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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day 1308 - What does MorrisseysWorld and BRS mean to you?

On May 14th 2011, Morrissey posted the following statement on TTY, thus bringing MorrisseysWorld to the attention of his fans:

"Morrissey would like it known that the site known as Morrisseysworld.blogspot is fake. Morrissey has no connection with the site and is therefore not the author of anything written on the site."

Four years later; following many highs and lows, the story of MorrisseysWorld continues; with the author/s of MorrisseysWorld having NEVER been revealed. A dozen or so Morrissey fans remain convinced that, despite the above denial (plus three further denials), Morrissey IS the person behind MorrisseysWorld.

One of MorrisseysWorld's main characters, Broken, has now requested that those who follow the MW story leave a 300-400 word comment explaining what MW and the BRS means to them. Here is Broken's request:

If thirty separate pieces by thirty separate personages are posted, of at least three hundred words, explaining what MorrisseysWorld and BRS mean to the authors, a parody will surely follow.

The rules:

1 one person, one article.

2 three hundred words min and four hundred max, posted on here in the form of one post or several sequential posts to make up the right number of words.

3 Once 30 pieces are received, Rat should post them all in an epic FTM article.

4 Following publication, a parody will appear after a short delay.

5 OM, TRB and Broken will appear in the parody, along with a cameo and a handful of old favourites from the archives.

As I write this, six people have already posted their articles (Orange Mécanique/Chuck, EARS, Harrison, Marcus, Moz Fiend and GWO), with GWO suggesting that getting thirty people to write an article may be a little too much to ask, but the following people have all been following the story, so perhaps they would like to post their thoughts:

1.Wordsmiff, 2. JG, 3. Heather, 4. Vulgar Angie, 5. Manc lad, 6. comradeharps, 7. Father Brian, 8. Jazissey, 9. B Budd (the current owner of MW blogsite - believed to be @HoldenMorrissey), 10. Kerry Messenger (nee Richards), 11. George Edge, 12. YunaraGunarso, 13. Clover Dean, 14. Fancys123, 15. Willow, 16. Nicole, 17. Rob GeniusSteals, 18. Romina, 19. Fifi, 20. Mennipus, 21. Astra, 22. Luke (aka Poetic Morrissey), 23. Kerry Ann Kemping, 24. Jon the Con, 25. Max (aka Mad Alix), 26. Rough Seas, 27. Hoarsley Cry, 28. Inge 1980, 29. Gigi, 30. Hector Lector (aka Emmas House), 31. Me is Sorry, 32. Sorcha69, 33. South Kirk, 34. GinaBacianelli, 35. Rosy Mires, 36. StilliCling, 37. Cathy Plus, 38. Andrea Willoughby and 39. LizzyCat.

There are also 1,281 followers of the @BlueRoseSociety twitter account who may like to leave their thoughts about the Blue Rose Society (and MorrisseysWorld if they know about it).

Thank you.


Isle of Fernandos


  1. I don't even know where to begin. I discovered MW the day after the brixton
    gig whilst still in London for the Palladium gig. my world was turned upside
    down overnight. it was an amazing period, the manchester gig the following
    year and New York a few months later. where I saw Kyle get onstage at RCMH
    and was right behind him at Terminal 5 and witnessed everything that ensued
    that night. magical times.

    for me the BRS was always more than just about getting roses to Morrissey.
    it was about a special bond between fans, what the blue rose signified and
    stood against. I don't think you can even put in words what it truly meant
    to people there from the start.

    for me, MW/BRS and FTM is something I will always be grateful for.
    before twitter, before I knew any other moz fans ... there was Rat and
    FTM. it was there when I was going through a bad time and a new
    blog entry would always lift my spirits ... it was something to believe in.

    I have fell out with Rat countless times and probably will again in the
    future. that makes no difference. in many ways I love him like a brother
    ... he is a moz brother. I will always be grateful to him and the time and
    effort he put into his blog. because he helped me without even knowing.

