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Friday, 14 November 2014

Day 1156 - What IS the BRS?

It should have all been so straight forward; Morrissey starts writing an incredibly humorous self aware blog, which his fans, despite 'official' denials, have the intelligence/open mindedness to realise is really him, and then all of those fans bring roses to his concerts as requested via the blog.

Unfortunately things didn't quite work out that way, mainly because Morrissey's fans didn't have the intelligence/open mindedness to realise that Morrissey was behind the MorrisseysWorld blog; although matters weren't helped when the 'authoritative' figures on SoLow TOLD Morrissey's online fan base that they KNEW that MorrisseysWorld wasn't Moz, which pretty much put an end to instant mass acceptance of MW by the fans.

For the few who did have the intelligence/open mindedness to realise that Morrissey was behind MorrisseysWorld, the idea of the Blue Rose Society became very exciting, and the 'Dreary Deluded Dozen' excitedly chatted on twitter and FTM about how they couldn't wait to take roses to Moz, but for a number of these people, it was just chatter, and they never had any intention of actually taking a rose. As I wrote yesterday, being a member of the Blue Rose Society surely means, by definition, that you actively want to try to get a blue rose to Morrissey, so with the exception of one or two people, those who now claim to be 'ex' members of the BRS never actually were members; not that there is anything wrong with that, the BRS really isn't for everyone, but WHY state that you are going to take a blue rose if you have no intention of doing so?

People who are CHOOSING not to be part of the BRS by not taking a blue rose, have for some reason started turning on me if I happen to mention it. Yesterday was the turn of Kerry 'Action'(?) Richards to turn on me, just because I wrote about her not taking a rose to Gothenburg, but I wouldn't have made any reference to her at all if she hadn't stated in the first place that she was taking a rose to Gothenburg. I don't give a flying fig if Morrissey fans take roses to his concerts or not, but if fans do want to be part of the BRS, then surely they have to take a rose to the concerts - that is the whole point of the society! Kerry's parting words yesterday as she left the Twitterdilly Arms were, "the only disagreeable characters are Rat & Broken". Disagreeable or just plain speaking? And what has Broken ever done to Kerry? The tree continues to self-prune.

A few weeks ago I was laid into by George Edge because I wrote about him not taking a rose, but again, if George hadn't stated that he was going to take a blue rose in the first place, then I would NEVER have mentioned him. George stated on twitter yesterday that he hadn't been part of the BRS since 2013, and yet in a FTM blog comment on May 5th of this year, he wrote:

 "The BRS is stronger + more determined than ever now. I hope fans who are going to any gigs take blue roses with them regardless where their seats are. It's such a statement, walking in with an armful of blue roses. Sends a strong message. Moz would want that."

When comments like that are left on my blog, SURELY people can understand why I might then be interested to know if they carried through their intentions? The whole concept of the BRS excites me, it's as simple as that.


I should take this opportunity to once again point out that the Blue Rose Society is NOT my society, I merely write about it; The BRS is Morrissey's society, but because I do write about it on a daily basis, and because I am interested to know if fans are taking roses, people CONTINUALLY seem to get confused with this issue. Hoarsley Cry, who accompanied Kerry to Gothenburg, wrote this very interesting comment on my blog this morning, which I guess probably reflects other people's views too:


Reading the FTM has been very enjoyable well up to the start of the European tour. After the tour started off in Portugal, the joy changed for me into a greyer one with too much focus on BRS members having to bring blue roses. You write this is Morrissey’s wish, Then why does it feel uncomfortable when you want people to do what you say Morrissey wishes. It looks almost as if this has become your personal crusade. To fullfill what exactly in whose life? Or so it feels to me.

Reading along and getting involved in the adventurous journey of the blue rose, the coincidenses pointed out by you got me as a frequent reader very excited. As a fact I can say I would’ve never known about it, would not have looked on Twitter, nor would I have met in real life or in virtual space a handfull of interesting people with the same one interest: Morrissey. I am grateful for that. The truth of the story is that so far Morrissey has not accepted blue roses on this tour. As pointed out, In Gothenburg we noticed someone with a blue rose in her hand. And while Moz accepted gifts from other people who stood front row, the rose was completely ignored. To me that doesn’t mean anything. Not that the BRS is dead, or alive, or whatever. It is all a game, played differently by various people.
That is one thing. The other is that I believe, like I meant to say before, that anyone is free to decide to take a rose or not to a concert without having to confess they did or didn’t bring one.

