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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 1294 - "Farewell"

Broken speaks:

"MW has been over for a while now.

All you had to do, after years of free entertainment and intimate laughs, was to get a blue rose on stage. Most of you didn't even bother taking one.

We all knew it would end this way.


Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 30 March 2015 at 16:15

And just as the tour finishes, and Broken announces that the MorrisseysWorld is all over, Astra returns to the Twitterdilly Arms for the first time in over a month.

In response to me asking Astra if she thought that the journey was over, she replied:

"I don't make the rules around here. And Broken is right. Where were the roses?"

I responded by saying that myself and EARS had taken ours, but that I couldn't answer for the likes of George Edge, Mad Alix, Kerry, Nicole etc. I was immediately hit with tweets from the likes of George and Nicole demanding to be untagged from the conversation, stating that they want NOTHING to do with blue roses! HOW has Morrissey's original request for blue roses ended up creating such a response from his own fans? HOW?

Astra replied to my tweet with: "@TheRatsBack @AIRRAID25 Your huffing and puffing your rose counts for ten and EARS has enough roses in her heart for everyone who has none. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that."

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Astra's evening of tweeting was spent sharing small talk with @Orangemechanique and a few others. She also returned to tweeting about Bieber and posting BB pictures, but however great it was to see Astra back in The Arms, I personally have been left feeling quite deflated by the failure of anyone to take roses, and Broken's use of the 'f' word.

Today I have closed down my twitter account, and unless something earth shattering happens, I shall now once again take my leave.

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  1. I'm also saddened by Broken's use of the 'f' word. This certainly isn't the first time he's written a comment like this, but that doesn't make it any less disheartening to read. At least we can be thankful for Astra's return...

  2. The spirit is numb, and the goal blanketed by fog, yet through this hiccup, I plan to keep my resolve. We've now whittled down to a measly half dozen on the shell. How do we increase numbers and participation without the backlash of past hiccups? Do these little fracas (teehee) overshadow all the obvious signs and beautifully written essays/parodies?
    I think they do, there is no way to truely flourish under these conditions. I could say more but you get the general idea.
    I'm unsure about Utah, and I figure we in the West could be blessed sometime after. Fingers, toes, legs, arms, eye's all crossed.

  3. ah whiskers, I too have taken my leave of twit, however, that old line in hotel California comes back to haunt one, of course there are those that will rejoice, but remember, unless you were there from the beginning you simply couldn't grasp all that has gone before us, don't be sad for long people, remember Moz does have a twinkle in his eye after all

  4. Broken's words make uncomfortable reading & I take them directly on the chin.
    However, the return of Astra cushioned the blow, twit is a much brighter place with her presence.

  5. Dark times. Perhaps the darkest still to come. Perhaps only darkness from now on.

    But what else did anyone think would be the outcome? A few loving and faithful faces remain here. But blue roses in hearts are not the same as blue roses on stage, in hand.

    Some people's backs turn, but as Jjaz said, we've been here before. Backs bristle, turn, and then walk away. Will anything be different in the future? I think it's too late. And if not now, if not today, tomorrow always comes.

    Shall we clarify again, what people are bristling against? I do feel some of our more marginal players are rather easily confused, and perhaps running away from their own tails whilst chasing them at the same time. It's very simple. Get a blue rose on stage. MW lives, and MW comes back. People seem to want to be a part of MW, but only when it suits. All taking, no giving. And as everyone passes the baton, hoping that someone else will make it happen instead, there comes a point when there is no one left to pass the baton to. That is why there is no more MW.

    My inner core means you often and most usually see my softer side, and I think you all know how fond I am of you personally. But my soft side should never lull anyone into any sense of false security.

    It is not my place to offer any security, nor is it mine to give.

    I see some optimism that my return to Twitter may be a touch of a light on an otherwise bleak sky, but I don't know how much I agree with that.

    Some much longed for twatting spam from me of JB's very beautiful, very entirely UN-airbrushed pecs, and some VERY much needed retweets of beautiful Brigitte's entirely beautiful derriere, should not be enough. For anything.

    Although her entirely beautiful derriere, is quite frankly, most very, VERY, entirely beautiful.

    And I most certainly do happen to like a bit of beautiful Brigitte's, very beautiful derriere.

    But more fool the person who takes my lightness of touch, for anything at all other than face value.

    Nothing is forever. Nothing.

    1. aaw, quite touching if I say so myself.. until we cross paths again, farewell

  6. Roses will be in Utah
    Even if I have to sneak them in like I did at Hollywood High school

  7. Rat, I just asked to be untagged
    I did not say I want NOTHING to do with roses

    I was taking photos at a gig that night
    and did not want my phone flat from countless notifs
    from a back and forth convo
    (which had already started when mozfiend joined the convo)

    thank you


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