    1. George, your words have genuinely touched me, especially as a number of the Dreary Deluded Dozen continue to keep kicking me and kicking me. Only yesterday, a few of the DDD decided to have yet another pop at me, once again pulling out the 'bully' card. I readily admit that I have been extremely over enthusiastic on this journey, and also desperately frustrated at times by those who have not been able to see the picture the way I see it, but to accuse me of bullying is just an easy cop out; usually meaning they don't have to face up to the truth, that they got things wrong.

      I still believe the BRS is very special, but to me, you are only truly a member of the BRS is you wear a blue rose to concerts; otherwise, you are either just a casual observer or a MorrisseysWorlder. Why would anyone who has travelled this journey NOT want to be a BRS member? This is modern day Green Carnation. This is modern day history. This is special, and I don't think those involved know how lucky they are to have this opportunity.

      Thanks again George - the sun shines out of our behinds.


    2. My poor furry kicked friend! If enough people say that you're a bully, then you're a bully, because it's not for the bully to say if he's a bully or not, but for the people who feel bullied. You're a man of many talents, but social competence isn't one of them.
      Send me a postcard if you'd like some further advice, for example how to solve a year old conflict that was based on misunderstanding.

      But now to more important matters - @stillMozsworld is (back?) on twitter, but I've lost track of all the different real and fake Our Mozzers, can someone please enlighten me if he's a fraudster or not? He tweeted "August, August, August." yesterday, which would suggest that it's Alf. Or a most iniquitous impersonator.

    3. Oh Chuck, you really don't change. Social competence is actually one of my very strongest points, and has enabled me to live (thus far) a successful life in every way; but I certainly don't suffer fools or liars gladly. The only people who ever accused me of bullying on this MW journey were those who lied, and those who defended the liars. Calling someone a bully doesn't actually make them a bully. I enjoy writing this blog, but I have stated many times that; I don't write it to try and make friends, I don't write it for other people, and I don't write it because I am desperate to become Morrissey's best friend - I write it because the MW story is fascinating, and I am keeping a record of it. I don't need people like you continuously telling me that I am a bully, and if it is really how you feel, then please just stay away.

    4. Whom are you talking to? Lighten up, Monsieur Rat, the internet makes people paranoid. I don't feel bullied by you, but I understand how others come to that conclusion, I had a long conversation with Lizzy and GOB last night. You could, for example, ask yourself why people call you a bully. Or, even better, ask them, it could clarify some things. Of course you already know that, being an expert in social competence yourself.

      I understand that advice or mediation is not welcome, it's not my fight anyway. I'd much rather talk about the new MW account on twitter, or about Alf's tweets from tonight, which - because I was busy talking Astra into a bodypainting session - I forgot to save. Maybe K.A.K. can help out later.

    5. I don't need to ask Lizzy and GOB why they called me a bully; I have already explained it above, but let me explain it for you one last time, and then perhaps we can move on from this boring subject (which had gone away until you brought it up AGAIN!) - GOB lied after being blatantly homophobic on twitter - this isn't up for debate, I was there and witnessed it first hand as she called Broken a pervert for being attracted to a man. Lizzy sided with GOB (having NOT witnessed the homophobia first hand) and subsequently jumped on the 'bully train' when I defended Broken. GOB, having been hurt at being found out, then decided she would take her revenge by 'outing' me on twitter. She is a nasty bit of work and is NOT welcome here. And now, the subject is over. As for YOU, Chuck/Orangey thing, YOU are a genuine believer in the BRS and all it stands for - it shines through in your writing and your passion - YOU get it, you really do, but your defence of GOB has, in my opinion, stopped you from joining in and enjoying the experience like others do.

      The BRS is there for those who want it.

    6. Monsieur Rat, you tend to mix things up! I still think it's mostly just a misunderstanding, and I fail to see what would hold me back from joining in (haven't I already?) and enjoying the experience of BRS.

      Moving on is a great idea, there's no point in bringing it up again and again. Read this sentence twice.

