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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Day 1415 - Pathetically yours

As I continue my short stay in London; which yesterday included PLAYING cricket at Lords - I was only supposed to be watching, but was invited to play, thus making an old man (not the famous old man of Lords) VERY happy - Morrissey has been travelling and writing.

There have been a number of TTY entries from Moz, which include announcements of European dates in the Autumn - there are going to be 14 in total, including four in England.... is England still in Europe? Does anyone care?
The other TTY entries are about Morrissey being offered FOUR awards (three for giving a voice to the voiceless and one for his contribution to music), being groped at San Francisco airport, plus an insightful, amusing, and poignant update on the current state of Morrissey's heart and mind.

In the TTY update on the state of Morrissey's heart and mind; which incidentally are apparently A) Full and B) "if permissible!", happy - Morrissey lists his favourite nights of the US tour, which include Salt Lake City at No.1: where Jaz gave him a blue rose, Seattle at No.2: where Moz refused gladioli saying, "sorry, I can't accept these, and San Jose at No. 3: where Morrissey quoted Jaz's Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye tweet.

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Also in that latest TTY update, Morrissey takes the opportunity to speak out against an abhorrent murder of a lion called Cecil, who was shot for fun by a dentist from Minnesota called Walter Palmer. Rather unbelievably, Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow and just left him to die a long agonising death.


The TTY piece also sees Morrissey stating that things are currently like the "glory days of 1991/92" and adds that, "it is partly public support in response to World peace is none of your business being axed in its prime by Steve Barnett - that cheap model of Humpty Dumpty". You do have to smile at old Mozzer.


Meanwhile, in MorrisseysWorld, 'R' has confirmed that a new parody IS currently in production:

I can confirm a new parody piece is currently being written.

Following the recent MW poll, the parody will star: Our Mozzer, Broken, Boz Boorer and Astraea. Furthermore there will be guest appearances from Log Lady and one mystery guest star.


Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 28 July 2015 at 16:52

'R' is of course Our Mozzer's secretary, and some MorrisseysWorlders have previously mused as to whether or not 'R' is Russell Brand.
Last night, I went and watched Brand perform a stand-up show at the National Theatre. I had lost a lot of respect for Gristle following his ridiculous backing of Ed Miliband at the General Rejection in May, but last night RB returned to what he does best, making people laugh, and he really was wonderfully hilarious. My review can be read on my Call Out the Instigator blog, which I created especially for Brand's revolution, which he announced on May 4th - this is my first entry on the blog since May 8th, when the revolution ended!

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And now, I shall leave you with some wonderfully written words from Astra, which were posted on FTM at 5am this morning. There are a few home truths for us all:

Me Me Me culture, making us all sick. Putrefying us, from the inside out. I see it, even here. Agree with me, because you think you should. Disagree with me, because you think it makes you sound intelligent, and because you simply like the sound of your own voice. Which is worse? Who can say. I'll leave that to you to ponder.

Me Me Me culture, from all the Me Me Mes of the world, who have nothing nothing nothing to contribute. I am surrounded by a sea of vapidness, out of which I no longer know how to swim. A swirling vortex. A maelstrom of misery. An undertow that never stops pulling. A riptide of superficiality. Of smiles. Of empty eyes. Of hollow minds. And of sly lies.

I can smile and make you laugh until the cows come home. And then for three different lifetimes more. But why should I? It's not my job to entertain you. Start looking within. And if you don't know how to, learn.

Me Me Me culture, with no abatement. When Sinéad O'Connor blasted Rolling Stone for putting Kim Kartrashian's bicycle pump inflated... inflatables, on the cover, they say it went viral. But did no one bother to tell you? It didn't go viral because of what she said, or because Sinéad said it, or even because someone voiced their indignation. It went viral because someone, anyone, had mentioned Kim K again at all. Do you know who Kim K is? Do I know? Do I care? NO. A sex tape made public? If her knowledge of the bedroom is as dire as her opinion is of what makes a body beautiful, then that is what is called a state of dire of neither probable, nor possible return. And like a CIA, red-flagged, keyword hotlist of all that is empty and vacuous, careful what you say. Careful what you wish for. And careful what you only pretend that you don't want. Because you've already been given it all.

Your revulsion is nothing but a front. You breathe this throwaway ongoing gaggle of nobody's nothing, of everyman's orgueil. You feed off it. You need it. There is nothing ironic in what I see. You are collectively as transparent as white gauze, and thinner than the thinnest film.

Tomorrow isn't that interesting, when you can already see straight through to the other side.

