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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Day 1244 - Still Dead

I have weaned myself away from the Twitterdilly Arms, so have no idea if I have missed anything relating to MorrisseysWorld, but no one has posted anything on FTM mentioning Our Mozzer, so I'm pretty confident that MorrisseysWorld remains dead, and therefore FTM remains dead too.

The only reason I have taken to my keyboard today, is to make mention of a new blog called, which is a send up of FTM.  I am flattered to be parodied, but unfortunately it just isn't very amusing..... or perhaps I have just lost my sense of humour! I don't suppose my friend taking his own life last Friday has helped on the old humour front, although it does seem to have turned it blacker and sicker than ever, which can't be a bad thing.

One person who does seem to appreciate the new Pessoa blog is Astraea, who has re-appeared from nowhere to post the following comment on it:

Why good evening, good taste!

Let's welcome one and let's welcome all. Very nice digs. I think I'll make myself at home.

Of course, I would never dream of taking advantage of OM's good nature. In fact, I would never dream of taking advantage of OM at all. Where OM's golden parody shines, my golden parody light can only follow. Think of my bright parody star, shining in the dark, like a parody beacon.

On second thought, scratch that. Think of me instead as the airplane emergency lighting on the floor, by the sides of the aisles. Gently twinkling. But with fantastic legs.

As time waits for no one, let's just get right down to the dirty. Right now.

Does Gwyneth Paltrow's newfound enthusiasm for waxing poetic about the acute cerebral ecstasy that can be attained through her newest hobby that she's just taken up, vaginal steaming, mean that:

1. The aromatherapy oils in their steam distilled state have gone straight to her, err, head?
2. Her sense of irony is greater than it was before she started blogging about the thralls of vaginal steaming?
3. Her sense of irony is less than it was before she started steaming her nethers?
4. The only thing she knows about Irony is that it's the name of David Beckham's new cologne, soon available for your refined and discerning pleasure at all good precinct Poundlands everywhere. Oh, it's not the name of his new cologne? But it could be.

All answers on postcards please, before the end of the week. If they're delivered to the side of my sun lounger, I'll be checking the ground around me, on or around about Friday morning. It is true however that I don't always like to have to keep track of what day it is, so we'll see how this one goes.

In February repose,

And usually methodically mesmerizing, all the way to my magma core

Morrissey remains in LA, where he has been seen out and about at various locations, including a Patti Smith concert and a Buffy Sainte-Marie concert, where he was photographed with both Buffy and Jackson Browne.
Buffy Sainte-Marie and Morrissey
Jackson Browne and Morrissey
Before I took my leave from The Arms, I did notice that Broken had made a brief appearance, on Wednesday January 28, to state, "blue boots 4 ever", but I have no idea what this is a reference to, and if I'm honest, I no longer care.

As to why some poor sod has decided to parody me at this late stage, I really don't know, but he(?)'s missed the boat, MW died some time ago, and is still dead!

Over and out again.


Ps Please DO NOT leave any sympathetic comments, that would be too unbearable. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. just saw that PS in time. I will respect your wishes.
    I will just say take care of yourself Rat.

    lovely moz pics. I once had a jacket like that.

  2. I must move with the times or stay stuck in the nothingness of the past. Rat I have no interest in the past and therefore no interest in you.

    1. To start writing a blog about me when I had already left the building would suggest you have more than an interest in me, it looks like an obsession! I'm sorry that you missed the boat, but it's over, old son.


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