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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day 1287 - "Crash into my arms. I want you."

The twitter user who claims to be Morrissey, @AlfsButton, returned to Twitter yesterday, and asked for roses. As to whether or not his 79 followers will carry out his request, remains to be seen. Here are the highlights from his visit:

"For the first time in my life I am speechless. Britain breathes a sigh of relief."

"There are probably more important things than Twitter but I can't think of any."

At this point, I wished Moz a 'good evening' (it was 7pm), and pointed out that it was unlike AlfsButton to use full stops at the end of each tweet, as usually he leaves them unpunctuated. I wondered if this pessoa had forgotten his MO. Alf responded to my observation by saying, "Sometimes one's laziness gets on one's nerves. Good morning."

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Highlights continued:

"You could send me feelings of rejection but I've experienced them all before."

"One has picked the outfit for Alan Carr. I shall wear my blue rose with pride."

"Sorry that was meant to say blue rinse with pride."

In response to @MadAlix14 tweeting, "that means there definitely will be no blue rose, Alf isn't known for his accurate predictions": "That is the whole point."

In response to a trending Twitter hash tag of 'AskBoris': "When will you die?"

At this point, Alf contacted me by Direct Message. I won't repeat our entire conversation, but he told me that he now wants a rose. He then posted the following pictures on twitter:

I then pointed out that the most recent version of MorrisseysWorld,, hadn't been updated for ages. This was met with, "That is an embarrassment to the English language. One must start again..... In fact, it no longer exists."

I immediately checked the site, and it had gone! I wish I'd kept quiet!

Alf signed off with the following tweet and picture:

"Crash into my arms. I want you."

If AlfsButton really is Morrissey, then it means he is the real Morrissey, claiming to be the real Morrissey, whilst at the same time doing his damnedest to convince people that he isn't the real Morrissey! His ploy would appear to be working very successfully, because only a very small handful of people believe Alf is Morrissey, or indeed have any interest in what he tweets!

So, is Morrissey ready to accept another blue rose, and more to the point, is there anyone going to any of the final three concerts of this current tour who will take him one? From the Youtube footage that I have seen, it would appear that no roses have been offered to Morrissey at any of the past four UK concerts. It is such a shame that nobody is carrying out Morrissey's request, especially as the request was first made via the MorrisseysWorld blog four years ago, and Morrissey has actually ACCEPTED and WORN a blue rose in each of the past three years! Without making it blatantly obvious, and thus taking away the whole mystique of the BRS, what more does Morrissey have to do to prove he wants roses? The last four concerts themselves look to have been fantastic.

The final word from Alf in my DM box was, "Remember, remember. June, June, June." No doubt just another red herring!


  1. Alf has tweeted "June. June. June." in the past, if I remember correctly.

  2. I think Alfie-boy gained another follower yesterday, making 80!

  3. Thanks, as always, for the update - I missed it all, as usual.

  4. me too, but no news there, I am a bit slow on the uptake

  5. As usual, I sadly missed Alf too, he may be a fraudster, but he's quite funny. As for the June tweet... that's a LITTLE vague. Morrissey might do SOMETHING in June? Maybe good old Alf finally makes his first correct prediction with that.

  6. A fake Morrissey Twitter account sending you DM's? That's a bit creepy. Stranger Danger, Rat... has he tried to sell you solar panels yet? Rare earth metals? Or does he have something more sinister in mind? #leonid

    1. as ever madam, you make me laugh.. xx

  7. bloody hell, you would think someone had passed away over on the other channel, all he has done is pulled out of a tv appearance

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Thanks to RosyMires and you for the concise update you gave us on the concert you attended. Updates like that was one reason I followed MW and FTM, along with the parodies and other fun articles. For fans like me, who have little chance of ever attending a concert, it gave us the feeling as if we had been there. And thanks for the weekly countdown and other articles fans contributed, they also were fun and helped one feel they were involved. Hope you all have a good weekend.

    1. Well written dear Fancy, I'm totally agree with you! Have a nice week and to all Morrissey's fans!

  9. Dear Rat, Once there was a star maiden who graced the earth with her presence, she said to me "You have to learn to never let a button fuck with you." And that's what I plan to do.

  10. I remember saying this. I think I remember it being when Moz Fiend temporarily lost all of her marbles, then decided to throw an enormous temper tantrum here, and then started threatening everyone left, right, left, right, straight ahead, and then slightly left of center. Never let it be said that something at FTM doesn't always keep us on our toes. Alf's a darling. But then so are you Jaz.

    Always hold on to your friends. Always stick up for your friends. Hold 'em up. Stick 'em up. Feel 'em up. Eh, I just made that up. That's probably not how that one goes.

    I also remember when Harrison first christened me star maiden. That one seems to have stuck like glue. I'm glad you all seemed to like that one. It was charmingly offered, I know. And lovingly accepted by me in return.

    I was only here because I wanted to spread some tenderness.

    I spread my tenderness, and a couple of you saw it. A couple of you wanted to touch it. And a couple of you caught it.

    A couple of you wanted to touch me.
    And a couple of you who tried to, did.

    In the shadows like GWO's doll with rosebud lips and with no leg, my tenderness will always be here.

    Right now I am in love. Almost. So tonight, I will be lighting fires with these eyes.

    My eyes will light the fires, my heart will extinguish them all, and when it's all over we will all be none the wiser.

    Beacons beckoning me now, lighthouse waiting, fog shifting. Beauty crumbles everywhere around me. But my faith in love is still devout.

    Stigmata on my blue stained lips. Blue roses branding believers. My silent gaze follows, while beautiful, stinging thorns sweep everything away, with the ice I have instead of blood.

    Silence. Shattering. Life.

    Tilburg. Let's see some passion. It should be a good lay.


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