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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day 1306 - "With blue roses in their heart"

Following on from my blog entry of yesterday, a comment celebrating my perceived upcoming roasting was left by the self-professed 'voice of reason', Kerry Ann Kemping, but it looks like KAK has got it wrong. Broken left this comment in the early hours of this morning:

"K A K - or Chuck, as she once was known - any parody of TRB could only ever be a loving parody. You obviously missed my sincerity. Blink and you'll miss my sincerity.

Actually I drove away many of the boring BRS members you mention. None of them would ever have delivered a blue rose - except perhaps Marcus, and he was never driven away.

We don't want or need people of the ilk of GOB, Chuck and Lizzy. We want high quality, sincere, kind people with blue roses in their heart.

All hail Rat!"

Posted by Broken to Following The Mozziah at 12 April 2015 at 05:56

It is interesting that Broken thinks that KAK is Chuck, as I have recently come to deduce that it is in fact the mechanical orange (@mecaniqueorange) that is Chuck. Either way (or neither way), Broken is obviously NOT going to give me a roasting, and he is of course right that the likes of GOB and Lizzy would never in a million years have ever taken a blue rose to a Morrissey concert, with GOB actually admitting as much earlier today on a new blog written by the mechanical orange entitled, FollowingTheRodent. GOB writes that she wouldn't "spend ridiculous money on buying a blue rose without a chance in the world to even get it near the stage", which proves once and for all that GOB (along with a number of others), has completely and utterly missed the point of the BRS.

When Oscar Wilde and his followers wore green carnations, they did it to be both mysterious, and to show a bond among their small group - it was always rumoured that it was a homosexual symbol, but this was never admitted. When Morrissey started the Blue Rose Society, it gave his followers the same opportunity as Wilde's followers - we are a small group of people who have all discovered MorrisseysWorld, and wearing a blue rose at concerts is our way of showing this, without the masses having a clue what the blue rose symbolises. The whole concept of the BRS is wonderful, and add to this the fact that Morrissey occasionally accepts and wears one of the roses offered to him is the icing on the cake.

If GOB (and others) had really embraced the idea of Morrissey's BRS, then instead of making excuses, she would have bought a silk rose from ebay for £3.15 (or dyed a white one), and would have forced her way to the front at a concert. The "high quality, sincere, kind people with blue roses in their heart" that Broken has written about are the likes of Brian, Kyle, Angie, Jaz, Heather, EARS and Moz Fiend. These people take blue roses to concerts and get to the front - no excuses, just embracing what Morrissey asked us to do..... and the main thing is, we WANT to do it, because we want to say thank you.

love the fact that people stare at my blue rose without knowing what it represents, but not one person has so far stopped me at a concert to ask what it's about. Perhaps if Morrissey were to accept blue roses more regularly, then people would start to ask, but the fact that he doesn't accept them regularly, means that the secret remains. Despite us having had the BRS for nearly four years, our society is still in its infancy.

GOB signed off her comment on FollowingTheRodent by saying, "MorrisseysWorld was great, but when it turned into the BRS, it all became a little bit too judgemental for my liking". The truth is, it didn't become "judgemental", it became the time for us to give back. Some people in life are just takers..... and crashing bores.


  1. It seemed like it might all be turning a little bit cataclysmic of late. This blog entry is a nice reminder for people. But those who were always on track until now, are still on track. We live in a world that already has too many bores in it. The heart shouldn't have to take it. I'm glad to see your chin up, Rat.

    Keep your head on, your chin up, and mind your spinal alignment.

    Posture is everything.

    1. Astra, I thank both you and Broken for your kind words.... although I still don't trust that Broken's are as sincere as he states; I eye that "all hail Rat" line with much trepidation - but if it brings us a new parody, I will happily take any ridicule on my 'upped' chin.

      Spinally aligned

  2. Our passion & strength will keep the heart of BRS beating.
    We have something precious, unique & very beautiful.
    Glad to hear from you all Rat, Broken & Astra.
    With love & thank you.

  3. Oh Broken, you don't change do you - and long may that remain the case. Surely the BRS doesn't just have to involve those who wear roses to concerts and get to the front, does it? I take the point that if none of Wilde's followers had worn green carnations, the whole objective would have been missed.

