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Friday, 27 March 2015

Day 1290 - And so, the end is near

Morrissey's mini tour of UK arenas comes to an end this evening in Birmingham, and unless there is a miracle, it will the second tour in a row where Morrissey hasn't accepted and worn a blue rose.

Is this the end of our journey, or will Morrissey surprise us all by wearing a blue rose later in the year? The problem is, despite me laboriously using the @BlueRoseSociety twitter account to try and get Moz fans to take blue roses to concerts, the only people that I am aware of that actually took one on this current tour were myself and EARS!

People have obviously noticed Morrissey wearing blue roses over the past three years, but they just don't seem to be interested in either the Blue Rose Society or the meaning of Moz wearing the rose. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

There are also quite a few Moz fans who have followed this whole MorrisseysWorld story, but they too have no interest in carrying out Morrissey's request to take him a rose - WHY NOT? Morrissey has made it as obvious as he can (without giving the game away to the masses) that he wants blue roses, and yet.....

Morrissey was due to appear on the TV show Chatty Man this evening; to be interviewed and sing Kiss Me A Lot, but Moz didn't turn up for the shows' recording on Wednesday, so sadly we won't be seeing him. Morrissey used his '@AlfsButton' twitter account yesterday to state, "Deep down in your blackest of hearts, did you truly believe that I would show up?" He then added, "One had better things to do such as scrub the toilet clean." When @MadAlix14 chipped in with, "Well I'm just off to Asda", Morrissey replied, "Also a task that far outweighs appearing on Catty Man."

Alan Carr had attended Morrissey's concert in Belfast on Tuesday, so something must have happened to make Morrissey change his mind about appearing on Carr's show.

Alan Carr Chatty Man

To accompany the planned TV appearance, Morrissey has this week released  Kiss Me A Lot as a 'download only' single on iTunes. I guess Moz was hoping to capitalise on a television audience of 2 million people, but with the TV appearance now not happening, and with no other promotion for the single, there is no way on earth that KMAL will make the charts, especially as all the dedicated Moz fans already own it.
 It is so so wrong that this has been allowed to happen to an unbelievably good pop song, and the blame sits squarely on the shoulders of Harvest records, and in particular Steve Barnett. Roll on a new record deal.

The one bit of good news this week, is that a knitted Moz wearing a blue rose shirt has been sold, raising £175 for Hull greyhound rescue.

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  1. all is not as it seems, something tells me that ears in Barcelona will be in luck

  2. I love those little knitted morrissey dolls, I like to call them build-a-Moz. You can dress (or undress) them however you want. I think international playgirl makes clothes for hers. I have plenty of morrissey shirt pieces to make some authentic gear lol if only they weren't so expensive. Those are some great weekly ad posters, do you think it's a design company or the man himself that pics out the pictures?
    I hope you all enjoyed the tour meanwhile I save my pennies. LA Smiths/Morrissey convention is close at hand.

  3. Did you buy the blue rose knitted Moz, Ratty? He is hard to resist! So disappointed not to see Moz on TV but after seeing clips of the catty man on YouTube, it was hard for me to imagine Moz being on that show.

  4. he made the O sign through most of I'm not a man and sang 'To Give' after the Trouble intro which was rather special.

    Not sure why I am posting this as Rat is only going to delete it anyway but I thought that some of the people who still read this blog might be interested...

    1. I wished he'd stop doing that, I always feel like I've missed something important. Why delete comments that aren't offensive at all?

      Hope you had a great time in Birmingham! I love how the Trouble intro always might lead to a surprise now, and also that To Give is back on the setlist, it's one of my favourites.

    2. I guess I need to remind you why Sabine Maltby's comments are not welcome here. Not only did she 'out' me against my will, but she continuously abused me throughout 2014. On Day 1129 of FTM, I offered Sabine an olive branch, which she whole heartedly rejected in the comments section of that same entry. At the same time, Sabine also stated that MorrisseysWorld was NOT written by Morrissey, and yet here she is reporting on Morrissey making signs at concerts relating to MW!
      If Sabine wishes to apologise to both myself and Broken for the way she behaved, then she is more than welcome to post comments here.... but she won't.
      And did Sabine take Moz a blue rose to Birmingham for Moz, as requested BY HIM? Of course not.

    3. Aah, still at it - twisting the truth. You still haven't realised that the BRS died when it all became about you and not Morrissey anymore!

      Bye folks, I certainly won't be back - although it is quite funny how easily Rat gets wound up!

    4. people slate him for singing To Give but I think it is fantastic

    5. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to initiate a fight. I've read Day 1129, and for me it's impossible to tell who's wrong or right. Seems like most of the things in question happened before my arrival. It just saddens me to see that the BRS - as small as it is already - is further divided by fighting.

      Sad that Inge left, too. She's going to be in Tilburg tomorrow, which would've been another great chance to deliver a rose; it's a 2200 capacity venue so probably no big gap between barrier and stage. Let's hope that EARS is successful in Barcelona!

    6. Poor old Sabine, she still wants to blame anyone and everyone but herself. And now she has declared that the BRS is dead; a decision that is certainly not hers to make, especially as she has never once taken a rose to a Morrissey concert. Sabine is right about one thing though, her comments certainly won't be back here again.

      I totally agree with Monsieur Orange regarding the loss of Inge from the BRS; unlike Sabine, Inge was a TRUE Blue Roser. Hopefully she will return.

      Until Our Mozzer or Broken inform us otherwise, the BRS lives on.

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. Even the once famous Clapton branch is facing closure. We are in dark times save for the small flickering candle carried by Rat and his dwindling band of dreamy fools.

  5. Another grand night last night. I will write more when I am home & on a screen I can see properly!

    1. A review would be great. No roses in the audience from what I have seen.... but I guess we knew that there wouldn't be.

    2. It was touch & go if I would get to Brum as I injured my knee last weekend (Don't ask!) Anyway with my GP's warning ringing in my ears about it getting knocked or hit, me & my heavily strapped knee limped to the back of the arena last night. I SO longed to be up at the front.

      It wasn't quite the same being so far back, but this took nothing away from the richness & beauty of Morrissey's voice which resonated around the arena with such poise & substance .
      He appeared to be in good spirits & said he was enjoying himself. He had a great rant about the fur trade in his "Beloved Ireland" with a lovely Irish lilt in his voice. Moz warned whoever we vote for in the election, (something like) "they don't like you" & "good luck" . He ended with " Remember me, forget my fate" . There were other chatty bits, but my memory is shocking.

      Highlights for me were MIM, To Give & Sunday, all of which made me emotional & rather tearful.
      I didn't spot any one else with a rose, but I wasn't really expecting to.
      Shout out to Buffy, who once again was truly up lifting & soulful.

      I am blessed. Its been a blast.

    3. Hi dear, thanks for the nice review, you enjoyed the show even if your knee was enjured, have a nice week end and take some rest. Ciao.

    4. So glad you were able to make it to the concert, EARS, despite the injury. Hope your knee heals quickly!

  6. If you are now the proud keeper of the Blue Rose knitted Moz, I do wonder what Mrs Whiskers makes of it?
    In her more mature years my Mum bought herself a large porcelain doll. All rosebud lips, long curly blonde hair and a frou-frou dress. My Nan reckoned she was regressing to childhood. Upon her untimely demise, I managed to dodge the cut glass crystal and embroidered table clothes, but being the only girl, that wretched doll had to come to live with me. She now sits in a queenly state in the bottom of a cupboard, with one leg fallen off.

  7. Rosebud lips. A girl alone in the dark. With only one leg. How beautiful.


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