      But now to more relevant happenings on twitter. Alf blessed us with his presence again tonight, and this time I wasn't distracted by Astra's legs, so here's what he tweeted:

      I am the man who cannot be introduced. Hello.
      I never speak of my madness, yet I am always called mad.
      Many people who profess journalism as their job are better off employed in keeping rabbits.
      I am meat on the rack.
      Am I moving too fast for you? Am I beginning to confuse you?
      I am not behind this new account that has tweeted 'August, August, August'. It must be known.
      When I'm gone, who will wipe the spit from my grave?
      Although August may hold untold surprises.
      America, America, America.
      Tonight I have consumed much more than I can hold.

      Plus the occasional banter with a few Blue Rosers. I'm suspicious because he denied having anything to do with the new MW account. We've been there before! And now for the octopus, which confused Monsieur Rat earlier. According to Astra, her and Alf are one half of an octopus, and first it was unclear if they're each one half of an octopus, so together they'd be one octopus, or if the two of them together are one half of an octopus, thus each of them being a quarter. After a bit of discussion, the issue was clarified, to sum it up - Alf and Astra are each one quarter of an octopus, and they're looking for the other half. Alf stated later that he had found it in a hole in the wall behind Astra's calender of BB legs, which I think is a plain lie, since Astra would never have just one calender of BB legs. There was also a discussion about the question if tentacles are arms or legs or both, but I think this is a very personal decision. I hope I helped your confusion.

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. As Sabine has made a comment I have decided to post too.
      I disagreed with the treatment meted out to Sabine in the
      aftermath of what she describes. It was bullying. That was my issue.
      It was not because I agreed with what she had expressed.
      I used to have a good relationship with Broken and we agreed
      about many things.
      Rat you still feel the need to bringg this up more than a year later.
      Please can we move on ?

    9. Lizzy, I didn't bring up the subject of you and GOB, the mechanical orange did. I have deleted GOB's comment because once again it is full of lies; let me break them down for you:

      Lie 1: GOB accused me of 'outing' myself, but it was HER! I live a separate life away from the Morrissey world on twitter, which is why I choose not to use my real name. Virtually everyone else does the same; EARS, Heather, Chuck, JG, even YOU, Lizzy. None of us have chosen to reveal our true identity - it is our right. Having met me, GOB took it upon herself to reveal my identity on twitter - now THAT is what I genuinely call bullying. It was a cowardly act by a nasty coward. I happen to know the real identity of RosyMires, but despite our many spats over the years, I would NEVER reveal her true identity, it is not my right to do so.

      Lie 2: GOB claimed that her comment to Broken; when she called him a 'pervert', was to do with a picture of an old boxer beating up Justin Bieber!!! This is complete fabrication - there was NO old boxer. GOB called Broken a pervert because he was tweeting pics of a 19 year old Bieber. GOB stated that it was wrong. She later back tracked by saying that she only thought it was wrong because of the large age gap, not because she was homophobic. Now GOB has completely changed her story to one of old boxers! It is lie after lie after lie.

      Sabine was NOT bullied by either Broken or myself at any time - she was found out, and subsequently tried to lie her way out of the situation; picking up friends (who had not been there) to help her.

      Lizzy, the truth is, you were hood-winked by Sabine; you sided with her without knowing the facts. Broken has invited you to rejoin the BRS on a number of occasions, but has asked that you first apologise for taking the side of GOB. Personally, I don't care what you do, but please don't post here again if you aren't prepared to apologise to Broken.

      Now, can we PLEASE bring this tediously boring subject to a close once and for all. Thank you.

    10. Easy to tell if the earth is still following the sun by whether we're still all talking about this or not. It's like turning on the water and deciding to pan for gold in your bathroom sink. Bonne idée. And bonne chance with that.

      It mildly amuses me to know that it's possible to watch any given adult's behaviour, and to be able to see instantly see what their character was like as a child as well. Were they one of the ones who wanted to help others? Or one of the spiteful ones who pushed others headfirst into the dirt and laughed with glee at other people's bloody knees and streaming tears, and who stepped on animal's tails?

      I didn't say it was interesting. I said it was mildly amusing to me. But then again, so is painting my nails.

      If this all keeps up, we could change the name of the blog to Following the Ennui.

      Or better yet, Following the Deletions.

    11. Dearest Astra, before I cover you in glitter (we still have that arrangement, yes?), let me tell you that your presence is a delight. Few have the ability to present profound thoughts with elegance.

