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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 1386 - Through the Barricades to Neverland

Whilst I have been away on the beautiful island of Jersey playing cricket, Morrissey has continued with his US tour, and BRS members have continued to take him blue roses.

Here is Jesse Moz Fiend's account of her trip to see The Mozziah at New York's Ma
dison Square Gardens last Saturday:

I apologize for not writing this sooner, but exhaustion due to all the emotions involved with seeing Morrissey again after two and a half years kept me hibrinating all day Sunday. It was practically daybreak by the time I arrived home and I had been awake for almost twenty-four hours by then and so much had occurred to drain me in that time. But anyway, let me get to it. 

I won't get into details that you can read elsewhere but only the highlights of my personal experiences.

Morrissey at Madison Square Garden was nothing less than a religious experience for me. I am in awe of him and his talent each and every time I am lucky enough to see him live. The show was absolute perfection and I enjoyed every second. His voice was flawless and full of emotion. I sung my heart out along with others of all types who loved each and every song, the new as well as the old. The crowd near me was mellow yet passionate. The venue was pretty filled up except for the upper regions. I only wish I was seeing him again this tour. I am in love with him. What else can I say? If anyone has any specific questions I will be happy to answer.

Now, if I may turn back the clock for a minute, I'll start at the beginning, where I probably should have begun in the first place.

I had awoke up at 6 am and queued all day. I was number twenty five on The List. I chatted with some nice, very young Morrissey fans. It began to rain in the mid afternoon. I had my blue roses with me but they were tucked safely away, wrapped in plastic bags. 

Doors finally opened and eventually I made it to the barricade. Obviously I prefer when there isn't one period, but this one was very far from the stage and the stage was very high. As I was off to the right side, I had some speakers in front of me that I planned to jump on during the encore and then on to the stage, but when it came time to try, it was an impossible fete. Alf was correct when he said I would "NEVER" make it to the stage. As I was being pummeled by five security beasts from MSG, I attempted to throw the roses on stage, but they fell short. (Thank you to Father Brian for helping me over the barricade.) 

The security was scary. One of them grabbed me painfully around my breasts while one had me in a headlock while another patted me down looking for weapons. I thought they were going to escort me out of the venue or have me arrested, but they let me back in GA at the back just in time to see Moz ripping off his shirt. Sigh. 

I was so amped up after the show that as soon as I got my merch, I ran outside in search of a cab. In my emotional frenzy, I decided to go to the hotel where Moz was staying and try to meet him. There was a storm going on meanwhile, as rain and wind and cold swept through the city streets. Not being able to get a taxi since everyone else was trying too, I took the subway. I arrived at the hotel and waited, after having a quick glass of red wine at the bar across the street.

Some time went by before I recognized a familiar, beautiful man getting out of a black vehicle. I walked towards Morrissey and yelled his name. He looked my way and seemed to be about to approach me but then the security buffoon who was with Moz angrily told me to "Back up!" and Morrissey headed for the door to the hotel. Desperately, not wanting to miss my opportunity to meet my idol as he swiftly passed me by, I said "Morrissey, please, I tried to get on stage..." when before I could finish my sentence, Morrissey dramatically pulled his jacket around himself signaling that it was probably too wet and cold to stop and then said to me the words "NEVER".

Posted by Moz Fiend to Following The Mozziah at 29 June 2015 at 07:30

Yesterday was the turn of HeatherCat to take Moz a rose. Apparently Heather was also unsuccessful in getting it to Morrissey, but hopefully she will write a few words for FTM letting us know her story. One thing is for sure, Morrissey is aware of both Moz Fiend's and Heather's attempts to get a rose to him, and the BRS tumblr has been updated with pictures of both roses.


In other news, Astra has posted a few comments on FTM, and they are always worth sharing:

June 23:
I am a honeybee. I flit and I drift. Like a gaze that lingers. A moment of haze. Come hither. Come closer. Look at me closely. Are you paying attention? Too slow now. Don't touch me. Won't catch me. You're circling. I've left now. My silhouette gone. I've already strayed.

Midnight belongs to lovers. But I'm standing here, now. Do you think you can see me? Do you think you can touch me? Do you know how to move me? Do you know how to want me? Are you following my game?

Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen. Look into the fire of my eyes. Are you listening?

Hypnotic will always be the name of my sway.

June 29:

My eyes rest on your neck. I stop. And then your shoulders steal me away. For always.
All time ends. Everything ends.
Everything stops but you.
And loving you, I will never grow old.

June 29:
Moz Fiend,

Everything is a coincidence.

I am nothing but your figment. A filament. A feather. You can call me anything you want.
Fathom me deeper. Plunder me harder.
Ask me to dance. Too late now. It's over.
I never happened.

But I am still here.

'At the end of the line is the sound of my voice. And words that I can't, that I never shall say'. That was Francoise.

I am evasion. I am invasion. I am trepidation. I am all of everyone's tomorrows.

And I am the always, that no one ever will find.

I'm glad you enjoyed your evening, kitten.


June 29:
Follow me to end of the world. I swirl in nothing but beauty and heartbreak. I bring it with me. It's there. Do you want it? I can pull you down with me. I'll drown you in things you never even knew existed. When we hit bottom, I'll incapacitate you. And then I'll make you soar. This is the only way I know.

I'm not sure when the next blue rose will be taken for Morrissey - I would guess that it will be Vulgar Angie in Salt Lake City in mid July, but as to whether Morrissey accepts her rose or not is irrelevant. BRS members take blue roses to concerts because they want to - because we must - but there must be no expectation and no disappointment. If Morrissey one day decides to lean into the crowd to take one, then he does. If he doesn't, then he doesn't. If someone manages to get on stage with a rose, then all well and good, but if Morrissey then blanks that person rather than accept the rose, then so be it. There are no rules to this, and again I must stress, NO expectation and NO disappointment - this is Morrissey!

Things are certainly different on this latest tour, and gone is my desperate need to try and let Morrissey fans know about the BRS. If people stumble upon us or our story, then all well and good, but if not, it really doesn't matter. Why should we care? We know what we've got, and whether others choose to embrace it or not is neither here nor there. They don't know how lucky we are, but we do.


  1. I love the title of today's blog entry.  Thank you for including my story and the picture of my rose.  Thinking back to that night, I now see some things differently.  Most glaring are my mistakes.  Like the folly of trying to invade the stage whilst a photographer was somewhat blocking my path.  But I just had to GO! GO! GO!  Also, I imagine that when Morrissey saw me outside the hotel, I am certain I seemed a frightening, soaked, messy, wraith materializing out of the inky wet darkness, calling his name.  I probably gave off the vibes of a crazed stalker begging for attention.  I now feel bad for asking Morrissey to stop for me in the middle of a horrid storm.  But after seeing him live and attempting my stage invasion, I was not in my right mind.  I was buzzing and sizzling like metal that had just been stuck by lightning.  I wanted so badly for the night to continue and to continue to be close to him.  I don't blame Morrissey one bit for not stopping, I blame myself for expecting more than what he had already given at the show, more than I possibly deserved, and invading his privacy by waiting by his hotel.  I am sure he was exhausted and I am sorry I bothered him.  Thinking he would stop in the cold rain was selfish of me and might have been a detriment to his health.  I should never have asked for more.  He has already given me everything.

  2. I don't think Morrissey really wants fans to rush the stage. If he did, he wouldn't employ the most vicious bulldogs available to make sure he isn't touched. Anyway, my approach was all wrong, as was my approach towards him personally when meeting him. Okay, I'm going to stop obsessing about this now. Sigh.

    1. don't worry, remember Moz once followed Sparks in to their hotel when they were in Manchester mid 70s

  3. Cincinnati was a spectacular show, with an outstanding setlist and a wonderful venue. Although the tour seemed to be followed by an actual black cloud (it was a rainy night, at least the third one in a row for the concerts I believe), there was no sign of a figurative black cloud in sight, with Moz in strong voice and impressive form. Whenever I see Morrissey live, I'm swept away by the intense passion and artistry conveyed through each and every song, and last night I was fortunate enough to be right up against the stage and experiencing everything as up close as possible.

