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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Day 1153 - Pessoas Out (Unpublished)

All remains quiet in MorrisseysWorld, with no sign of either Our Mozzer or Broken. Astra has tweeted a few times over the past few days, but mainly just photos of Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot. Yesterday Astra tweeted, "SUBVERT SUBVERT SUBVERT", but I have no idea why. Today she posted two wonderful songs by Brigitte Bardot; an old Twitterdilly Arms favourite, Tu Es Venu Mon Amour, and a song that I wasn't familiar with, called Depuis Que Tu M'as Quittée:

I myself have not tweeted since Friday, and am trying to wean myself off twitter; although the addiction runs deep, and I still take a peek several times a day.

A few of the Morrissey pessoas popped into the Twitterdilly Arms yesterday, but they are pessoas that Broken insists are NOTHING to do with MW, so I didn't interact with them, and the very fact that I am mentioning them means that I will not be able to publish this entry; although as there is no sign of MorrisseysWorld returning, so I'm not sure that it matters.... but best stay on Broken's good side (?), just in case.

Fifi made a very brief visit to The Arms yesterday morning, having obviously been eaves-dropping on a conversation about her between Willow, George Edge, Bunnygal and Kirky. Fifi asked, "Talking behind my back again?" When Willow asked Fifi if she just lurked around waiting to pounce, Fifi replied, "oui", and then she was gone.


ParodyMorrissey appeared just after 10pm UK time (11pm Sweden) and tweeted, "When I'm gone will you remember me as anything more than a fart in time?" He then tweeted, "blah blah blah", before retweeting a tweet by @TypicalMoz which read, "I cancelled my doctors appointment. They said 'oh Mr Morrissey, it's not like you to cancel'. Sarcastic bastards. It's almost typical me." I have no idea who TypicalMoz is, but his tweet was rather amusing, which is more than can be said for ParodyMorrissey, who has so far completely failed to live up to his billing.

AlfsButton was right behind Parody Moz, arriving at 10.22pm. Alf jumped in on Kerry Action's (@AmIMoving2Fast) tweet of "At the gate", asking, "Where could you possibly be going?". Kerry is heading for tonight's concert in Gothenburg, and will be attending with Nathalie (@HoarsleyCry). The two of them have previously stated that they would be taking blue roses, but as to whether they will or not is anyone's guess. It seems very few care about the BlueRoseSociety anymore. I fear it may be dead after all. Alf followed up by tweeting, "Sweet and Slender Hooligan", which could be a clue for tonight, although so far, NOTHING Alf has predicted has come true.

Alf posted one more tweet before leaving, replying to Kerry's set list prediction with a tweet of, "Interesting." Kerry's set prediction is pretty much all the songs that have already been played on the tour, although she has also thrown in 'Action is My Middle Name.' If that were to be sung, it would be much more than a coincidence, but I don't think for one minute it will happen.

Alf usually closes his account when he leaves, but today he has left it open, which has enabled me to read all of his tweets, and it would appear that I missed some. On October 14th, he posted these tweets:

"Search for the hidden meaning."

"I was the Rat all along"

"Rat, Rat, Rat."

"Return? Never."

Is it really any wonder that everybody hates me, and thinks I am behind all this???? Bastard!

And at 11.45pm on October 21st, this tweet was posted:

"If anyone still cares. Staircase. First played, on the twenty-first. Staircase first played after First of the Gang. First. First. First." 

I'm not sure the "twenty-first" or being played after "First" of the Gang can really be claimed as predictions , but if Ricky Gervais introduces Morrissey at the o2, or Moz mentions the Savages, then Alf will suddenly have A LOT of credibility. For now, people still think he is me! Bastard again!


It is funny how the different Morrissey pessoas interact with different Morrissey fans, with Willow obviously believing that Fifi is Moz, but refusing to accept that any of the other pessoas are. Willow, along with George Edge and a few others have somehow managed to completely ignore how Fifi arrived in this story, and have separated her away from it. Morrissey, for his part, seems happy for this to have happened. Likewise, GOB and Lizzy are convinced that AlfsButton is Moz, but ignore the fact that Alf arrived on the scene saying he was MorrisseysWorld, of which Broken is a central part, but they don't accept that Broken is Moz. Bizarre.... but fascinating.

One person who doesn't believe that any of the pessoas is Morrissey, is our old friend Rosy Mires, who just can't walk away from this story, and spends all day tweeting to herself how none of the pessoas are really Moz. Everybody knows that she doesn't believe, and yet she still feels a need to keep banging on and on and on. WHY does she hang around? Yesterday, Rosy took a swipe at Fifi by tweeting, 'Pretending to be Moz on Twitter is a harmless enough pastime but when it strays into online grooming via DM and email that's kinda creepy." Rosy's tweet was ignored by EVERYBODY.
Today Rosy has taken a swipe at AlfsButton by tweeting, "Dear person pretending to be Moz. This tweet "The next "royal" baby should be drowned at birth" is really creepy." Rosy didn't actually have the bottle to post the tweet to Alf, she just threw it out there, as she did with her Fifi dig, and once again she was ignored by all. It's as though she is trying to convince herself.

*Eventually published Nov 9th 2015

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  1. My patience paid off and Action did make it to the set list whilst I was in Budapest. Which was obviously a coincidence...


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