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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Day 1199 - More Alf & the Still MW Blog (Unpublished)

It has been 22 days since I last published a blog entry, and 18 days since I wrote an unpublished entry. Since those entires, I have had a two week holiday in Mexico, Morrissey has finished his tour of Europe, and Christmas has come and gone. The MorrisseysWorld blog remains in the hands of a fraudster, so there is nothing for me to really write about, although I the reason I am here now, is to record the twitter offerings of @AlfsButton. Despite virtually everybody thinking AB is NOT Moz, I of course know that he is, so here for the record are his recent twitter highlights:


"Exhausted yet still alive"

"Have I lost the plot? Was there a plot to begin with?"

"Do you remember my youthful face or is it a distant memory? A moment in time"

"I lost myself in delusions."

"Not everything is as it seems"

"Your own worst enemy is yourself. Move on."

"My mind is broken"

"Humbled by humility"

"There is no such thing as a real Morrissey"

The Australian pop group 5 Seconds of Summer were inviting questions. Alf posted this one:

"What is the point of you? You'll be forgotten about in 10 months."


"Ringleader of the Crashing Bores"


"June, June, June"

"Wipes sweat from brow and juts out jaw."

"Death is an abomination yet we inch closer."

"Fingernails entrenched onto the cliffs of life"

"Where am I? Who are you?"


"We are in the depths of despair"

"Cornelius Carr day"

Alf currently has 70 followers, and virtually no one interacts with him.

Astraea and Broken have both made brief appearances in The Arms whilst I have been away, with Astra mainly concentrating on Bieber tweets and BB pictures. Broken's account is currently down, so I have no idea what he has tweeted. There is still no sign of a new parody!

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*Eventually published Nov 9th 2015

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