Me Me Me culture, and cunt culture that will never die. Just be careful of contagion. Are you a leader? Or are you a follower? And should I even be asking you these questions? Why aren't you asking yourselves? For pity's sake, why does everyone think that they too, have to 'create' something. Stop bombarding my eyes, my ears, and my senses. Not everyone has to 'create'. Some people's only gift … is to sit still, and to be quiet. And even then, and even around here, that has to be consciously learned sometimes.

Wanting to 'create'. Craving attention. Needing to be seen. Wanting to be noticed. ME. ME. ME.

Wanting to do something, and actually contributing something of interest or of value to the cultural fabric are two different things entirely.

Some people need to stay home.

Walter Palmer should have stayed at home. And when he failed so spectacularly on all counts in trying to portray himself as having even a modicum of human decency, his PR team should have told him that there was still hope. That salvaging 5% of the wreckage is still better than salvaging none at all, but then that would have involved him having to know how to keep his mouth shut after that apocalypse of his own determined making. And there he failed spectacularly, again. When he chose instead to voice and to reiterate his love of killing animals, for sadistic sport and for his sole sadistic pleasure.

Cheryl Cole,... sorry, I still keep getting it wrong all of the time, don't I? Cherry Tweedy Versailles-Whatever, should have also just stayed at home. Also failed spectacularly. After which she then should have also learned to keep her mouth shut. Failed spectacularly, again. And again. And again. Some people really have the gift.

Me. Me. Me. ME ME ME. Look at me. Now look away. Cunt culture will never die. Vapid. Vapid. Vapid. Empty Empty Empty. Hollow. Hollow. Hollow. The vacuousness IS the contagion. And then, collective outrage, when it's all too late.

Beyonce promoting veganism, because for 30 days she was worried about the spread of her thunderous thighs. Sell my album. Sell my ass. Sell my irony. How do I look in this? Does Beyonce know how to spell veganism? Don't hold your breath. Does she know how to spell irony? Of course she does. It's spelled 'ME'. Say my name, say my name, say my name.

Why do you look at Cecil today? Why? There isn't any Cecil anymore. And what about all the others, who have no voice? The others, who also NEVER had a voice?

No voice. NO choice. NO chance.

Why do you look to me? Do you follow me? What are you following? My train of thought? The curve of the small of my back? My twitter account? My devastation and outrage? See pain, and walk away.

My outrage is not yours to keep. My outrage is not for sale. I am not yours. I am not anyone's. And collective outrage too late, is too little. And is as transparent as it is predictable as it is useless.

Cecil was not Walter Palmer's to injure, maim, devastate, torture, or then to kill. All of the other animals in the world are not yours either. Or mine. Or anybody's - to violate, mutilate, segregate, decimate.

Emptiness knows no bounds. But do you contribute to the darkness? Because the next question is, why would you even want to be a part of the VOID?

I am not for sale. I never was. I never will be. My thoughts are my own. My conviction is compassion. But what do YOU sell? What do you stand for? What are you a part of? A counterculture? A counter to what? You are not countering anything, if your only counter is in easy-peasy, silent agreement. Twitter, you have a lot to answer for. Favorites and likes and retweets will never change anything. Me. Me. ME.

When someone with a clearly very limited scope of mental faculties such as Walter Palmer, is able to pay money in the mid five figures to kill an animal of such indescribable beauty and as majestic as Cecil was, for the simple reason that in his seemingly functioning state of complete and total psychotic dementia, he does so because to him, this majestic animal is more beautiful DEAD, than it ever was alive - this is UNFATHOMABLE to me.

The fact that this grotesque individual, in his functioning state of seemingly - to any normal person - full blown sociopathy, then opened his mouth to DEFEND his love of killing animals, sent shockwaves and electric currents through my flesh and to the very core of my being.

Are you listening? Don't listen to my words just because I've taken the time to type them out. Listen because you have been given a brain with which to think, and eyes with which to see. And a voice, with which to make yourself heard. Use it for something useful. And because some of us HAVE to be better, than those who aren't. Find your own words, in your own life. THINK. FEEL. CARE. Stop clamoring. Stop adding to the ME. ME. ME vacuousness of it all. Turn off. Tune out. Whatever it is you're looking for in others, externally, around you, extrinsically – you will never find it there. EVER.

So, do you care? After all? You say you care. But do you, really?

For how long?
For as long as it takes you to read this?
For as long as it takes you to agree with me?

Because frankly, that's not long enough. And it never will be.
And SHAME was the only name, that this game ever had.

