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Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 1328 - Sold Out!

I have been suffering from 'man-flu' for the past 4/5 days, which has left me feeling quite sorry for myself, but today my spirits have sunk even lower as Russell Brand, a man who I have admired, and who I believe has been part of our MorrisseysWorld journey, has SOLD OUT.

After years of Russell telling people that the main political parties are all the same, today he came out in support of Labour, and all because his ego had been dented by David Cameron, who had described him as "a joke". What has made matters even worse, is that Steve Coogan, another of my comedy heroes, has ALSO decided to back the useless Miliband and Balls. It is a sad day - made even worse by the fact that I find myself agreeing with Piers Morgan!

Back to bed - perhaps it is all just a bad dream.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps life is just a bad dream. Hope you feel better soon, Ratty - at least we have an announcement to look forward to on Wednesday (supposedly).


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