      Cher Monsieur Rat, I'm sorry for bringing this up, and for labelling you as a bully so quickly. I think that you sometimes just lack a bit of empathy and sensitivity, but then again, you're just a rodent, and as such just a sorry excuse for a mouse. It's certainly not easy for you. Let me close with two quotes from a French Monsieur called Voltaire:

      "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

      "With great power comes great responsibility."

  2. AlfsButton was on Twitter last night, banging on about Hilary Clinton - not that poor Ratty is allowed to mention that! I'm surprised though that our resident rodent hasn't mentioned Broken's brief appearance. He didn't say much, apart from "A good lie is worth a hundred tedious truths" and "Red wine is the cure to all my ills." As for my 300 word statement about MW and the BRS, I will only write it if mancladmozfan writes one first.

    K A K

  3. Hopefully I'll find a few moments to write something sometime soon amidst the current craziness of my life. I've enjoyed reading everyone else's contributions so far.

  4. Dolphins and starving dogs chained for art, that's what I remembered from a blog that was supposedly penned by Morrissey or was it a dream? Anyway it caught the attention of a few on Solo, But when it was dismissed, I too followed the herd and dismissed it. Of course, that was until the roses were mentioned. Now why would Morrissey want roses?
    My curiosity is a driving force, so this time around, I felt something, something innate. I loved the parodies, cut and paste pictures, the beautifully written essays. Then the waiting, watching for and interpretation of signs. I loved how the blog took my breath for a moment and made me think.
    Twitter soon followed and with it many new friends. I do like camaraderie with lots of space inbetween. I still remember when OM would tweet and our hearts would leap, mine would at least. My heart was made light by faith, belief as pure as gold. It was then that I took up my blue rose, despite the odd looks and sneers. What's that compared to showing how much I appreciated the blog. Delivering my rose was much more important to me than fitting in. Of course I didn't deliver it until much later and still I took red roses. I was the nightengale, the blog was the student and TRM was the beautiful lady perched on her balcony, who with a motion of her hand could dismiss a wavering rose.
    In MW I found a pleasant distraction from my most unpleasant life. I will always cherish it and be loyal. It has shown me things (Twin Peaks, Kenneth Williams, carry on films, Jean Cocteau, Rita Pavone, Bridgette Bardot, Fernando Pessoa). Like a school yard chum shows you things you will always remember. I could name instances where I was so sure that Morrissey was behind it and when I was not. Until I concluded for myself that it didn't matter, What matters is to be here and now in the same time and space. Blue roses follow me now I see them in all sorts of places metro cars, graffiti and I smile and think of my favorite place, Morrissey's World.

    1. Wonderful! Another beautifully written piece by someone who embraced MW and BRS as it was intended.

  5. I can barely string a sentence for I am not an essayist

  6. I cannot recall when it began but one night while scrolling through the Internet looking for more see mainly on Twitter I happened to stumble across the Blue Rose Society. This also led me to find the beauty of Morrissey's World. As I learned more and became part of it I discovered that one of the important parts of this puzzle that was being created involved getting Morrissey a Blue Rose. For some years now when Kyle was very young I'm assuming because of my influence he started to really enjoy Morrissey and The Smiths. Around the time that I discovered The Blue Rose Society I was shortly before My wife and I were taking Kyle to Radio City Music Hall to see Morrissey. I asked Kyle what he thought about getting Morrissey a Blue Rose his response was rather simple "Okay Dad". I explained to him that it seams like he would really want one,This is also a time when Kyle first started using Twitter Facebook etc. The Morrissey's world blog is nothing short of phenomenal I really don't know how much of this I can explain through one blog post. Kyle and I became very involved with Morrissey's World and it was a really wonderful thing I can't tell you the excitement that we shared for the time that it lasted. There really are so many stories but I'll try to keep it simple for this post. As many of the wonderful people posted already if you were in attendance at radio city musical or at terminal five in New York City then you really do know the involvement that somehow he has had.when Morrissey came back to take the Blue Rose from Kyle after Kyle is on stage with him. I knew how important it was and so did Kyle. Up until then my wife had started to think that I was becoming a bit batty. But after that encore when Morrissey came back to Kyle to take the Blue Rose and placed it in his pocket, she then became believer.The night at terminal five was extraordinary. I remember Morrissey during songs saying to the audience "can I say hello to my friend Kyle" at the end of the show Kyle jumped over the barrier through security and ended up getting picked up and held by Morrissey. I remember thinking to myself this cannot be real this cannot be happening. I would like to say Thank you to everyone who is part or was part of this for being so kind to Kyle and I. I do not want to want to list names because I do not want to leave a single person out, Rat and Broken you are really special people for keeping this going. Broken forgive me for most likely going over 400 words but can we just pretend it's under and count this? Deep in the cell of my heart I really believe that one day the blog will re-open/ reappear somewhere, somehow.
    I am also going to share a story that I really never talk about because it really is me being crazy but here goes. The night that Live25 was recorded the night before Kyles Mom was going to be induced for labor. During November Spawned a Monster a Baby was played crying in place of the usual sound of a girl. Coincidence? I'm sure we'll never know. Viva Morrissey & BlueRoseSociety. Here's to Raising a Cup and a Stem to MSG!

