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Friday, 9 January 2015

Day 1211 - Daft Punk (Unpublished)

On January 8th 2015, I had this conversation with Fifi in the toilets of The Arms:

FIFI: I thought a Fran├žoise song in Paris would be noticed. Disappointed. Nothing to say about OOOO, ask Harvest.

ME: I read a while ago about it, but is it actually coming out? Does it even exist?


ME: Was that there all morning? I must have missed it! Or was it added later? Aghhhh!

FIFI: I don't know, why would I?

ME: Bastardy, fuck, cunty, bollock shite.

FIFI: So rude. I don't think it was online when I told you. I guess it was just a coincidence.

ME: I have updated my blog entry, but unfortunately nobody reads it, and nobody believes me anyway. HOW did it come to this? HOW? You clever bastardy fuck cunt.

FIFI: Nobody cares anymore, not even myself. You should stop caring too. See you soon. Don't bring a rose. Bring a bottle of Veuve instead.

ME: Maybe one day, when we are both dead and buried, someone somewhere may find the story interesting. Veuve is on ice.

FIFI: Let it go. It doesn't matter what time the TTY statement was posted or when I talked about it. What really matters is.... FUCK HARVEST. OOOO French Mix was beauty. But it's just a wild guess.

ME: I say the same to you - let it go. Harvest are not worth wasting energy on. History will not remember Steve Barnett-Fair, but the songs of WPINOYB WILL be there forever. Why don't you release OOOO French mix?

FIFI: Because it doesn't belong to me. Now, it is time to focus on the next one.

ME: *Pisses self with excitement* Oops, sorry about that! And do you have a label?

FIFI: Very gross. Labels knock on my door every day. Who to choose? No, I do not have a label, I am a pariah.

ME: Hmm, How about buying an old unused label? Is Disques Vogue still used?

FIFI: I believe it now belongs to Sony Music. Scandinavia, Art-Hounds and Smiler with Knife were also supposed to be released as French mix B-sides. Someday, maybe.

ME: What exactly does a French mix of a Moz song sound like? I can't imagine you mixing!

FIFI: I took lessons from Daft Punk.

ME: That's lucky. I like the idea of Disques Vogue!

FIFI: I did not mix anything. But I'm sure you knew that. I will ask Sony if it is for sale.

ME: Lol... or were you serious? I DO hope you were being serious. If they have no intention of using it, why wouldn't they let you buy it?

FIFI: I am writing them a letter.

ME: Don't sign it Pariah!

FIFI: Too late.

ME: Can I blog about this conversation, particularly regarding the other French mixes?

FIFI: You can talk about the french mixes. As far as I know it's not a secret. No need to mention you heard it from me.

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