In a heart of darkness, devastation, and fire


I think I'll have a cocktail now.

Astra's words have left me feeling..... pathetic! She is of course right, but I already know that I am neither thoughtful enough, loving enough, or caring enough to change.... at least not today. Maybe I will one day surprise myself, and become the person I would like to be. Why is it that I KNOW that I am not the person I would like to be, but I do nothing to change it? WHY? What stops us from doing the right thing? It is, truly, pathetic.

And now I am off to wander the streets of London.... pathetically.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Day 1412 - Blindly Loved

Morrissey's US tour has come to and end (although the band are in California for three dates at the end of August), with the climax coming on Saturday in San Jose - and there were yet MORE 'coincidences' for us MorrisseysWorlders', although to the average man in the street - or Mozzer fan outside The Twitterdilly Arms - the 'coincidences' will have gone completely unnoticed.

Last Friday, longtime MorrisseysWorlder and giver of the blue rose in Salt Lake City, Jaz, tweeted the following lyrics from the song Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye:

"I don't want to be judged anymore. I don't want to be judged, I would sooner be loved. I would sooner be just blindly loved"

On Saturday night in San Jose, before launching into Kiss Me A Lot, Morrissey rather incredibly sang these words a cappella :

"You see, I don't want to be judged anymore, I would sooner be blindly loved."

As coincidences go, this one is HUGE. Of all the Moz lyrics, on all the twitter feeds, in all the world, he chooses one posted by a MorrisseysWorlder who just so happens to be the only person he has accepted a blue rose from in 2015. You couldn't make this up!

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Of course the previous two blue roses that Morrissey accepted (Hollywood High 2013 and Santa Ana 2014) had been given to him by Vulgar Angie's young friend, Devan, and who just so happened to be invited up onto the stage at San Jose for the  encore? Yep, Devan!

And on the subject of Devan, or actually Devon to be precise, Morrissey has announced that he will be playing a concert in Plymouth on September 15th.
Before the official announcement had been made, Mademoiselle Fifi posted a video on Twitter of I Know It's Over (live in Plymouth 2011). When the official announcement came, I took to Twitter to inform Fifi that she must be a soothsayer. Fifi replied, "I'll go for coincidence. I can hardly see my own hand without glasses, how could I see the future?"

I have subsequently been informed by Orange Chuck that the Plymouth concert had already been announced by Gigs & Tours before Fifi tweeted her song, so it would appear that it was neither a coincidence nor a sooth say; merely some old French bird in The Twit Arms playing the jukebox!

However, there is a couple of other 'coincidences' to mention before I sign off, and they both centre around Kerry 'The Spirit' Messenger (formerly Kerry 'Action' Richards). Kerry has written on the splinter group blog, The World of Moz, that on July 21st she was in the long forgotten MW Chatroom and allegedly got into a conversation with Our Mozzer, who asked her (along with Orange Chuck and Marianne Tearful (@sadglamour)) which shirt he should wear that night. Kerry asked for the shiny one that Morrissey wore on the Fallon show, and although Morrissey didn't subsequently wear that particular shirt on the night of July 21st, he  DID wear it for the final concert in San Jose on Saturday.
The splinter group quite often come up with some pretty flimsy coincidences, but to me, this one has substance.



The other 'Kerry coincidence' involves the TTY announcement about the Plymouth concert. In the announcement, it states that Plymouth Pavilions has a capacity of 3400. The official capacity is 4000, and NOWHERE does it state that it is 3400. Now, most people would consider this a mistake on TTY's part, but Morrissey doesn't usually bother stating a capacity when announcing a concert, so why bother this time - especially when he then gets it wrong! The reason is, it is yet ANOTHER sign. Kerry often uses the numbers 3 and 4 when talking to Astra on Twitter. It would appear that Morrissey has used these two numbers and followed them with an '00'. It would appear that Moz seems to like Kerry - perhaps he admires her spirit.... drinking!

There is one other possible coincidence to report. According to Marianne Tearful, at the concert in Seattle, Morrissey was offered some gladioli, but he told the person offering them, "I can't accept these". As Morrissey has recently accepted other flowers, other than roses, I personally don't think that this is a reference to our little gang, and is more likely a reference to the fact that Morrissey no longer accepts gladioli, but you never know.

Moving on from coincidences, apart from the chatroom, the only other part of the original MorrisseysWorld blogsite that still remains is the 'active board', but the only person who seems to use it is Manc lad, who has religiously kept the tour dates and set lists going. It is a shame that this part of the MW blog never took off, but I guess with the main blog gone, it didn't stand a chance.


