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Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 1269 - The Mperor's Old Clothes

It's been yet another quiet week in MorrisseysWorld, with just a single line from Astra left on FTM, and a 'here for one night only' visit to The Arms from Broken. Coincidentally, both of these events happened on Saturday February 28th.

Here is Astra's line, which was left in response to Kerry 'No Action' leaving a comment saying that she missed Astra:

"Hello darling
Blink and you might miss me. But perhaps I'll see what I can do."
Posted by Astraea to Following The Mozziah at 28 February 2015 at 17:10


Broken was on top, top form during his visit to The Twitterdilly Arms. Here are his highlights:

"Whenever we look at other people, what we first observe is what we despise in ourselves, or what we adore in ourselves."

"My perspicacity is my only flaw as an artiste."

"After one drink you're more amusing. After two you're more interesting. After three you're more attractive. And after four, f*** you."

"Uncertainty is to art as certainty is to science. It is the soul of art, and the very reason we dream."

"When everything seems lost and life no longer has any meaning, at least remember things could be worse - you could be John Travolta."


"Garlic reminds one of life. Both are unremittingly disgusting, unless used sparingly."

"Am I the only interesting person on Twitter?"

"Islam State is pure barbarism. It is all the worst human characteristics found in one location of concentrated spite."

"The only thing worse than light entertainment is a light Dale Winton."

In response to being asked by Marcus the Greek (@PapaSonsFilm) which football team he supported:

"If only because of George Best and Duncan Edwards, Manchester United. Best was the @BoyGeorge of his era."

In response to Marcus stating that he used to see George Best and that it can't be easy being so brilliant:

"It's actually easier than it looks."

"My wit is unparalleled in twitter history. My poetry churns the spirit. My charm is endless. Isn't it natural, therefore, that I am ignored?'

"Twitter is an online rest home for those who only appear to be in the last throes of life."

"Madonna is blessed with astonishing self-confidence. Had I been her, I would have spent my entire life indoors, cursing the day I was born."

"The only time Madonna shuts up is when she sings."

"Singing is the last thing one wants to hear at a Madonna concert."

"The Madonna concert I attended? Imagine a cremation, stripped of all dignity and finality. Throw in some shirtless dancing boys. Hash tag Madonna"

"The paradox of Madonna. She's made less money than McDonalds, even though more people have been through the door at one time or another."


"Can you honestly say I wouldn't enhance your dinner party?"

"The people I know don't have dinner parties. They have parole hearings and ASBO judgements."

"I have never attended a dinner party. Imagine of Wilde had never written a play, or the Queen had never shot a partridge."

"The Queen of England has spent over half a century speaking. Yet she has said nothing in her entire life."

"Coffee is what people drink when they lack the charm to order tea."

"Manchester people will cross the road to avoid you when you're alive, and travel half way across the world to attend your funeral."

"The end of English history arrived with the axeing of Brookside."

"Capote was the last film with the requisite blend of high art, low camp and homoerotic sleaze."

"For those of you that think I spend all my time skulking around the East End of London in a cape and Geneva in tweed, you're quite right!"

"@PapaSonsFilm Do you regret being unkind to me?"

In response to Marcus tweeting to say that he was sorry:

"@PapaSonsFilm Sorrow is for swans, widows and Liberal Democrats. Hash tag Save it."

"Philip Schofield's greatest virtue is his propensity for not sharing his thoughts."

"The only party worth considering this year is the UKIP party."

"Do you want Britain to be British? Do you want to be yourself? Do you want to say 'goodbye' to Blair Cameron Brown EDID Major?"

"Ed Milliband is the best Prime Minister Belgium never had."


"Crying is what we do when we're too tired to laugh."

"I only hope I outlive Victoria Beckham. A third outing for 'Candle in the Wind' is more than my spirit could bear."

"Even my usual followers have deserted me. I am now officially alone."

"The only thing to be in 2015 is retweetable."

"Universal education seemed like a good idea. Until I met Jordan."

"Ditto Universal Healthcare and Sir Elton."


"Reinvigorating 'Devious, Truculent and Unreliable' for your entertainment."

"Given the choice of antidepressants or gin, who would pick antidepressants?"

"Fascinating Bieber article" (Ed- I agree, it is a fascinating article!)

"The more brain cells I kill, the happier I become."

"I'm beginning to see how Philip Schofield feels."

"The purpose of life is to realise... something."