    Rat, I must correct your statement that I am the "self-professed voice of reason", the title was actually given to me by the lovely Kerry Richards. You should be commended for having gone the whole week without mentioning AlfsButton; it must be killing you, or perhaps you have missed all of AlfsButton's Twitter visits. Whilst I am here, let me help you out by listing some of his Twitter quotes from the past week. AlfsButton exchanged tweets with a number of people, including mecaniqueorange, AmIMoving2Fast, SoStarkSoHaunt, MadAlix14, MozFiend, Wirelessnights, LizzyCatMoz, Ewals64, lapinblanc9, kizimaz, GirlOnbike1102, geniussteals and FadingGoldLeaf aka Astra.

    Monday April 6
    "Even in the silence I manage to be loquacious"
    "Opprobrium thrown at me in every direction"

    Tuesday April 7
    "Sadness knows no boundary"
    "Prince Harry is not keen on 'selfies' (Personal Portraits). If I looked like a decomposing hamster I would shy from the camera as well."
    "I am number into shock by joy and electrified into action by sadness."
    "After all these years, to still be a part of people's hearts is astounding to me."
    "My life is a joke that has not yet stopped being funny."

    Wednesday April 8
    "In dimly lit alleyways that lead to industrial wastelands. Happiness lurks there."
    "Images are often more of a treat than the reality."
    "Who isn't taking medication?"
    "To all of those who attended a show or multiple shows on the UK tour, you have my sincerest thanks and a place in my heart forever."

    Thursday April 9
    "My reasoning has no reason."
    "I envy those who can daydream. My only dreams during the day are those of deathly sleep."
    "The rain will turn to blood. My tears could create a flood."

    More to follow


    1. Friday April 10
      "We all are drifting towards nothingness."
      "Death lingers in avenues that are strange and all too numerous."
      "True artists are always irritable. Do not disturb me before afternoon tea."
      "The gender we are born into should not define us."
      "The only thing I am convinced about is that I cannot be convinced."
      "I am the Oscar Wilde of America."
      "Madness is the highest form of intelligence."
      "I live my life ad libitum."
      "No married couple should ever act like one."
      "I have always been on the edge of fashion and that is why I am a transvestite."
      "Scrap Trident, Scrap Cameron, Scrap Clegg, Scrap Miliband. Scrap England."
      "Why is it always the intelligent people who are nowhere to be found in the music business."
      "We must create our passions."
      "The first step to a happy life is to accept that one day you will die."

      Saturday April 11
      "I am always fighting apathy. Apathy and sickness. Apathy, sickness, and lies."
      "Today England participated in its annual animal cruelty race. Animals are not sport."
      "We do not own animals."
      "#HellYesEd Yes Ed, off you go. Take Cameron, Clegg and the Royal Family with you."
      "Relationships are usually complete exploitation."
      "A man is an island, is an island, is an island."
      "Nobody really cares where I am. The UK is a rock in a world of mountains."
      "I'll retire when I have my riches. My riches are not monetary. They are emotional."
      "My art is my drug."
      "Humiliation spawns art."
      "My art is my humiliation."
      "I could cure Cancer tomorrow and be neglected to page 12 of the Daily Star."
      "There is nothing spectacular about evil. Its very existence is banal."
      "Follow me to Rome. No prediction of course. It is where my legs currently are."
      "Walk through it with hearts on sleeves."

      Long live the BRS.

      K A K

    2. FTM has had a number of blog hits from Italy this week..... and Switzerland! The most hits however have come from Germany, which would suggest that Chuck has been having a rummage through the archives.

  4. AlfsButton's tweet-
    "To all of those who attended a show or multiple shows on the UK tour, you have my sincerest thanks and a place in my heart forever."
    Would suggest that attending one or multiple shows with or without a blue rose, is enough for Morrissey. Which is as it should be!
    Every single Morrissey fan that I have EVER met in person, is extremely dedicated to the man. We all show our dedication by different means. But they simply should not then be ridiculed, for either taking a blue rose, or not taking a blue rose to a concert.
    Rat you've brought so many great and like-minded people together via this blog. Which is commendable. Is that it is that not part of your dedication to Morrissey? Of course it is!
    If you could just draw a line in the sand, and move on and be more excepting of different people, I believe we could all get on. Part of the reason we don't, is simply that we are all as stubborn, strong willed and minded as each other! Simply we are too alike, but probably don't like to admit it!

    1. Kerry, of course Morrissey loves all his fans, and I don't dislike anyone..... but you are missing the point about the BRS. The BRS is something completely special and unique that can only be enjoyed & shared by those who have travelled this journey. I am telling the story of MW and the BRS, NOT the story of the fans who turn up and watch a Morrissey concert and then go back to their normal lives. Do you not realise what a special gift this is that Moz has given us? I'm not telling anyone that they HAVE to embrace it, as Graham always said, "the decision is yours".