So with the tour now over, we turn our attentions back to the promised parody piece, that is supposedly going to be written by Our Mozzer, Broken, Russell & Mikey B. The outcome of the recent vote has resulted in MorrisseysWorlders wanting to see OM, Broken, Boz and Astra featured in the parody, although Mam was also a popular choice, coming in 5th. Surely the parody will contain a reference to the fact that there were NO cancellations on this US tour, which would suggest OM is losing his 'unique otherness'.

I meanwhile have arrived in London for a few days, which I will spend watching some cricket at Lords, watching Rustle Brand at the National Theatre, and hopefully visiting Vinyl Boutique.... if it's open!

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And finally, did I mention that Morrissey announced in Seattle that he was going to sing What Difference Does It Make?? Well he was just teasing, and instead he sang Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before. What Difference remains one of my all time favourite Moz songs, and I dearly hope that one day Morrissey actually will sing it live, although from what he told me in that 'fake' interview of 2012, I guess it is unlikely.

Right, I am off to buy a hat to wear to the cricket.

*Goes off singing* All men have secrets and here is mine, so let it be known, for we have been through hell and high tide

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Day 1407 - Choose Your Parody Characters

Rules for parody:

Four popular parody characters will be selected to take part in the forthcoming parody piece by Our Mozzer, Russell, Mikey and Broken.

To this end, twenty one popular parody or real characters will be listed here and MWers must rank their top 10 choices in order from 1 to 10.

Points will be allocated by OM according to ranking and the top 4 characters chosen by MWers will be included in the parody, possibly with a guest character or two.

The options should be advertised in a FTM piece to be posted for at least 5 days, interspersed with cute JB pics.

The options are:

1 Our Mozzer

2 Mikey Bracewell

3 Jonathan Ross


5 Broken

6 Russell Brand

7 Boz Boorer

8 Mikey V Farrell
9 The Tour Cat
10 HeatherCat
11 Alan Bennett

12 Linda Sterling
13 Jermaine Jenas and Rio Ferdinand (one character)
14 Boy George
15 Damon the Hairdresser
16 The Swiss Taxi Driver
17 Mam
18 Jjazmine
19 Astrae
20 Jesse Tobias
21 The Walker Brother, Bruce 'n' Rick

Lots of love,

Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 22 July 2015 at 17:55

Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 1405 - Slamming on the Lid

Following Our Mozzer's return on Friday evening - with the promise of a new parody - and Morrissey's acceptance of Jaz's blue rose on Saturday night, the members of the BRS have been on an absolute high, but now it is time to come back down to earth. The following message has been left scrawled on the toilet walls in The Twitterdilly Arms:

"All that Bieber nonsense is becoming highly irritating. I find it disrespectful. You are being manipulated by the writers of MW who think it's very funny to see you all acting like headless puppets. Just for a new 'parody'? Are you really that desperate? Those parodies are as interesting as the people who write them.

On stage, Morrissey occasionally accepts letters, presents, records, white roses, red roses, blue roses. Morrissey does not support blue roses more than he supports letter writers, record makers or any particular colour of flower."

I won't state who wrote the above words - those who read this blog of mine regularly will know. It would appear that the lid of our BRS tin of enthusiasm has been firmly slammed back on - which is only right. It is VERY important that the BRS isn't seen as a group of Morrissey fans who are regarded as 'special' - can you imagine the resentment? Morrissey would never want his fans to feel alienated, so it is time for a quiet step back - OR, is the above statement actually saying that Morrissey will now accept MORE blue roses, as they are no different to him accepting other gifts? Genius.

So, will we get the promised parody, or were we indeed being played with? I guess we will just have to wait and see. FTM will now disappear, and will only return if one of the following occurs:

A) A new MW parody appears
B) Morrissey accepts a FIFTH blue rose
C) Morrissey wears a Bieber t-shirt
D) There is no D

I shall sign off by publishing Jaz's concert review of The Depot concert (as found on her blogsite, Lie Down in the Weeds) and Vulgar Angie's videos:

"Last night, was by definition perfection. Camping out the night before was swell except for the 5AM chilly wake up call and an unexpected shower from nearby sprinklers. We passed the time chatting and listening to Selena. We took breaks inbetween the hours for rest and refreshments.
Around 6 pm, Angie and I were numbers 4 &5 in queue, we pinned our blue rose boutonnieres to ourselves and waited around with our long stemmed roses. Security warned us that we couldn't take all the roses and offered to put them on the bus for us so we wrote our names on two of them and handed them over. Keeping the other two but discarding the cellophane wrapping. I like a little foliage on my roses so I ran my thumbnail over the baby thorns to remove them and made sure there were absolutely no sharp points.
Around 6:45 the queue was around The corner and I felt eyes on our roses, I also saw a few guys with white roses. Doors opened and we rushed through the pat down, the wrist stamp, and clambered up the stairs not stopping til we had our hands firmly on the rail, which we did. We stood between Boz and Moz and waited for the film clips to begin. My favorites were the flamenco dancer, Charles Aznavour, and lypsinka which I love to recite word for word "Me, Me, Me and if you don't like it you can just clear out now!"