We all experience the story in our own special ways. Some of us will take the effort to bring a rose, and some won’t for whatever reason. Accept it, and respect it.

I read in your comment above that you have no problem with fans not wanting to take roses, but you do have a problem with it, or you wouldn't make such a big deal out of it. It comes across to me that we're either with you/ BRS or against you/ BRS. (Who said that before? Was it Bush Jr.?) Like we have to choose, there is no in between.

You could’ve asked us to write a review about the concert, instead of focussing so much on the flower. A positive approach would’ve been nice, even if you don’t care to be nice. (which I have, btw, no problem with)

As I see it the purpose of your blog should be to get people involved, interested and excited in the story of the Blue Rose and the connection with Morrissey. And is not meant to put people under pressure by solely bringing a rose to a concert for the sake of...

I will keep on following the story, tail up and on you go.

Posted by Hoarsely Cry to Following The Mozziah at 14 November 2014 10:45

I don't really know where to start with a response, so I guess the easiest thing to do is go through each of Hoarsely's comments one by one:

1. Too much focus on BRS members having to bring roses - I can only repeat what I have already written, in that the whole point of the BRS is to take roses to the concerts. As Our Mozzer always said, "Because We Must".

2. Why does it feel uncomfortable to take a rose? - I can only guess that people feel uncomfortable because there is a very big likelihood that you will be the only person at the concert with a rose, and because of all the negativity from those who don't understand that Morrissey is involved, you may not wish to look foolish. I have been told to my face at concerts that the BRS is nothing to do with Morrissey, but of course I KNOW that it is. Just because there are more of them than there are of us, does that mean we are wrong?

3. My personal crusade - Again, I must repeat that I don't care in the slightest if people don't want to be part of this, but I just wish people wouldn't pretend that they do. I still believe that taking a blue rose to Morrissey is a beautiful idea, and when I linked the BRS blogsite to a Morrissey fan on twitter a couple of weeks ago, he responded, "THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL". In fact virtually all the Morrissey fans I link the BRS site to give a positive reaction, but I think they find it hard to believe.... well they would, wouldn't they! It's not so much a personal crusade, it's just that I would dearly love to see Morrissey's concert halls awash with roses.

4. To fulfil what exactly in whose life? - Morrissey requested it, so I guess that answers that!

5. Morrissey hasn't accepted a blue rose on this tour and keeps ignoring them - There was a time when we in the BRS didn't think Morrissey would EVER accept a rose, let alone a blue rose, but he did , and since accepting the first blue rose in 2012, Morrissey has accepted another on the next tour in 2013, and another on the next tour in 2014. If Morrissey is following a pattern, then he is either accepting one rose per tour, or one per calendar year. I personally DON'T think that there is a pattern, I think Moz will accept a rose as and when it takes his fancy, and Gothenburg didn't take his fancy! I have so far made two attempts to pass a blue rose, and both were ignored, but that didn't dishearten me, and I am by no means the only one. It is part of the fun, and Morrissey is NOT a whore.


6. Concert reviews without focusing on the flower - I would dearly love BRS members to post concert reviews on FTM, just as Inge and EARS have done recently, but once again I have to add, this IS all about the rose. It is why we are a collective group.

7. The purpose of FTM - I began writing FTM as my personal diary, to release my excitement at having found MorrisseysWorld. My blog went completely unnoticed until Our Mozzer mentioned it on the MW blog, and since then people have joined me FollowingTheMozziah. FTM doesn't really have a purpose, but it is a centre point where those interested in either MorrisseysWorld or the BRS can leave comment, although those who lay into Morrissey, or make nasty comments about me, are obviously not welcome. I am not a punch bag.

Are my views wrong? Can BRS members please leave their comments letting me know their thoughts. Where is Our Mozzer when we need him?

Meanwhile, back in the fake world, to my very pleasant surprise, lots of good quality Youtube footage appeared as I lay in bed last night, which meant I stayed awake for two hour longer than planned. My only concern is that there is NO footage of Trouble Loves Me, and I can find no mention of it having been played. If Trouble has gone, then the BRS really IS dead! Morrissey's voice sounded strong in Stockholm, which would suggest that his dose of black death is finally coming to an end; although there was the odd sneeze here an there. Moz gave a prolonged 'O' during Staircase, and once again drew attention to his Meat is Murder stencil, and encouraged his Stockholm audience to go out and use it. Matt Walker has subsequently taken to twitter to state, "I would love to see if anyone takes the MIM stencils to the street."