    2. So stop calling my Kerry "no action" Richards then if you aren't reporting the story of the fans who turn up and watch a Morrissey concert without a rose. This is where you go wrong Rat.

  5. For me, Blue Rose has always had a higher focus than the various personalities involved. It offers a beautiful and special way for us to express our love and appreciation to Morrissey, who certainly does still occupy a central part of my heart after all these years. I'm deeply thankful to have this opportunity and look forward to bringing roses to concerts this summer. Long live the BRS indeed.

  6. Here we are again and some of us remain untouched, unscathed, and whole. This is the most that the clockwork orange has ever spent in our midst and did anyone see that movie or read the book? It's all about chaos and the creation that follows, Is this chaos now? Sort of, but I'd like to think that the next few months will bring with it a regeneration of interest. With what we habe learned so far on our Journey we can conclude that:
    All Blue Rosers are MorrisseysWorlders, but not all MorrisseysWorlders are Blue rosers. To accept this would be to accept our present situation, But what if all MorrisseysWorlders were Blue Rosers? Now that would be something.

    1. Wonderfully written. Your one paragraph conclusion sums it all up perfectly.

  7. If thirty separate pieces by thirty separate personages are posted, of at least three hundred words, explaining what MorrisseysWorld and BRS mean to the authors, a parody will surely follow.

    The rules:

    1 one person, one article.

    2 three hundred words min and four hundred max, posted on here in the form of one post or several sequential posts to make up the right number of words.

    3 Once 30 pieces are received, Rat should post them all in an epic FTM article.

    4 Following publication, a parody will appear after a short delay.

    5 OM, TRB and Broken will appear in the parody, along with a cameo and a handful of old favourites from the archives.

    1. I was too late to the party, so I never experienced MorrisseysWorld, and how jealous I am of those who were there and had the chance to watch the mystery unfold, as the signs and coincidences piled up. It must have been wondrous times.

      To sum up my idea of Blue Rose, I'm going to recycle an older FTM comment of mine: Oscar Wilde's Green Carnation Society and his story „The Nightingale and the Rose“ seem to be the original inspiration, which I think was proven by Morrissey, when he received a red rose once, but threw it away, as an animal had suffered and died for it. The white rose he took later is innocent, and he didn't wear it, but cheerfully tossed it around before placing it on the drum kit, thus telling us that he does like to be presented with roses. But why does he only wear blue ones? First, a blue rose is an artificial flower which does not occur in nature, like a green carnation. Second, it is a symbol for unrequited love, or – as our VPV Angie recently tweeted – for hope against unattainable love. In Autobiography, Morrissey writes „Having never found love from one, I instead find it from thousands.“, referring to his audiences. Just like the student in „The Nightingale and the Rose“ who tries to win the love of a girl, we try to please Morrissey with our gifts, and although he demonstrates that he accepts a blue rose as a gift by wearing it, both the audience and Morrissey go home alone after a show. The beauty of the concept is stunning, and – in my opinion – can only come from Morrissey himself.

      Oscar Wilde stated that his Green Carnation Society had no meaning whatsoever, but people wore it to show their appreciation for him. The Blue Rose Society is similar, it has no purpose other than to demonstrate love and admiration for Morrissey.

      And since I still have some words left, I'd like to mention that I doubt that Oscar Wilde ever violently lashed out against people who refused to wear a carnation, and I also doubt that Morrissey would approve of people getting abused in his name. Surely more people would wear a blue rose, if the BRS hadn't the reputation of bullying anyone just for disagreeing. Maybe Monsieur Rat will consider this in the future.

    2. I welcome this invitation to write about MW/BRS. However, as I have an extremely busy week, it may be a while until I have time to write something as lengthy as requested. I hope that my comment above may suffice for now.

  8. I agree with the fruit. But at the same time, I often wonder if Morrissey 1. likes the drama on here, it is highly entertaining, and 2. because Rat is a force to be reckoned with, most people avoid, which keeps the BRS/DDD/MW a small group of people?

