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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 1295 - Dark times

I wasn't expecting to write today, but Astra has left a comment on my entry of yesterday, so for the record, here it is:

"Dark times. Perhaps the darkest still to come. Perhaps only darkness from now on.

But what else did anyone think would be the outcome? A few loving and faithful faces remain here. But blue roses in hearts are not the same as blue roses on stage, in hand.

Some people's backs turn, but as Jjaz said, we've been here before. Backs bristle, turn, and then walk away. Will anything be different in the future? I think it's too late. And if not now, if not today, tomorrow always comes.

Shall we clarify again, what people are bristling against? I do feel some of our more marginal players are rather easily confused, and perhaps running away from their own tails whilst chasing them at the same time. It's very simple. Get a blue rose on stage. MW lives, and MW comes back. People seem to want to be a part of MW, but only when it suits. All taking, no giving. And as everyone passes the baton, hoping that someone else will make it happen instead, there comes a point when there is no one left to pass the baton to. That is why there is no more MW.

My inner core means you often and most usually see my softer side, and I think you all know how fond I am of you personally. But my soft side should never lull anyone into any sense of false security.

It is not my place to offer any security, nor is it mine to give.

I see some optimism that my return to Twitter may be a touch of a light on an otherwise bleak sky, but I don't know how much I agree with that.

Some much longed for twatting spam from me of JB's very beautiful, very entirely UN-airbrushed pecs, and some VERY much needed retweets of beautiful Brigitte's entirely beautiful derriere, should not be enough. For anything.

Although her entirely beautiful derriere, is quite frankly, most very, VERY, entirely beautiful.

And I most certainly do happen to like a bit of beautiful Brigitte's, very beautiful derriere.

But more fool the person who takes my lightness of touch, for anything at all other than face value.

Nothing is forever. Nothing."

Posted by Astraea to Following The Mozziah at 31 March 2015 at 23:03

Astra's message has left me feeling further deflated, and I am kicking myself for not getting on stage with my rose; although I can console myself in the fact that NO ONE got on stage at ANY of the UK Arena shows, and as I have stated before, you would have needed a taxi to get from the audience to the stage, and then a fireman's ladder to actually get up onto it..... "It's very simple" my arse!

Anyway, enough of my excuses; it didn't happen, and unless Vulgar Angie gets on stage in Utah in July, then this time it looks as though this really is the end. Dark times indeed, but it has been an incredible journey, and I would like to thank those who have taken the time to post comments on my blog during the past three and a half years - it was the fuel to keep me going.

For any of those reading this who still have any doubts, let me once again assure you that MorrisseysWorld, Broken, Fifi et al really WERE the work of Morrissey, but I guess it doesn't matter now.

And as I depart, with my deflated red rose lying somewhere in a gutter in Bournemouth, the one ounce of solace I can take with me, is that it would appear that our very own professor's daughter, Morrissey, has at last been given some jewels. He has posted on TTY a review of his recent concerts, and written, "Is is illegal to be this happy?"

*Picks up cricket bag, and heads off into the sunset whistling Trouble Loves Me*


  1. An entertaining to-and-fro on Twitter last night between Alf and Astraea. Our boy certainly seems cheered by his UK tour. If he wants people to get up on stage (with or without roses) he might consider venues where this task would be a little less of a challenge?

    1. You're beyond adorable, GinaB. If only I didn't always have my eyes on beautiful Brigitte's, always very beautiful thighs. IF ONLY. For us all. By the way, have you ever thought about sending Alf a Valentine's Day card? Don't be shy, little kitten.

      And if anyone else is on their way to the post office tomorrow, JB in his white Topman pants is at the top of my Christmas list. For Easter.

      You all know where to find me.

  2. Thank you, Astra, for this heartfelt, yet heart-deflating message. The US awaits with blue roses at the ready, whether or not they are still wanted.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Smiler with film clips (or gifs as the kids would call them).

  5. Its hard for me to find the words to respond to words so beautifully moving & eloquent.
    I am well aware that where there is light, darkness will quickly follow.
    There is something about Astra's words which remind me about how alone & vulnerable we are as human beings. Terribly poignant.

  6. I've said before and I will continue to say it again and again: if Moz does a show in the vicinity of New York, I will risk life and limb to get a blue rose on stage to him. I always make it to the front row at a Moz show. I have been able to get on stage before and received a warm hug. I have brought blue roses to shows. I am not embarrassed of what others in the audience will think of me. I could care less. I have gotten many handshakes already. You can get a handshake and still hold up a blue rose if you have two hands. When I held up a blue rose up to Moz in Long Island, he took my other hand and held it and sang into my eyes for a full minute, which felt like days. I melted. Having done all these things, I have failed at getting a blue rose on stage to him. But I feel certain that I will succeed this time around. Because I must.

  7. Blue roses on stage is really a critical mass thing, and, unfortunately, the BRS has never reached anywhere near critical mass necessary for a mass blue rose avalanche (as originally requested), let alone anything more than a handful of roses over several years.