SET (Order unknown):

2. SPEEDWAY (I have read that a snippet of Handsome Devil was sung, but this video doesn't include it )
15. SCANDINAVIA (Including chat about Youtube at the beginning)
17. MEAT (Including chat about stencilling Stockholm)
18. SUNDAY (Including chat about the new Swedish tv programme Viva Hate)

Embedded image permalink

*Goes off singing* Trouble loves me, trouble needs me, two things more than you do, or would even care to.

FOOT NOTE: I have just found to my absolute horror, that the MorrisseysWorld blogspot address is available for anyone to register, which means that MorrisseysWorld has GONE forever.


  1. Because I MUST comment

    Remove my Twitter picture from your blog, a.s.a.p. Thank you.

    It was foolish of me to think you'd understand what I was trying to get across in my comment this morning.

    Please, stop getting so personal and naming and re-naming people who have their own opinions on the different issues concerning the subject of your blog. It is not very polite, you should have asked any of us, if we wanted to be named in your blog. I don't see it adds value to your writing anyway.
    If you are trying to write something good and critical, then choose to use the subjects in comments as a lead to what you will want to say without getting personal.

    I'm probably talking to the wall. I often do, because the majority of human beings don't do much with their brain but eat, sleep and breath.

    HOPE is indeed a 4 letter word.



    1. Picture removed as requested. As it is your twatter pic, I presumed it was public. I fully understand what you were trying to get across; I don't think you have grasped my reply. Perhaps the comments from other BRS members will help you see 'OO'.

  2. Might have been straight forward and enjoyable, had you not got involved Rat....

    1. They just look like bitter words. Had I not written this blog, you would never have known about MorrisseysWorld. Once again someone prefers to blame me, rather than accept that they themselves may have got things wrong.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Deleted. This is a site for those who wish to take roses to Morrissey concerts, or at least post positive comments about Morrissey; not somewhere for people to keep coming and laying into me. You need some guidance from your friend Hoarsely Cry.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. The MW blog is truly gone forever?? I'm afraid I'm too depressed to make any other comments right now - I must go off and mourn in solitude...

  4. BRS appeals to the minority rather than the majority, which makes it all the more special.
    Taking Morrissey a blue rose is a gesture to recognise the love & appreciation we feel towards him.
    I would not like to think of anyone taking a rose if it makes them feel uncomfortable, but would assume this would not be the case for a BRS member.
    I fully respect that BRS is not for everyone.

    On another note I love that photo of the drums & gong . Another one for my wall I think.

  5. Morrisseys World has gone?No way!This is really bad news:(
    If Moz also has stopped singing 'trouble loves me'than i will be devastated.

  6. What's a blue rose society without the blue roses though? Weren't the roses our way of setting ourselves apart from the crowd, like Oscar Wildes admirers wearing green carnations? Imagine Oscar looking out to his audience of 300 and finding 3 carnations at least, now picture Morrissey looking out and seeing nothing. How many blue roses have their been total on this tour at least 2 from what I've heard. I'd like to think something as simple as a flower is crucial to showing our support.

  7. well. I knew about the address being able to register as I noticed it the other day.. ah, a rose, a rose. my kingdom for a rose.. as ever, my comments are utterly useless, but I wouldn't have it any other way

  8. must just add, did none of you really notice that the blog was up for someone to take, I never mentioned it as I guessed we all knew, maybe it is just me that is sad enough to click on it every so often, I fully expect it to be taken by someone nasty and at first they will come across as all lovey dovey (is that really a word) and then they make it known how they conned you on another website and how stupid you all are.. so be careful, if it springs to life, there are people with too much time on their hands

    1. It would appear that someone has snapped it up already, and has restricted it to "invited readers only". It is irrelevant, MorrisseysWorld as we knew it is dead. Maybe, just maybe, all the content was saved by Our Mozzer, and it will be relaunched on MorrisseysWorld.Com.

    2. I wouldn't hold your breath about
      How do you get invited to read a blog anyway?

  9. my last question for you all, has Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the whole affair ( see I didn't say SORDID )


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