"The romance of death comfortably eclipses the romance of life. Sadness is comfortably more exquisite than joy. Love is a shadow of pleasure."

"Does anyone want me?"

Away from MorrisseysWorld, and back in Morrissey's world, Morrissey made a statement on TTY regarding Ebay fakes, which went as follows:

Ebay (yawn)

The Morrissey clothes and shoes currently being sold on ebay to the 'highest, saddest bidder', are not mine, and were never mine. Please do not buy them.
For the 63rd time, I must stress - at the risk of boring you to death: ebay signatures and personal items are fake, fake, fake. Please beware.

28 February 2015

The statement seems to have come about after some of Morrissey's clothes were advertised for sale on Eil. As Eil is NOT ebay, Morrissey's statement about ebay fakes is 100% correct. As to whether the Eil clothes are fake, well that is a different matter.
The last time Morrissey was so vehement on TTY about something being a fake, I ended up writing a blog about it! I should point out that I have NO intention of starting a blog about this latest denial, although a blog title of The Mperors Old Clothes does have a certain appeal.


In my last blog entry, I mentioned that Morrissey had recently been photographed with a lady in a blue rose dress. I stated that this was a genuine coincidence, but I would now like to retract that statement. The photograph in question, which was of Moz and exclusive handbag designer Poppie Harris (@poppiecouture), has now been posted on the mysterious site,, which I believe is the work of Morrissey, or at least somebody very close to him. I now have NO DOUBT that the photo of Moz and the blue rose dress appeared ON PURPOSE. Perhaps fashion designer Poppie is a good friend of Morrissey's. One thing that is for sure, the BLUE ROSE SOCIETY LIVES ON.


And so to Holland, where in just three days time, Morrissey and his band of vagabonds will return to the stage in Groningen, and a new tour shall begin. Will Trouble remain? Will Oboe debut? Will Mando still be in situ? Will another old Smiths classic be dusted off and added? Will a blue rose be worn? Will you politely say goodnight? All will soon be revealed, and once again, just as it always does, the excitement returns and grows.


  1. Sans la vie, il WOD pas de Morrissey , sans Morrissey n'y aurait pas de vie ........

  2. I think Broken would be an engaging dinner party guest with these gems from twitter.
    Astra is looking dead classy in that picture. I do miss her & her musical box.
    Cheers for the round up Rats - Love the title for today's blog.

    Eagerly awaiting the start of the tour. With other distractions its not really sunk in I will be seeing Morrissey in just over a week.

  3. I, for one, am crippled by the excitement of MORRISSEY returning to the stage in just days.

  4. Coincidences pour like pinot noir - and what do they say? Nothing. Nothing at all.

    Blue Rose has now been fulfilled yet again. To M's specification.

    Yet who notices? Nobody.

    More surprises than one could ever imagine lie ahead for those with open eyes.

    1. Surprises are most welcome, just like the sight of our favorite artiste on stage. The blue rose dress was a lovely surprise. Brimming with excitement for the start of the tour and all those lucky folks who will be attending...

    2. And what a lovely surprise to see OM here! I can't wait for the forthcoming surprises, but will I be able to get my blue rose to M in Bournemouth? Incidentally, for anyone reading this who may be interested, members of the BRS will be meeting in Valentinos pizza restaurant in Bournemouth on the 14th at 6pm for a pre-concert bit of nosh. The wearing of a blue rose is optional.

    3. How I dearly wish I could be there.

    4. hhmm!!!! that reminds me of a song Heather

    5. My hopes are high with excitement that there will be a stop by New York at some point, here's to hoping- Viva Moz!

    6. I'm writing this on a iPad and it keeps bloody deleting it.
      When was the Blue Rose fulfilled yet again. To M's specification.
      Does OM mean he has taken another rose, and we've missed it. I'm hoping not Goteborg, but it would have been a big miss. Huge even. She didn't attempt to get on stage. I thought that was one of M's specifications?

      Ps awful pictures, Travolta, Madonna, Millibands then Elton. Not even a trashy magazine would have pictures of them all at once!

  5. yep Broken at a dinner party would be out of this world, I seem to be so busy these days and cant trawl twitter like I have in the past.. forward with the clog part of the tour.. oh and Broken, please be nice to Marcus, he is one of the good guys in life

  6. Another photo of Poppie wearing the blue rose clothes:

    1. Looks like the same night. Perhaps they attended the Oscars together.


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