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Monday, 18 May 2015

Day 1342 - The World is Full of Crashing Beards

Things have been a little quiet on the MorrisseyWorld front..... dead in fact. Meanwhile in Morrissey's world, a couple more US tour dates have been announced on the, er, unaffiliated 'official' Morrissey Faceache page, and Moz has given a humorous interview for TheAustralian. In the interview, The Mozziah states that he would, "love to go on the beaches in Sydney" but can't because the British press would proclaim "Heaven Knows He's Really Fat Now". Moz then adds, "so I tend to stay inside and wait for someone to invite me out for a candlelit dinner, which happens approximately once every 17 years, so I can't complain." Oh, you've got to love him!

Other highlights of the interview include our hero wittingly telling us, "I certainly have a chin. I can't deny that", and also listing things that he accidentally left out of his Autobiography, which included meetings with Lou Reed & Joni Mitchell, and being thrown into a cell in LA. Moz also states that he is "very proud of the lyrics to The World is Full of Crashing Bores, and says that he has been told NOT to pass the microphone around to his audience. The most exciting thing mentioned in the interview is the news that Morrissey's novel is finished. Moz says, "it is finished and is, I think, unconnected to anything I've written or said previously". BRING IT ON.... or rather, BRING IT OUT!

In other news, Gilbert O'Sullivan was interviewed on Radio 2 today, and during the interview O'Sullivan said that having heard Morrissey's cover of I Didn't Know What To Do; which Moz sang in Dublin in December last year, has made him want to relearn the song again, which was a rather nice touch - and on the subject of that song, GeorgeEdge has tweeted to say that when Moz sung it, it was around the time that he (George) and Fifi were exchanging tweets about beards. Coincidentally, one of the lyrics in the song is, "but someone looked at me and said politely, growing a beard can be fun, let me show you how it is done. I said don't bother I'd rather go see Uncle George and Anutie Marge help me". These coincidences just keep coming!



  1. Nice to see you're still blogging, Rats, right when I was thinking that we had possibly lost you to cricket forever. Although things related to MW have been quiet lately, we've been lucky to have the chance to enjoy the witty new interview and the recent TTY statements. Excited beyond belief to hear that the novel is finished. How long must we wait for it to be published? Please let it be soon!

  2. How awful that Morrissey doesn't feel able to go to the beach as it is likely his privacy would be invaded. I can only imagine how it feels to be so restricted & cautious about doing day to day things most of us take for granted.

    Powerful & passionate TTY statements, composed with eloquence & conviction.
    I can't wait to get my hands on that novel!

  3. so much for putting the novel on hold, oh and well done Ears I see the pirates have made it back


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