  7. In 2011, I was a lost Moz fan, lamenting the lack of appealing Morrissey fan sites when, lo and behold, I discovered the MW blog after Morrissey's denial of involvement was posted on TTY. I immediately fell in love with the blog, for here was a site that was witty, artistic, thought-provoking and mesmerizing - much like Morrissey himself. I also really appreciated the chance to connect with like-minded fans, as I have no 'Moz friends' in real life, and MW became a sort of home for me, a much-needed escape from the tedium of loneliness that the 'real world' offered. In fact, MW helped me through a very difficult time in my life and made me feel less alone, much like Morrissey's music has always done, and I will forever be grateful for this.

    The icing on the cake was the excitement of watching the coincidences pile up, and the ongoing intrigue of whether or not Morrissey himself was involved (also the thrill of tweeting with Our Mozzer, who raised tweeting to an art form, unmatched by anyone). I love the quote which appeared on the blog and captured the essence of MW: "The best mysteries are made never to be solved. Mystery is the soul of art, just as certainty is the soul of science." It's quite remarkable that MW still remains an unsolved mystery and that has always been a large part of its appeal for me, but in a world that prizes certainty and concrete answers, the mystery seems to have been a major cause of frustration for most, resulting in much persecution for MW and the BRS. In my mind, MW has always deserved to be appreciated for all the special things it offers in its own right, whether or not Morrissey is actually involved, but most people can't seem to get past this.

    In closing, I'd like to reiterate what I've previously written about the BRS. For me, Blue Rose has always had a higher focus than the various personalities involved. It offers a beautiful and special way for us to express our love and appreciation to Morrissey, who still occupies a central part of my heart after he first captured it 31 years ago. I'm deeply thankful to have this opportunity and look forward to bringing roses to more concerts this summer. Long live the BRS.

    1. Any of us would know who had written this even if your name wasn't directly above it, because the elegance and grace of your words is without exception matched by the elegance and grace of your personality. And mirrored by your always unpretentious heart.

    2. Dearest Astra, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll say once again that your words are much more kind than I deserve. I was just regretting the fact that I had to hurriedly write this piece late last night and wasn't able to give it as much attention as I would've liked. But when the subject matter means so much to you and there's so much to say, it's nearly impossible to adequately express all the thoughts and feelings involved. I guess if I had to summarize it all succinctly, I would say that MorrisseysWorld has meant the world to me.

  8. Ugh I wrote something and it didn't post

    I shall return

  9. First I would like to apologize in advance for the horrible grammar and writing and the possible shortness of what I am about to write.
    I can not write if my life depended on it. I am better at getting interviews than anything
    But here we go.

    The Blue Rose Society and Morrisey world are 2 of the greatest joys in my life.

