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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Day 1261 - It's Elektrafying

Broken made a brief return to The Arms at the beginning of the week, but apart from that, all remains quiet in MorrisseysWorld. Here are his highlights:

"Sadness is what happens when you aim for happiness."

"Life is not about being happy: it's about being right."

"Genius is a genetic disease causing loneliness, despair and suicide."

"In order to create beauty, one must first destroy one's intelligence and preconceptions."

"Is there anyone who wouldn't like to touch Justin?"

"Morrissey is the one true reason why you might as well stay in bed."

"If you're left-handed, you will die 15 years earlier, you will be persecuted at school, and your ilk were victims of persecution. hash tag minority"

"Yet there is no movement for the left-handed."

"What's the meaning of the sagging pants?"


Meanwhile, in Morrissey's world, there have been some very exciting rumblings regarding a possible new record deal. Jeff Castelaz, the president of Elektra records, has posted on twitter saying, "Coffee + Tea + ZdlR + Moz = a great afternoon yesterday". He added a photo of Moz with the ZdlR character, who is apparently Zac de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine.
Could Moz be about to sign to Jobriath's old label? Please let it be true.

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In other Moz news, M posted a twitter picture on TTY, which would tend to suggest to any reasonable person that Morrissey goes on twitter; although the likes of Rosy Mires would prefer to believe that Morrissey has never even heard of twitter! Morrissey was also photographed this week with a woman called Poppie who was wearing a dress covered in blue roses.... a GENUINE coincidence!

Morrissey has also announced a four date headline at Sydney Opera House.

That's all folks.... and only 10 more days to go until the concerts start.

*Goes off singing* I got chills, they're multiplying, and I'm losing control, 'cause the label you're presiding (over), it's elektrafying. You better shape up, cos I'm not a man, and my heart is set on yooou (or at least your record label), You better shape up etc etc


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  2. Nice dress and great news.

    I'll being going into the Sydney Opera House ballot. My only mistake is I'm hoping.

  3. News of a record deal would be most exciting indeed. With the concert announcements continuing to pop up, this year is looking better all the time.

  4. A new album is a mouth watering prospect.
    It looks set to be quite a year.
    Spain in May sounds enticing.

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  6. I am so excited today! Tour, album, Spain!
    Tour, Morrissey, album, Spain, tour, Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey!
    Two weeks!!!

  7. And also I really miss Astra!
    Come back to Twatter @fadinggoldfingerlessgloves

    1. Hello darling

      Blink and you might miss me. But perhaps I'll see what I can do.

    2. Hello Astra,
      I will try to refrain from blinking as I'd hate to 'miss you'.
      Perhaps? Come back! Go on!
      My name suggestion is not going to work as its too long. Shall I think of some more?

  8. And I'm hearing about Italy as well...

    1. Hi and thanks! Have a nice week end you all!

  9. Imagine the thought of a new chapter...... If only.

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  11. Nice to hear of all the new tour dates and the possibility of a new album, hopefully signs of a good year ahead. Also, it's nice to see some of the old, Moz fans leaving comments on FTM.

  12. Sydney Opera House ticket ballot entered.

    Hopefully I'll get 1 ticket for me, 1 for Mrs harps and 1 for a blue rose.

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  15. This author has been removed by the comment..... or manc lad.... or something!

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