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Monday, 15 June 2015

Day 1370 - Such a silly bug

The Morrissey tour continued on Saturday night in Atlanta, and it was another cracker. I haven't seen any footage that is relevant to MorrisseysWorld or the BRS, so I won't post the Youtube clips of the songs on here, but there was one rather amusing moment during the first encore song, First of the Gang To Die, where Morrissey noticed an insect (who we shall call Hector) in the middle of the stage. Moz sang to Hector the insect, before then sliding him onto a copy of the set list, and handing him over to Joseph Joannides, who presumably released him into the wilds of Atlanta.

I'm pretty sure that no BRS members are going to tonight's show in Durham, North Carolina, but I do believe that the BRS will be represented at one of the concerts later in the week, and an attempt WILL be made to hand Moz a blue rose on stage - the question is, will the attempt be successful, and if so, will Moz wear the rose? 'OO'


In other news, Broken made a return to The Arms on Saturday, and asked, "MorrisseysWorld to return?" Seeing Broken appear, and his mention of MW, led me to ask him if I were dreaming, to which he replied, "Dreams comfort the comfortable and chide the poor." Broken then started laying into the likes of Eamonn Holmes and Hilary Clinton, whilst also posting pictures and videos of Bieber - it was just like the good old days! Broken also posted Go West by the Pet Shop Boys , King by Years & Years and A Change Of Heart by Bernard Butler.

I mentioned to Broken that I am really enjoying reading Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho (it really is one of the best books that I have ever read, and should be compulsory reading for all adolescents), and asked Broken if he had read it. He replied, "One should never read anything one is expected to have read". He was of course just being smart - of course he's read it!

Other Broken highlights included, "When life finally begins, you realise it's already over", "David Cameron continues the rewarmed Blairism and Euro-fawning", "Religion poisons love, strangles compassion and extends existence. Three good reasons to say no to religion" and "UKIP will rescue us from global mcdonnaenriqueIKEASjustinbankerPLC" !!

Broken signed off with, "God loves you. But I don't."

And finally Esther, and finally Cyril, the Twit Arms resident drunk (every bar needs one), Manc lad, asked Mademoiselle Fifi if she recommended that he visit Rio this autumn. He also pondered on whether he should wear speedos or shorts. Fifi replied, "Rio is a good choice Lad. I cannot say whether you should go for shorts or speedos but I think I know why you're asking." Hmm.

*Goes off singing* Manc's going to Rio, and he's dancing on the sand *Changes song* Hector was the first of the bugs to join the Moz band.... I'll get my coat!


  1. So sweet of him taking care of Hector the bug ♡♡♡.

  2. Hector is a good name for that little bug, :-) and Morrissey was sweet removing it xx Good Blog Rats xx

  3. Good luck to any BRS bringing a blue rose to Moz and attempting to get it to him. I was told by Alf I would NEVER make it unto the stage at MSG, though I will still try, even if I wind up in the nearest emergency room.

    1. Take a rope ladder Jesse, you could conceal that on your person. Fling one end onto the stage. Moz might catch it for you?
      Watch for stray bugs!

  4. According to some reports of tonight's show, several people tried to get onstage for a hug and were tackled pretty viciously. If I do find an air balloon to lift me to the stage at MSG, I see it will be popped rather swiftly and violently, as will I. It's a good thing self destruction is one of my most dominant features and favorite pastimes.

  5. can I just say, that anyone carrying a blue rose, say, in ones' teeth, there is a very good chance that the bouncers may not tackle you so hard, good luck.. oh and as for Rio, it may or may not happen, in fact South America may not happen, remember the last jaunt to South America, the wagon ended up losing a few wheels.. fingers crossed, although Europe may have to do

  6. Great to see Broken return in fine form and very exciting to see confirmation that Moz will appear on the Tonight Show next week before MSG. Exciting times, and all the best to all BRS members who will be seeing him sOOn.

  7. Very little footage has emerged on Youtube from yesterday's show in Durham. Good to see Neal Cassady Drops Dead back in the set. It's funny, but Neal Cassady DD and Smiler With Knife were probably my two least favourite tracks on WPINOYB when I first heard it, but now, mainly because I now know that both songs were influenced (at least in part) by my new favourite book of all time, Eleven Minutes (which I'm still only half way through, and reluctant to read too quickly as I don't want it to end), they have become firm favourites.

    That is all.


  8. Bless Moz!

    Neal Cassady Drops Dead grew on me too. Now a firm favourite & wonderful live.

    Good luck with the roses to anyone going to a concert soon.

  9. Okay, I officially hate myself know. I hadn't heard of the BRS until about an hour ago. I JUST went to the concert in Durham and I can't believe I missed the opportunity to try to give Morrissey a blue rose! If only I knew!

    I always suspected Morrissey might be giving his fans clues about something. I'm glad he might be. =)



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