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Monday, 24 November 2014

Day 1166 - Something's Coming

I awoke this morning to find that the Blue Rose Society's theme tune, Trouble Loves Me, had once again been omitted from last night's Morrissey set list. My heart sank..... but then I glanced at the comments section of FollowingTheMozziah, and discovered that just minutes after Morrissey's concert had ended in Berlin last night, the following comment had been posted:

part 1 of the new parody will be posted exclusively on FTM. It will occupy the main page for a minimum of five full days. There will be updates or new items until the five days have elapsed.

If Our Mozzer's rules are adhered to, more might well follow.


Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 23 November 2014 21:44

My heart has unsunk (!?!)...... MORRISSEYSWORLD IS ALIVE!

*Goes off singing* Could be, who knows



  1. Hell yeah!finaly some good news.

  2. we are now up to four comments, some of us have been busy, others have different time zones etc. take a deep breath and we go again

  3. In a Thankless useless world of shit and disparage, this is refreshing news- The Hills are truly alive with "The Sound of Music" Thank you for keeping this world alive.....

  4. I look forward to a new parody and any other surprises in store, hoping desperately that all this mystery and intrigue will continue.

  5. Thrilled by this, absolutely looking foward to a new parody piece, I can only offer my heartfelt thanks.

  6. I should point out that I fully agree to OM's terms and conditions, and promise to leave the new parody piece on the front page for at least five full days, even if this means not reporting the acceptance of a blue rose etc..... now WHERE is it?

    1. would you agree to OM's T and Cs if he asked you to post a nude photo of yourself (actually don't answer that)


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