    I recall Jaz introducing me by explaing to me about the signs that are given in MW.
    At Morrissey's San Diego Birthday show Jaz took a picture of our hands holding up OO's then that picture was used in one of Rats Wonderful blogs
    So I started reading the MW blog and Rats Blog and started to see the sign then automatically became a believer
    MW is a place were M and friends post blogs or Chat you never know who you'd come across weather it's M, Boy George, Russlle Brand, or Jesse t even B
    It is a place to expected the unexpected and I LOVE the mystery of it all
    People really need tO Open their eyes and see the joys and wonders of MW.

    Now on to the Garden

    The Blue Rose Society how to i love thee
    BRS are the greatest people on this earth they share the same love,hate and passion as mine

    Love = Morrissey
    hate = solo slums
    Passion= MW

    My right arm is tattoo all dedicated to Morrissey.
    I got blue roses to Horner the BRS!

    I have a question to ask and anyone please feel free to answer it

    I know many people follow the BRS tweeter,blogs etc..

    What I would like to know is why are those you you that follow the BSR

    Why are you ashamed to take roses to the one you love (Morrissey)?

    I get that people say negative stuff to us when we are waving our roses to get Morrissey's attention or may even look at us weird
    But i do not understand why dont you.

    Well with that said

    Viva Morrissey World
    Viva The Blue Rose Society
    Viva President Kyel
    Viva Rat
    Viva Brokern

    Always true to you

    Vulgar Angie
    BRS Vice President

    1. Yes I know it is poorly written lol

  10. Until a moment ago, the word count read 0.

    Sometimes it's like that. The last few years have been a violent ride of emotions, as I've experienced gouging bouts of anxiety, tempered by milligrams and the occasional ride of desire. Chasing affection promised, teased, misunderstood and withdrawn.

    And they always blame you. My life as a Morrissey lyric.

    Throughout there's been the mouthful of initials: MW, OM, TRB, FTM, DDD, BRS. A twenty digit combination to unlock.

    At Melbourne and soon the Sydney Opera House, to breath the same air, from seats too distant.

    My pseudonymous name's on the WPINOYB tee. There's blue roses in my collages. I've discovered and shared and learnt, going places unknown and avoiding others.

    I have been known to keep mine hidden.

    I've been banned (a badge of honour for some) and reclaimed. Acceptance is important. Forgive someone.

    Don't rake up my mistakes.

    There might just be a time when you need some friends.

    Apocrypha is expected. Heteronyms are numerous and disputed. Pessoa are clues to selves both indulged and denied. Nobody knows what human life is and art is mystery. I am more than two people.

    Profound and flippant, funny and angry, sometimes sad, often exasperating, frequently perplexing. Force emotions to the fore.

    Where's the BRS Popular Liberation Front?

    He's over there!


    Religions grow through designer divisions. The closer we get.

    The sanest days are mad.

    Beauty and madness.

    Ah, the lessons of participating in a guerrilla phenomenon of codes and obvious conclusions. Cognitive dissonance can be resolved through the means of outright objection or the acceptance of the apostle. A blue rose to the slaughter.

    I have no religion. All we have is each other and the languages of nature. In my own sick way I've always stayed true to you.

    Someday the world will know.

    Or not.

  11. Beauty and madness. Madness and beauty. Beauty and madness. Can we do it all again?

    We're doing it now.

    1. The beautiful people have left words of excitement, and kindness. The ugly people have left words of tedium and nastiness. Me - I am rather plain looking. I am not proud of this, and I wish I was one of the beautiful ones.

    2. The first part of what you wrote is true. The second part of what you wrote is true. The third part of what you wrote, is not true. You are of course one of the beautiful ones. Being covered in mouse fur is neither here nor there, fur is always lovely on the living, and you should never be so hard on yourself - jest or no jest.

      Beauty isn't only found in nice legs, and you know this. Are you worried that I'd tell you that you have bad legs? I would never.

      And four are always better than two. Well, usually.

      Definitely if they were BB's, in any case.

    3. Thank you for your kind words.... always kind. I was annoyed at myself for getting sucked in to that tedious den of ugly liars once again, and I instantly became as ugly as them - well, not quite - but I have just passed a mirror, and yes, despite my legs being a little stubby, I can once again see my beauty.
      I will try my damnedest to avoid the den again.