    1. Drama is only entertaining when two parties enjoy fighting against each other, not when one party repeatedly dishes out against people who do not seem as they want to fight. GOB, Chuck and Lizzy are often mentioned, but I rarely see them comment. Also, there's a thin line between enjoyable friendly banter and actual bullying, and Monsieur Rat crosses it on a regular basis for my taste. That's why people like Inge, who was a true Blue Roser and who did not only bring roses to Morrissey shows, but also queued to get to the front, have left. It's just sad. Lizzy has stated a few times that she sees herself as a member of BRS, and I don't know if she ever brought a rose, but in any case - and I'm speaking out of experience - some people, especially when they're past a certain age - just don't queue and rush to the front at a Morrissey show anymore, because they enjoy it more to watch from a calmer spot or from the balcony. That doesn't give Rat the right to slag people off. If he wants to exclude people from "his" society, then he is free to do so, but in that case he should just leave them alone and not constantly lash out against them. I don't find it entertaining, it's a question of taste obviously. And as you said earlier - if this blog only reports on BRS members, then why does he always bring up those who have left or got banned? If he needs an enemy stereotype to make stuff more interesting, he should fight against solowers, not real Moz fans.

    2. Inge is irrelevant. I don't even know her, and I set up the blog!

      Stop waffling. GOB is a vile person who mocked someone who made a suicide attempt, made homophobic remarks, and generally acts like an unpleasant old bore. Lizzy would be welcomed back in a heart-beat if she said 'sorry' for siding with GOB. Chuck is... delightful but high maintenance...

      None were bullied. They were asked to stop posting on Rat's blog!

      Rat is the hero of MW. He is as important as OM.

    3. I'm not waffling, cher Monsier Broken! Neither am I drivelling, rambling, blathering, or bloviating. I take it as a feature of your natural charm that you tend to start conversations with an insult; I prefer abuse over flattery.

      Inge was a lovely person who did what you asked - bring roses to the front of a Morrissey show. I've had a short conversation with Chuck a while ago, and just recently with GOB and Lizzy. None of them seemed particularly unpleasant. But it's your society - your rules. However, if they're not allowed to comment, it would only be fair if Rat stopped talking about them. That's where bullying starts.

      Of course I see that Monsieur Rat is just as important as Our Mozzer - if not even more relevant, for keeping the flame alive, now that MW is gone. You might deduce this from the fact that I've started a blog about FTM. He will be praised for all his efforts, but he is not above criticism. That does not mean that he deserves abuse.
      Given the fact that he unblocked me and obviously sees no need for bad feelings, I might delete that blog though, because it could invite people to see it as a platform for slagging him off. That's not my intention. We'll see how it develops.

    4. So let's get this straight. We are callous bullies for pointing out GOB's vile homophobia and taking a stand against it? While you are utterly wonderful for dedicating an entire blog to criticising Rat for the crime of ... following OM!
      We'll certainly see how your blog develops; my best guess is that it won't.

      If you want to enjoy this site, why not do what EARs and Heather do: they are kind, sincere, human, interesting, and they allow others simply to be.


    5. You're a funny fruit, Monsieur Broken. And using the stylistic device of intentional misunderstanding insults both your and my intelligence, but since you force me to elaborate on the obvious, I'll happily obey.

      I said that bullying starts when the rodent speaks his mind about people (which is cool), but doesn't allow them to comment in return (which is not cool). I never criticised him for blogging about Our Mozzer, and my blog is not an attempt to bring him down. It's a loving parody, but if that doesn't come across and if people us it as a platform to slag him off, I will delete it. Which might not even be necessary, because my poor hit count already proves my irrelevance, and since I'm not married to that blog, I'll happily delete it with one careless click.

      In the future, I'll continue to do what I've always done - do my best to enjoy this site, being kind, sincere, human, interesting, and allowing others simply to be.

      I expect us to get along on this basis.

      Salutations cordiales,


  9. It is very hard to express how much of an impact Morrissey has made on my life. He taught me it's OK to be sad & gave me the strength to face emotions & feelings which were unbearable. This was profound. Nothing will take pain away, but Morrissey's metaphorical strong arms around me was life changing.
    My gratitude is immeasurable. I am not sure there are enough thank you's in the world.

    I embrace the pureness & beauty of blue rose. It symbolizes shared love & appreciation of Morrissey. BRS is a quirky collection of diverse personalities. Everyone brings their unique style, united by love for Moz. I love how we have all shared so much this remarkable journey together. The ride has been bumpy at times, but this makes it feel so much more real.

    I stumbled upon MW when I was feeling rather lost. I cherish the memories of all the fun, laughter & tears the MW days gave me. The experience made me feel less alone & empty. As I've said before it felt safe to be me, a rare feeling. I'd found my sanctuary.