    Being so close, I was hoping that an opportunity for a handshake might present itself (I really had no expectation that he'd take my rose), but alas, he ignored the area I was in all evening, favoring the far sides of the stage for handshakes (I was closer to the center). The accessibility of the stage offered a perfect opportunity for invading, but after witnessing the fate of those who tried it (especially the poor woman next to me who was handled ridiculously roughly by security), I couldn't bring myself to do it. I understand that the security guys have a job to do, but why, oh why, do they have to be so unnecessarily rough with fans who just want a hug?

    So many songs in the set were highlights for me, they're too numerous to mention, although I was thrilled to hear What She Said, which was a perfect encore. Other high points of the evening were the Trouble intro (recently used for Smiler) leading into Yes, I Am Blind, and Moz dedicating Kiss Me a Lot to Doris Day, a native of Cincinnati. The only disappointment of the evening was the absence of a shirt toss. Although the crowd seemed pretty low key from my perspective, and didn't have the palpable energy that I've experienced at other concerts (namely Nashville and Chicago), all in all it was a fantastic and most memorable evening. I look forward to Chicago next week (I probably won't bring a blue rose because it wouldn't survive the travel conditions to get there, but I do hope to find a rose of another color before the show). I feel so fortunate to live in the right time and place to have these opportunities to see Moz in concert - definitely memories of a lifetime.

    1. Or you could simply paint a white rose like I did.

    2. Heather so glad you had a fantastic time, I have also noticed that some times moz goes to the sides, I always stand facing Boz, but really pleased for you that you had a lovely evening, as for your rose in Chicago, I know too well what can happen as mine in the heat of Singapore was so limp it looked as though it were made of rubber, just as well I dropped it in the chaos at the front. really wish I could be with you in Chicago but alas normal life beckons, I will be trawling twit looking for your tweets etc

    3. A lovely review Heather - thank you. I know this concert was long awaited for you. I am delighted that you were able to get so close & you will have the memories to cherish eternally.
      As I've said before I believe taking a rose is a symbol of our emotions & thanks to Morrissey for everything he has given us. The sentiments stand up alone, regardless of Moz accepting another rose again. This is something so special, shared by just a few of us here.

      I've seen hardly any footage of this tour, & hope to put this to rights at the weekend.
      Hope you enjoy Chicago next week Heather.

    4. As for bringing a blue rose to Chicago, they do have fake plastic ones and fake ones made from other materials. Perhaps you might find one of those in time for the show.

    5. Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse. I did bring a fake blue rose to the Chicago show in 2011. I prefer to bring fresh roses but may heed your suggestion. I probably won't be able to get very close to the front at this show, so I guess fresh vs fake doesn't really matter.

    6. I prefer real to fake too but sometimes we must make due.

  4. All this raises the question: are we stalkers and victims of the BRS or adventurers of the BRS?

  5. Thank you Heather for your beautiful account of your evening with Morrissey.  I enjoy reading the stories of fans just like myself.  It seems strange that you were front and center in the audience and Moz avoided that area, as in my case, I was off to the side and he stayed in the middle of the stage almost the entire night.  And when he did go to the side, he favored the side I wasn't on.  He only came my way maybe twice.  According to a previous FTM entry, Kyle's rose was ignored and avoided.  Strange.  I completely understand why you did not attempt an invation.  Those security guards on the stage are an absolute fright.  One looks like he possessed by Satan himself.  He looks like he is capable of violence on the scale of the Ganglord video.  That may seem like a tremendous overstatement but that is the appearance and vibes he gave off.  He was ready pounce and attack like a starving lion out for blood and meat.  Morrissey sure does play hard to get.  He either doesn't want to be close to his fans, or he wants us to work very hard to earn his love and attention. I hope what I am saying isn't taken the wrong way; these are just the late night thoughts of the delerious and vaguely insane.

    1. Astra's comments of late have been about being an ephemeral presence.

    2. Delirious or not, I think your comments about the security guys are spot on, Jesse. These guys transform the act of stage invading into an extreme sport. Whether or not Moz wants people to rush the stage, he does seem appreciative of the effort, as he rewarded the first invasion attempt in Cincinnati by saying, "nice try" and going to shake the person's hand. This happened during Stop Me:

      I think he favored the sides of the stage for handshakes because most of the 'regulars' were clustered there. There were a couple of people close to me who didn't even seem to be Moz fans, I think they were just along for the ride - such a waste for coveted front row spots.