Then the lights went low and Klaus Niomi's Wayward Sister annouced Morrisseys' arrival to the the stage. The crowd roared and Moz declared "Once a Panther always a Panther" then began with Suedehead. Our roses held high as Alma matters began and Morrissey walked over to Angie and I, we reached out and I felt him grab my hand for what felt like the longest 5 seconds of my measly little life. He took my rose, my hand and my heart. *sigh* The rose made it to his back pocket along with a bunch of yellow flowers that he took afterwards. 

There were many "O" signs throughout. It amuses me that Angies picture now graces the SLC thread on Solow. During Now my heart is full I placed my hand into the left side of my blouse. (Do you guys remember that sign?) Then, during I will see you in far off places, at the line "messing around and pulling faces" I made the double 'OO' around myeyes, which I'm sure he saw. 
Meat is murder is always very moving and the only time I took my eyes off of Morrissey. I'm meatless already but I'm thinking of giving up dairy, the process of which is just horrifying, There is no excuse. That was followed by EDILS and TQID for encore. The shirt (which had blue stripes) rip was immaculate and I felt that he tossed it right in our direction and we grabbed with our hands and held on with all our being. After a short scuffle the shirt was divided up and Angie got a sleeve, I got a bit of collar and shoulder. My poor boutonniere was lost though I had planned on saving the little darling but c'est la vie.

Afterwards, the camping gang met up to have elated conversations and exchange pictures, Angie and I received many congratulations on our having delivered a blue rose. I asked if perhaps they could see we weren't crazy and there really was something about blue roses that was special. I eagerly asked the fan I talked to the night before about what she thought and she said she saw the signs. I only wish now that she or anyone else I talked to would try to comment and participate if they are willing. Most of them have tickets for San Diego, unfortunately, I do not. It is my wish that the regular irregulars will finally wake up and not be so begruding of what they don't care to understand.Now, I feel as though I could ascend into the clouds with wings of happiness."

The BRS tumblr has been updated to include the new photos of Moz with the blue rose.... but please remember, Morrissey does not support blue roses more than he supports letter writers, record makers or any particular colour of flower..... that doesn't of course mean that Morrissey doesn't like blue roses, in fact the evidence would suggest that he loves them.

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So for now, it is goodbye from me. As to whether this is farewell, only time will tell.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Day 1404 - In the Depot

Last night, at The Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah, Morrissey once again accepted and subsequently wore a blue rose - that makes it four years in a row that this has now happened.

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The rose was handed to Moz by long time MorrisseysWorlder, Jaz, whilst the BlueRoseSociety Vice President, Vulgar Angie also offered a rose. We await a full account of events from both Jaz and Angie, but an MW 'O' was also thrown in for good measure.

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And if they don't believe us now, will they ever believe us?

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6.30PM (UK TIME) UPDATE: The following message has been left in today's comment section:

Morrissey has left a new comment on your post "Day 1404 - In the Depot":

You will have your parody, in time. But first please place more extensive JB shirtless pics in this article.
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 19 July 2015 at 14:02

So, here we go:

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 1401a - Justin Bieber Shirtless Special

Our Mozzer has made a return, leaving the following message (via his secretary 'R') on the last entry of FTM:

Our Mozzer has - to the surprise of all of us in camp MW - decided he might post another parody. However to make it so, Rat must post another article immediately - a Justin Bieber shirtless special - and it must get a minimum of 50 comments.

Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 16 July 2015 at 16:39

This was then followed a minute later by this comment:

OM thanks you all for noticing the 'horned hand' MW sign. All signs now given... except, of course, for the JB t-shirt. Keep your eyes open.
Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 16 July 2015 at 16:40

So, here goes with my JB Shirtless Special. I urge anyone who still reads this ridiculous blog of mine to leave comment, so that we get to 50 as soon as possible, and get a much awaited new parody.












Cleansing: Bieber was first seen with the cupping marks last week during a trip to Australia last month





Choose your favourite!

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