  12. On Thursday 15th September 2011, I was trawling away on the internet when I stumbled upon a site called, I read it through, and found it fascinating; as it explained how my hero, Morrissey, was secretly giving out 'signs' that linked to a website called The 'IsMoz' site was suggesting that the MorrisseysWorld site was being run by Morrissey himself.

    I immediately checked out this MorrisseysWorld site, and after reading a couple of the articles, it really did seem as though it could be the work of Morrissey, or if not, at least somebody close to him.

    I was particularly drawn to an article at the top of the MorrisseysWorld home page, which was encouraging fans to wear a rose to the USA concerts. I'd already read on the 'IsMoz' blogsite, that Morrissey had said he would wear a rose at one of his concerts, and here was the confirmation on the MorrisseysWorld blogsite. Little did I know at the time, but this request for roses was where the Blue Rose Society was born.

    The one article on MW that really convinced me that Morrissey was involved with MorrisseysWorld, was a parody piece posted on August 3rd, in which Morrissey and Boz Boorer reviewed the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. In the movie, Bieber enters the stage and says, "Welcome to my world". I immediately remembered that these were the very same words that Morrissey had used when he entered the stage at the London Palladium on August 8th - I was there, in the front row, and I can't explain why, but at that time (before I had discovered MorrisseysWorld), I KNEW that those words meant something. There are coincidences, and there are coincidences, but for Morrissey to state those words just days after the MW website had quoted them..... NO WAY.

    The next part of my journey was to discover a twitter account linked to the MW site. The twitter account was, BY FAR, the wittiest, sharpest, causticly cutting account on the whole of twitter.... I was now in NO doubt whatsoever that I was in the presence of Morrissey. The few of us who had realised this was Moz started to interact with him, but as we were all in awe, all we did was drool and tell him how great he was. He soon put a stop to this, and some how we managed to relax into a 'normal' relationship with the God of indie pop.

    And then came the MW chat room. A small crowd of us MorrisseysWorlders would interact intimately with Moz - words cannot even start to explain how special this was.

    At various stages during the past four years, I thought the masses would discover the truth about MorrisseysWorld, but even when Morrissey accepted and wore his first blue rose, NOTHING changed. He has now worn THREE blue roses, and STILL nothing has changed. Morrissey has managed to create a modern day equivalent of Wilde's 'Green Carnation', and with the exception of about 40/50 people, NO ONE has noticed.

    I feel so very, very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to discover this phenomenon - it has changed my life. I have tried really hard to let other Morrissey fans know about the BRS, but I have come to realise that unless they were there to follow the whole story, or unless they can be bothered to read back through the pages of my blog, they will NEVER believe that Morrissey is behind all this, and who can blame them, after all, Morrissey would NEVER!

    I now wear a blue rose with pride to every Morrissey concert I attend.

    1. The rodent HAS some depth! I don't remember what precisely convinced me, I was confronted with the whole evidence at once, and was overwhelmed, so I honestly wonder how people can stumble across morrisseysworldismoz.blogspot and not feel the instant need to dig deeper. Is curiousity a forgotten virtue? They wouldn't even have to read it all, because simply the fact that Morrissey took and wore a blue rose three years in a row should make people aware. Maybe it just takes a bit more time. In three years, they're going to invade our society as if it was something new, although it has been there for so long.

  13. A quick one, but too late to the party. Not many words, sorry, not much of a writer. I read all comments, but that last bit Orange wrote was exactly what happened to me, I stumbled upon this blog first, as a matter of fact. It was a little over a year ago, and I had to read it all from beginning to end. If one doesn't read it all, one cannot be convinced, It would be like reading a few chapters of a book and then form an opinion about the plot and how it will end, Impossible. (unless it's a badly written book, or a penny dreadful) and not meaning I want this story to end...
    So after finishing this blog up to the date I had found it, I was convinced. From there on it took a flight and I discovered more. The blogs, Twitter, the coincedences which were no coincedences after all, etc.
    Well, I see you're well over 30 comments, so you really didn't need mine, but here you go.


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