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Monday, 20 April 2015

Day 1314 - Alf in secret Monday April 20th 2015

Alf slipped into my DM box last night. Here is the conversation, which is obviously not allowed to be published!

ALF: Bonjour
RAT: Hello. How's the prediction business going - is TTY Mexico coming tonight?
ALF: I posted that a while ago Ratty. Please do keep up.
RAT: There is nothing on TTY about Mehico!
ALF: I imagine it will be soon. Will this prove anything to anyone? I do doubt it.
RAT: Proves nothing. Already expected.
ALF: I feel you are losing interest here.
RAT: Losing interest? W***er! I am insulted.
ALF: Well who knows! I am sorry Mr Rat.
RAT: I often miss your tweets, and you close your account.
ALF: It will come. It will come. SA as well - but don't you dare blog that.
RAT: I blog nothing about you.... I'm not allowed! SA is exciting.
ALF: Do you have any hits from Portugal? K.A.K performs a remarkable service.
RAT: Can KAK mention SA in the comments section? Boz is in Portugal - does he read my crap?
ALF: KAK MAY NOT. You have a big mouth Ratty.
RAT: I get excitable. I will always hold my water if you tell me to.
ALF: Please hold the water.
RAT: A SA prediction obviously steps too far outside the obvious predictions.
ALF: South America, not South Africa you understand?
RAT: On the subject of water, my bath is ready. Ciao.

It is interesting to note the "it will come" sentence, which I presume refers to Mexico. When Alf told me that a TTY statement had already been posted, perhaps he really thought he had already posted about Mexico not happening. Strange.

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