    3. Moz hugging, an extreme sport! That is the best thing I've heard in a long time. I can't stop laughing about it. Obviously I can't stop my compulsive habit of writing comments here either.

    4. Glad I was able to give you a good laugh. We all need to laugh more - at least I know I do.

  6. Because I got lucky my first time out and was able to successfully invade the stage with relative ease, I imagined that it would always be so.  Did I mention I am ALWAYS wrong?

  7. Thank you Jesse and Heather for your wonderful reviews. The experience of seeing Morrissey should be paramount to anything else. I like to compare it to a saintly ecstasy, bathed in stage lights with sound reverberating through your bones, trembling as the pleasure surges up the spine to the cortex. That is prize enough for me. I've never really "stalked" Morrissey, what could I say that would be any different to what countless souls have said before and continue to say. That's dull, it should be a crime to be so dull. I digress, Rat, the last two paragraphs sum up my own feelings quite nicely. In the beginning, I wanted to scream from rooftops, instead I let Vulgar Angie in on what I had found. It was only a matter of months that together we delivered the BRS ring. On other occasions we were completely ignored by the man. Watch your copies of M25, BRS were all over the place . Maybe those were the glory days? Before Alf, Orange, pessoa, st.ill, with them present on twitter I feel lost, I admit I am lost. So I just go quiet. Pardon my dust as I wipe the cobwebs from my speaking voice. Angie will try again in Utah, while I (like to personify the mystery as "Trouble"), repeat that one line from Jeane "we tried and we failed.." like a mantra. It just calms my stormy uncertainty. Yet who knows. It's the uncertainty that makes things fun.

    1. Jaz, lovely to hear from you and well said, as for the UK dates, more to come? who knows.. hope my dream of Rio has now not gone

    2. Seeing Morrissey live is more powerful and pleasurable than anything this earth has to off us. No drug or sexual experience, or anything else matches up. Nothing can possibly compare or come close to Moz in the flesh singing with his heavenly voice.

    3. I agree, seeing Morrissey live is literally "the voice and mind" made flesh, the shirt toss is just the sugar icing on top, and lord knows we all need a little sweetness in our lives.

    4. So true, Jesse, and it's nice to know that Morrissey seems to benefit from the concert experience as much as we do, according to what he said in the recent HuffPost article/interview. His comments about singing live being better than sex and expensive therapy reminded me of similar comments from Our Mozzer in years past. Overall, some great comments from Moz in that article.

  8. Thank you Heathercat for your wonderful account of the concert you attended. It sounds as if you had a good time and that the tour is going well. Like I've said before it makes it feel real for those who can not attend to read these accounts. There has been some great photos of the last few concerts and an interview. OM appears to be in good spirits, joking with the fans and allowing his nephew to film a video of 'Speedway' during which the band all switched places. I agree with his choice for President that he announced to the crowd-Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, two pundits who look at the political news in a humorous, but usually truthful way. He also voiced Obama being too white, and last night, Larry Wilmore, a black pundit, commented the same, but that Obama's action at a funeral this week made him think his black was beginning to show. As recently posted here about there being so many coincidences and tonight he sang 'I Never Promised You a Rose Garden'. A tease to the BRS? I am glad to see he appears to be in good health and in such a good mood that he's allowing his sense of humor to show. Hope all have a good weekend.

  9. fantastic opening number in Nashville, made me smile anyway also I cant stop singing it now, we all used to sing that at school even the teachers

    1. It made me smile too - brilliant opening! I had wanted to go to the Nashville show, as I did last year, and now I'm really wishing I had been there.

  10. Moz singing Rose Garden made my entire weekend.

  11. I shall attempt the stage invasion with the blue rose
    If roses are not allowed in the venue
    I will find a way to smuggle it in!!!!
    Just like I did at Hollywood high

    jaz and I will have our roses on Friday afternoon 😎


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