    I've always felt like an outsider, yet I feel a true sense of belonging with MW & BRS. I've grown quite attached to EARS over the years & really value having another world to escape to. I enjoy the unpredictability, you never know whats around the corner. I appreciate the tolerance at the times when my emotions get the better of me & I disappear for a while, there are no questions asked.
    I welcome the intimacy. I can easily feel invisible & intimidated in crowds of people.
    I've been blessed to be part of some of the warmest, genuine & candid interactions, which I treasure deeply.

    I still feel tearful to remember Morrissey singing Trouble in Rome as I stood in awe, clutching my blue rose so tightly. A beautiful memory.
    Morrissey will always be my blue rose.

    1. Beautiful, as ever, EARS.

    2. I also have a comment to you, EARS. The sweetness of your sensitivity is always touching to me. Hearts on sleeves usually are, but with you, the sincerity is always modest, undemanding, and asking nothing of anybody in return. Not everyone is guileless. Far from it, and this only makes your gentleness and your very frank bareness shine to me all the more.

      Some broken hearts never mend. They're not meant to, and they can't, in what is an impossible world. But I hope this is never the case for you. With our feelings, we are all lambs to the slaughter, EARS. On this subject, there will never be any grace.

      However despite all this, there are many caresses for the heart to be found. We just need to know where to look. I hope you do, and I hope you always find yours, little lamb.

    3. Thank you both. I am deeply touched by such generosity & kind words.

  10. The Blue Rose Society is a free online Morrissey game that is played with the iconic pop star and latter day living saint known as Morrissey – either with his express knowledge or not.

    There is no doubt that he has played the game by giving clues to other participants through social media and acts carried out on stage (with his knowledge or not). However, questions remain about whether he is the instigator of this game (the controller) or merely a player (again, he may not have a clue about his own participation).

    The game ceases to have any fun or meaning when Morrissey doesn't play it (either accidentally or not), which upsets Rat because his online identity depends on Morrissey not only playing the game as a participant but also as the controller of the game.

    In this version of the game, Rat is God’s sovereign among an elite band of apostle Morrissey fans, or a Papal conduit, divining meaning and reason, believing that Morrissey is a Holy Trinity of creator, participant and voyeur.

    The controller of the game, or the ‘God’ of this online fantasy can never be known, otherwise the game will cease to have any meaning.

    Recent conflicts would suggest that ‘God’ and Morrissey (within this game) are not the same entity. However, others believe that God and Morrissey are in fact the same. This then raises a further mystery. Has there been a conflict between ‘God’ and Morrissey? And if they are the same entity does this conflict suggest some epic crisis at the heart of creation itself?

    As this is an ‘early stage’ religion, Rat has employed crude but effective methods to bind the BRS community by creating Judas archetypes. Claims of persecution are used to persecute. However, like a medieval monk, Rat takes his authority from Morrissey/ God creator of the game to wield the knife without compunction. The self importance needed to carry out this role can temporarily suspend his sense of humour and cause deep personal crisis.

    The game would not be fun without conflict. ‘Witneygate’, ‘Fag-gate’ as well as ‘Who-Do-You-Prefer-gate’ are episodes that have been engineered to create the drama needed to ‘spice up’ the game by Broken – who is either a sophisticated participant or controller/ participant (who may or may not be Morrissey – with or without Morrissey’s knowledge).

    It is rumoured that other celebrities have previously been involved in this game, including: Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, Noel Gallagher and Jonathan Ross. However, as they have revenue generating brands to protect any such association with MorrisseysWorld would be strenously denied.

    The best thing about the BRS and MW (Morrissey being involved or not, with or without his knowledge) has been the varied cast of characters – real and imaginary – that have brought colour and life to the emerging social media that threatens to be as dull and predictable as the offline world it represents while supporting and championing Morrissey - a truly brilliant thing.

    PS - Marcus has also been a huge highlight for me and I've loved playing him in this game. He rarely comments here but when he does it's always so thought provoking.

    1. well thanks Marcus (I think) see what I did there, and we're off!!!

