at Basel looks unlikely...' I kinda read into this that the show at Basel was...umm...unlikely to take place.

  6. Hey Rat, have you ever watched Never Say Never or the follow up Believe? Perhaps that may give you a better perspective and understanding of JB and what Moz might think of him. Also, when did Broken first start tweeting pictures of JB? Was it before or after Moz's interview in which he said Bieber had nothing to offer anyone. (I am paraphrasing.)

  7. Solomon Walker not on bass at Hannover.


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