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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Day 1248 - The Finger of Suspicion

I have received my first email from Morrissey in eight months; although it is hardly anything to get excited about, as it was both extremely brief, and not exactly enquiring after my wellbeing! Basically, Morrissey wanted to know if it was me behind the dreadfully dull Following The Piss Stains blog that has recently appeared on the scene.
I replied to Morrissey's email explaining that it most certainly was not me behind that semi-illiterate blog, but I can't help but feel slight amusement at The Mozziah thinking it was me, especially as I have spent the past three years having most of Mozzer's fans thinking I was behind his MorrisseysWorld blog; which incidentally was a great compliment to me, as opposed to the major insult of Moz thinking that I am behind FTP. It's a funny old world.... although in the case of Following The Piss Stains, not that funny!

pointing animated GIF

Yesterday I reported that the dying embers of MorrisseysWorld had been fanned by the appearance of Astra on the second rate Following the Piss Stains thingy. My reporting brought Astra back to the comments section of FTM, where she rightfully belongs:

I see everyone's still after my sway.

Very good to see you back, Rat. As for everything else,.... well.
At least Mercury retrograde's finally over today.
A parody blog of the parody blog following the original parody blog could have been interesting. I keep my hopes high, just like all my hems.

If anyone wants to talk about Buffy or Biebs, I'm under the umbrella.

It doesn't look like Astra plans to return to The Twitterdilly Arms anytime soon though, as she added:

"I would open a new account, it's just that... oh, I remember now. I can't really stand Twatter! If Chezza or Justin ever bothered to tweet me back, it might be a different story.

I feel like sometimes neither of them take my fan-ship seriously."

And on the subject of Biebs, he has posted a picture of himself on twitter wearing a NYPD uniform. Poor JB, he's obviously trying to be like Elvis, but he manages to make himself look like a school kid on a visit to the local station. I'm sure Broken would appreciate Biebs in a uniform though!:

Embedded image permalink

Astra also added this regarding Cheryl Cole (or whatever her name is this year):

"Cheryl Cole is so intelligent she could have been anything. Neurosurgeons of the World Unite and Take Over.

Neurosurgeons of the World Unite and Take Over plus Chezza, Chezza's mum flashing her knickerless crotch out of taxis, and Chezza's third husband. It still has a little je ne sais quoi, non?

We hope she stops before she hits husband number 5, as that's where she believes the double digits begin.

A breath of fresh air if I ever saw one. Thank God she has such spectacular songs to get by on instead. The neurosurgeons may never even know what they're missing.



Our covered wagon rumbles on.


  1. Rat, I find your blog frightfully dull at the moment too. For someone who isn't keen on our semi-illiterate blog, its certainly given you something to talk about on your also, semi-illiterate blog. Hasn't it?
    Any whatever, you must be pleased that our blog has prompted the return of Astraea, and that you have also received an email from Morrissey for the first time in 8 months. Bet your legs turned to jelly and your heart skipped a beat when you saw that in your inbox?

  2. Brilliant find on that moz gif for the finger of suspicion.
    FTP has far to go to match you in your excellent choice of images.

  3. Nice to see you blogging again so soon, Rats. The gif definitely made me LOL, as did Astra's comments. Please keep it up, both of you.

  4. How exciting, an email from the Mozziah. Lucky you. Beware though, emails from the Mozziah have been known to cause sweating, nausea, heart palpitations and, in some rare cases, loose bowel movements and even death.


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