  8. I tend not to ever disappoint! But depending on the venue and its security I will try my best to bet on state and give him the rose

    I have a strange feeling that I will make it on stage this time around

    But we don't die unless people give up

    Hope is what I have for this garden

    And I will make it on stage with or without a rose

    That is my mission and I accept it like young Devon has accepted my missions
    I shall do the same

    Jjaz come to Utah

  9. Star Maiden, We are all delighted by your return to twitter. It certainly turns a dull medium quite luminous. The tweets last night between yourself and Alf were dazzling. I am glad I was there to read and appreciate the intelligence, humor, irony, satire etc. I am sorry that you are disappointed with us and am thankful you show us mainly your soft side. Disappointment is the one thing I have excelled at throughout my life, so be not surprised when that is an outcome of a situation where I'm involved.

    I hope its not too late. If not today, then there is tomorrow, tomorrow always comes but tomorrow is a promise to no one.
    Nothing is forever but nothing is an eternity.

  10. Sometimes when you can't sleep at night, you meander through the internet, going through your bookmarks etc.. I was curious what has become of the website; it's still just a blank white page, titled "In The Beginning", but if you take a look at the page source, you'll find that a youtube link is hidden there:

    It's just a slideshow about how Hulme Manchester looked like in the 60s/70s/80s, and I don't believe it means anything, just mentioning it.

    I also noticed that the morrisseysworld.blogspot site was updated with an astonishingly stupid post. The blog owner's profile shows that he also has a youtube channel, with no videos, and the only video he ever liked is... a tutorial how to install a swimming pool.

    I shall leave you with these random findings and hope to get some sleep now.

    1. I think it is widely accepted that the site was the work of Banjaxer, but when he ran the idea past Uncle Skinny on twitter, Skinny said that he wanted nothing to do with a site carrying the name 'MorrisseysWorld', and the site died before it even started.

      As for the new owner of the MW blogsite, it is obviously the work of a very disturbed homophobe from the US. He will not be mentioned here again.

      I hope you got some sleep!

    2. Eventually I got some sleep, thank you. And I agree that the morrisseysworld blogspot clown doesn't deserve any more obviously desperately needed attention, it can easily be ignored; nobody should be urged to deal with things that are too lame to even be discussed. I'm not sure what you mean when you say the MW site died when Uncle Skinny refused to cooperate with it? That "man" is as important as the new MW blog site owner, at least that's what I read from my circle of Mozzies. Ignore, ignore, ignore. History is going to put them into their righteous places anyway.

      But luckily, there's more positive things to mention. Especially MozFiend, who offers incredible spirit and determination combined with experience, then EARS with her endless love, our Vice President Angie with equal will, and let's not forget our sneaky joker Jaz. I'm sure the upcoming US tour is going to offer us a lot, so let's not lose faith.

      Viva Blue Rose, Viva Moz

  11. Alf returned to The Twit Arms last night, and seemed to be in a rather reflective mood. He tweeted, "Oh for 2012", which I am sure we would all agree, was when MorrisseysWorld was at its height. Unfortunately I didn't take any notes from last night's session, but Alf tweeted about both Bucktoothedboy and Fifi. Regarding Fifi, Alf let us know that everyone had really missed the boat; although as I pointed out, a few of us WERE on that boat, and have the empty bottle of Veuve to prove it!
    Alf also tweeted about the Tyranny of tyranny, and mentioned Switzerland being rather nice at this time of year. Coincidentally, FTM has received a number of hits from Switzerland this week!
    I missed Alf's chat with Astra on Tuesday night, but Alf mentioned last night that it was like narcissm; whatever could he have meant?
    It is encouraging to see so many positive comments regarding the BRS from our American members; the flame continues to flicker.

    1. There's a light that never goes out

    2. Fifi will always be our fiery, filly with flair!!

  12. The flame will definitely shine brightly this summer: US tour just announced (including Madison Square Garden, which I recall being mentioned on the MW blog as a possible future venue) - WOOHOO!!!!!!! Get those roses ready!!!

  13. Thanks to Astraea for the poignant words, I wish I could be there some eve when you are posting your thoughts. As I am in the states I am hoping the rose will be given when Moz plays here, as the rose has been accepted in the past from a US fan. We currently are having temperatures way above normal so we should have a good weekend here. I hope all have a good weekend whether Mr Bunny visits you or not.

  14. Hhahah. He's playing Madison Square Garden as suggested by the blog... surely another UNEXPECTED SIGN?!?!?!

    What is more he's playing.... a masonic temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on guys - BRS back on.

    But rat needs to stop being a twat and stop promoting alf. Broken and MW told him not to. But the c*** is ignoring them. He's his own worst enemy at times.

    Farage for PM!!!!!

    1. yeah, a bit gutted DC not on there, more to come maybe.. who knows, as for MSG.. well I was often berated for saying he could play MSG.. apology please.. nah, no way would that happen

  15. I had to smile when I saw the Masonic Temple on tour dates.
    bluerosesociety on tumblr has been updated too.


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