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Friday, 28 November 2014

Day 1170 - Oh, those Belgians

It would appear that the two concerts in Antwerp on Wednesday and Thursday both contained a little bit of 'incident', with Wednesday's concert having to be stopped during Staircase due to over zealous theatre security, and Thursday's concert attracting another heckler, who Morrissey pointed out was "very brave in the dark" before then labelling him a "coward" before suggesting he "go home".

(The coward in the vulgar red pullover:

Incidents aside, last nights concert also premiered both Smiler With Knife and Moutjoy, but as yet, no Youtube footage has emerged of either! There is also still no footage of Wednesday's encore, so we don't know if there was a special "flash" for George as promised by Fifi. WHAT is wrong with these Belgians; it's as though they are a subspecies!

One piece of footage that has emerged from last night, is of Speedway which has the added bonus of a HUGE snippet of Gilbert O'Sullivan's I Didn't know What to Do during the pause. Hugely entertaining stuff, but from reports I have read, the Belgian crowd was a bit subdued, and the concert was cut short after just 15 songs.

There is nothing new to report on either the MorrisseysWorld or Blue Rose front, so I guess I shouldn't really be blogging, and what is more, I can't even publish this entry until Sunday due to my promise to leave the parody piece on the homepage of FTM... not that anyone new is likely to discover it!

A great new Morrissey interview has emerged on the internet, this time with Vegan Logic. It is one of the best Moz interviews in recent times, with Morrissey really opening up on a number of subjects, including humasexuality.

Embedded image permalink

Interview here:

In other news, the former Mayor of St Helens, John Beirne has started a campaign to have Morrissey receive the Freedom of the City of Manchester. He apparently wrote to the leader of the Manchester Council, Richard Leese, who replied saying, "His previous band, the Smiths do hold a proud place in Manchester's popular music history, alongside many other great names. We are however not currently preparing to honour him in any way." Oh Manchester, SO much to answer for! They just don't realise what they have. It was the same with Wilde.... although not in Manchester, obviously!


And finally, tomorrow I get to go and see Morrissey in concert for the first time since January 2103.... nearly TWO YEARS AGO! I am so so excited, and I just can't hide it! I can't wait to hear all the new songs from World Peace is None of Your Business, but the icing on the cake would of course be Trouble Loves Me. Both my blue rose and inflatable red are ready to go, but I will be nowhere near the front, so an attempted delivery will have to wait until next time, next time.

*Goes off singing* Show me a barrel, and watch me scrape it, faced with the music as always I'll face it.

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