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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Day 1305 - The Roasting of Rat?

It has been a quiet week in MorrisseysWorld, with no sign of the new parody that Broken had hinted at on Monday - but that may be about to change. Let me explain.

A couple of days ago, I blocked the BRS member '@mecaniqueorange' on my twitter account after he/she had been bitchy about me whilst conversing with Kerry 'No Action' Richards. I have gotten very used to being abused over the past four years, but rather then let it bother me, I simply block those who aren't friendly, and many have done the same to me - it's how twitter works.

The mechanical orange left a comment on FTM to say that they were "in sheer pain" at being blocked by me, which was no doubt meant sarcastically, but a message of support for the orange was then left by someone using the name 'Kerry Ann Kemping', who wrote that the BRS isn't my club, which is quite true, it isn't my club, as I have stated many, many times - I just happen to write about it. Following Kerry Ann's comment, this comment arrived from Broken:

"Actually, K A K, you might be surprised to learn that BRS IS INDEED Rat's club and, these days, you do need Rat to be a member.

BRS is certainly stronger and bigger than ever before. Back in the halcyon days of 2011, there were only two or three comments on each MW article, most of which were written by myself or OM incognito! These days we have 15-20 regular contributors, at least 15-20 who watch but say little, yet believe intensely, and 10 or 15 who once posted but now don't feel able to - despite still believing.


I feel a parody coming on."

Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 11 April 2015 at 15:51

It would appear that Broken is about to give me a roasting.


  1. Rat may not be on everyone's cup of tea. But lets be mindful that his role in BRS has been fundamental.
    Keep your tail up Rats.
    A new parody would be a lovely treat.

  2. "I feel a parody coming on" is always music to my ears.

  3. I look forward to Broken's parody. It looks as though the tables are turning on our poor resident rodent. The lack of blue roses at the UK concerts could be because too many people felt that the BRS had become Rat's own little club, with him deciding who could or couldn't join in. The likes of Marcus, Chuck, Willow, Lizzy, George, GOB, Inge, Kerry etc have all been driven away by Rat; if it hadn't been for him, they may have all taken blue roses to the recent concerts.
    There is now a new blog on the block -, which offers a new home. Rat, you have done a great job in reporting events over the past few years, but you can surely see that you have become the one thing that has stopped blue rose from growing? You were good in your time, and we thank you.

    K A K

  4. K A K - or Chuck, as she once was known - any parody of TRB could only ever be a loving parody. You obviously missed my sincerity. Blink and you'll miss my sincerity.

    Actually I drove away many of the boring BRS members you mention. None of them would ever have delivered a blue rose - except perhaps Marcus, and he was never driven away.

    We don't want or need people of the ilk of GOB, Chuck and Lizzy. We want high quality, sincere, kind people with blue roses in their heart.

    All hail Rat!


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