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Friday, 21 November 2014

Day 1163 - "Home is where the Art is. Art is where the heart is. Heart is where the song is."

Having now seen footage of the 'Incident of Warsaw', it is obvious that Morrissey DIDN'T get upset by someone shouting, "sing, don't fucking talk" as initially reported by Rosy Mires, Moz was actually destroyed by a  another shouted comment, that sounds like "Give it to him faggot (or possibly fluffer)". It is quite possible that the actual word used was "trafford" and not "faggot" or "fluffer", but that is irrelevant; what is relevant, is what Moz heard, or at least thought he heard. As I wrote yesterday, the stage is Morrissey's home, and so once his home has an intruder, he feels unsafe, and any thoughts of giving his all via song are gone; in fact, ALL rational thoughts are gone.


Wednesday night is now old news; it is time to move on. Tonight Morrissey will return home, on a stage in Kraków. What he needs now is 100% support and love from his GENUINE fans. The 'stay at home whingers' on SoLow are NOT genuine Morrissey fans; most are old Smiths fans. BRS member Inge will be in Kraków this evening, and will attempt to offer Morrissey a blue rose. Will Inge manage, and will Moz want the rose?  Time, as ever.....

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I shall sign off with the words of Astra:

"Home is where the Art is. Art is where the heart is. Heart is where the song is. Love is inside of me.

And here I leave that love tonight."

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  1. I hope tonight the venue is filled with the love & harmony Morrissey deserves. Good luck to Inge with her rose.

    I must also mention the beautiful embracing words from Astra which touched me greatly. Heart melting.

  2. I truly hope that Moz will finaly exepts a blue rose.hopefuly there will be more people tonight bringing blue roses.i will do my best giving it to him.

    1. Whether or not Moz accepts the rose, show him how much he is loved and have a wonderful time!

  3. cant see anything going wrong tonight to be honest, forward with moz and the gang. shame for rosy, she has tried to get poor old ena sharples to moz twice now, still, she had a few drinks with her mam and daughter in warsaw, well I cant imagine she let her daughter drink, but you never know, the old irish in her may have taken over (cough)

  4. Good luck tonight Moz and the Morrissey band.
    I've just seen the footage from the other night, and I did too hear what sounded like, (I can't actually bear to type the word...), so I'll say fluffer.
    You are so lucky to have such a supportive band behind you.
    What Boz said was right, why travel all the way out to Poland to hurl insults?
    The guy shouting out did sound English to me.
    It's very saddening and maddening I know. But us, your genuine fans are behind you 110% all the way, every day.

    I've also heard on Twitter that some people in the audience actually admitted it was them that said it, when they were in fact innocent so the show could go on.
    That goes to prove how much you are loved and adored.

    Also the singing and chanting was very moving too.

    Good luck tonight too Inge!
    I hope that tonight is the right time for Morrissey to accept your blue rose. If not I'm sure he'll be very pleased to see it!

  5. I've listened over and over and I can't get what was said but the look of pain on his face says it all.

    1. What was ACTUALLY said is irrelevant; it is what Moz HEARD, or at least thought he heard. Whatever it was, it crushed him, and understandably there was no way back from that. End of story. New day.

    2. I'm not questioning that point, just saying I couldn't hear it.

  6. Hello Ratty dear, maybe I'll surprise you, but I think Morrissey was right when he left the stage. I did'nt think like this since few minutes ago, but suddenly I figured out he can't do anything else. No matter what he heard he was hurted by someone and sang with his back tk ghe audience and Boz did almost the same. Why he did'nt ask to security to move away the stalker? For many reasons, first avoiding a mess or a fight, but first of all he did'nt want to give visibility to that stalker. We all know people filming everything this days and in a Morrissey's concert no one is without a mobile, that's why he stopped the concert. Sad, but forgivable. Have a nice evening and cancell this comment if you want.Ciao.

  7. I am sorry to say that one's again no blue roses where accepted by Morrissey:( But the concert was amazing!!

  8. Trouble loves me was not on the setlist.

  9. The song is in your heart, your heart is in the song. All aboard the express Kundalini.

  10. part 1 of the new parody will be posted exclusively on FTM. It will occupy the main page for a minimum of five full days. There will be updates or new items until the five days have elapsed.

    If Our Mozzer's rules are adhered to, more might well follow.



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