  11. Only a few more to go now!

  12. 300 words! Most of my comments consist of so few words I would never hit the 300 minimum mark, far less get to the 400 maximum limit.
    Anyways – I’m sure I’ve done all this before so if Rats could just search his archives he could retrieve my previously posted thoughts on MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society and repost them. That would satisfy the rule of ‘several sequential posts to make up the right number of words’. I already satisfy the first rule of being a separate personage. Marvellous. Job done!
    Mind you, to aim for 30 separate pieces may be a tat too ambitious. In Broken’s own words “ These days we have 15-20 regular contributors, at least 15-20 who watch but say little, yet believe intensely, and 10 or 15 who once posted but now don't feel able to - despite still believing.” I think Broken’s ’15-20 regular contributors’ are more likely a deluded half dozen which could leave us well short of the target. Of course many more watch but say little. And if they say little, I can’t see this being the moment to jump in feet first with 300 words. Still, you never know and I have been wrong before. MorrisseysWorld has always been full of little surprises (usually just around the corner). Oh well, onwards and upwards. (Or maybe slowly slithering sideways).
    Crikey, all this waffle and I am still only on 238 words. 240 now.

    So in short, briefly, to sum up and put it in a nutshell - MorrisseysWorld was a bit like Marmite. You either loved it or loathed it. I love Marmite.

    (PS If anyone cares to count my words and find I am somewhat short of the 300 minimum mark, I would respectfully point out that I am now at 302).

  13. I apologize, as I have been under the weather with some type of Cold/Allergy/Sinus infection malady the last several days. So I hope what I write isn't as hazy as my head feels at the moment. I was a late arrival to the MW and BRS phenomena. The MW articles and parodies were always well written and interesting. The speculation of Morrissey's involvement was always an excitement. To me, the BRS is a devoted love of Morrissey. Taking Blue Roses to shows is a small gift to a man who has given us all so much. The BRS definitely must be in your heart also, or what good is it. In my case, as a shy awkward teen with very few friends, bullied and battered. I could take solace in the music of Morrissey to soothe a troubled soul, feeling there was at least someone out there who understood what I was going through. For that and more, I will always be forever grateful to Morrissey.

    I also feel the lovely people and personalities of the BRS are quite important to the story as you can see the love for Morrissey in their prose. Heather, EARS, Jjaz come to mind. We also must thank Rat, who has held this troupe together over the years, despite much disdain and cacophony. A special mention must be made of our lovely Star Maiden Astraea, who is always stardust and golden. Her alluring words, presence, knowledge and insight are always treasured. Although I don't interact with Broken much, I feel he is the conscience of The BRS. He can be brutally honest and yes even difficult. I feel he has had a lot of pain and hardship but through difficult times one develops wisdom and sometimes even some rough edges. I know something of that.

    I will leave you all today with this quote from a Mancunian poet we love; "It takes guts to be gentle and kind".

    1. I also wanted to mention Willow, who I miss interacting with, she is a lovely soul. And we must not forget our fiery filly, Fifi!

    2. In my foggy state, I was remiss to mention Brian and Kyle, who truly have carried the torch of the Blue Rose.

  14. Well, here is my contribution to the cause. I would never imagine anyone wanting 300 words from me about anything, ever, but as I consider myself a part of MW, BRS, FTM, ect, and Broken has asked, I will do whatever it takes to show my gratitude and perhaps be granted the gift of a new parody. I will try not to murder anyone with tediousness. All apologies to the body count.

    Sometime in 2012 I was haphazardly scouring the internet, whiling away the hours of my meaningless existence, perhaps googling Morrissey related content that I had not already set my eyes upon, when fate sent me to this very blog. Here I began to read of another blog in which it seemed that the possibility of Morrissey being its author was likely. I read through both blogs and watched as the coincidences mounted and miraculous occurrences seemed to happen regularly yet go unnoticed by the larger Morrissey community. I was hooked. (I have a very addictive personality.) For a long while, I was a mute witness, a quiet yet astute observer. I was too timid at the time, even over the internet, to involve myself personally, but I continued to lurk in the shadows, as is often my place in the world. MW was so different, brilliant, magical, and full of excitement. It brought me joy in a joyless world. Eventually I decided I must transcend my shy silence and reach out. I hold very near and dear to my heart the souls I have connected with through MW, FTM, BRS, and Twitter. I do not join easily, or connect with other humans often and I have never felt I have belonged anywhere. MW was able to change some of that for me and that is a gift.

    As fate would also have it, I was standing in the front row at Radio City in 2012 when Morrissey first accepted the blue rose from Kyle. Since that day, I have been determined to get a blue rose to Morrissey myself, as a token of love and dedication to the man whose music saves my mundane life day after dreadful day. Perhaps I will get my chance soon.

    How many words was that?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. brokern rose I miss tons

    No excuses
    We always find our way to the front


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