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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Day 1392 - (Blue) Rose Garden

The past week has once again been wall to wall (or rather boundary to boundary) cricket for me, with the odd universi-tay visit thrown in. My job as curator of FTM has had to take a back seat, but I am doing my best to keep an eye on happenings in Moz World.

Despite my lack of visits to the Twitterdilly Arms, I noticed that our old friend, Broken paid a number of visits in the past seven days, but I wasn't quick enough to copy down any of his musings. He did of course post a few pictures of semi-naked men, but we haven't yet has his reaction to the new fully nude Bieber picture that has emerged on the world wide web!

He's a cheeky boy: Justin Bieber bared his bottom as he stripped naked for an Instagram photo on Monday

Biebs posted the picture himself, with the caption 'Look!'. Maybe I should post a nude picture of me at a Moz concert with the caption 'L'OO'K!'

With the exception of JB's arse, the biggest items of news this week have been A) Morrissey will be playing dates at Hammersmith Apollo in London this September - which was mentioned on Day 1104 of FTM as being on a certain somebody's 'Wilde Wish List' - and B) Morrissey giving a HUGE nod to the BRS in Nashville by singing (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden.

Image result for hammersmith apollo

The naysayers have, of course, all put down the singing of Rose Garden as being a nod to the fact that Moz was in Nashville, but of all the country songs in all the world, why did he sing that particular one? If Moz were to keep the song in the set for his next concert in Detroit, would the naysayers admit that they were wrong? No, of course not, they would find another excuse. When someone mentioned on Solow about Rose Garden being a nod to the BRS, their chief honcho, Uncle Sweaty, gave the intelligent response of, "Go fuck yourself". "You don't want to believe, you are sleeping".... still!

A week ago today, BRS member HeatherCat attended a concert in Cincinnati. Here is her account of the night:

Cincinnati was a spectacular show, with an outstanding setlist and a wonderful venue. Although the tour seemed to be followed by an actual black cloud (it was a rainy night, at least the third one in a row for the concerts I believe), there was no sign of a figurative black cloud in sight, with Moz in strong voice and impressive form. Whenever I see Morrissey live, I'm swept away by the intense passion and artistry conveyed through each and every song, and last night I was fortunate enough to be right up against the stage and experiencing everything as up close as possible.

Being so close, I was hoping that an opportunity for a handshake might present itself (I really had no expectation that he'd take my rose), but alas, he ignored the area I was in all evening, favoring the far sides of the stage for handshakes (I was closer to the center). The accessibility of the stage offered a perfect opportunity for invading, but after witnessing the fate of those who tried it (especially the poor woman next to me who was handled ridiculously roughly by security), I couldn't bring myself to do it. I understand that the security guys have a job to do, but why, oh why, do they have to be so unnecessarily rough with fans who just want a hug?

So many songs in the set were highlights for me, they're too numerous to mention, although I was thrilled to hear What She Said, which was a perfect encore. Other high points of the evening were the Trouble intro (recently used for Smiler) leading into Yes, I Am Blind, and Moz dedicating Kiss Me a Lot to Doris Day, a native of Cincinnati. The only disappointment of the evening was the absence of a shirt toss. Although the crowd seemed pretty low key from my perspective, and didn't have the palpable energy that I've experienced at other concerts (namely Nashville and Chicago), all in all it was a fantastic and most memorable evening. I look forward to Chicago next week (I probably won't bring a blue rose because it wouldn't survive the travel conditions to get there, but I do hope to find a rose of another color before the show). I feel so fortunate to live in the right time and place to have these opportunities to see Moz in concert - definitely memories of a lifetime.

That's all for now, so I shall once again head back to a cricket pitch; although I shouldn't really, as I've buggered my knee, but I shall do my best to ignore the pain, and bat on.... literally.

The Moz tour has had a few days rest, but tomorrow they hit Detroit, and that masonic temple that I got excited about when the tour was announced in April. It really is the perfect place to get on stage with a blue rose, but alas, none for the BRS are going! I still think that there will be something MW related for us, so I call on MorrisseysWorlders to keep 'em peeled - L'OO'K!


*Goes off singing* I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine, there's gotta be a little rain sometime


  1. I've loved listening to Rose Garden, its a gem of a song & Morrissey's voice makes it even more appealing & beautiful.

    It was a lovely surprise to hear about the UK dates in September. It has cheered my somewhat weary heart.

  2. Oh Blogger! I must have missed the memo. It's changed, why is it so difficult to sign on?

    1. Nothing has changed - what are you on about?

    2. She might mean an occurance that I have encontered a few times whereas I have had difficulty posting on your site. It will not recognize me and I then have to re-enter my info to post on FTM

  3. No matter what people believe about Morrissey's reasons for choosing Rose Garden, it seems that everyone agrees that it was a terrific cover and a smashing opener. Several days later, I still can't stop singing it! And apparently Lynn Anderson now wants to do a duet with Moz. He made quite a splash in Nashville, and rightly so. Will there be any more surprises on the tour?

  4. Morrissey's rendition of 'Rose Garden' was beautiful in the way his voice blended with the music. One would think the song had been composed for him. As for why he choose that song, to some of his fans, the DDD, it is obvious. With all the country songs out there, why pick that one? First, it was a crossover hit and many do not think of it as country. Second, through his nephew, Sam, he is an in law to the royalty of country, the Cash, Carter and Crowells, any of who have had songs that might be looked on as a stronger country song--and it would be his way of acknowledging them. Whatever you believe it was a wonderful start to the concert. And, Mr Ratty, are you really playing non stop Cricket?

  5. And did not Moz Fiend almost meet Morrissey in the rain that has to fall after the previous concert?

    Lyrically, it's an I invitation to the BRS to have perseverance in our necessarily frustrating relationship with Morrissey, because it's worth the trouble.

  6. A brief Chicago concert review:
    Moz ROCKED the opera house tonight! It was a stupendous show with great energy from the crowd, and I was delighted to witness a shirt toss this time. He opened the concert by saying, "Chicago, Chicago, Chicago" and then tore into TQID, a tremendous opener. He included a V sign during Ganglord (which he did in Cincinnati, as well) and said, "I never promised you a rose garden" as banter between songs. Although I wasn't able to get very close to the stage this time, the concert nevertheless stirred my senses and fed my soul in a deeply profound way. Thank you, Morrissey, I am eternally grateful.

    1. So pleased that you enjoyed the concert Heather. I can feel your excitement from here.
      That buzz is such a special feeling.

    2. I am glad you had another great evening with Moz. Oh, how I wish I was seeing him again soon. Like I've stated before, there is no high on this earth that comes close to a Moz concert. And I would know!

    3. Nice that he mentioned the Rose Garden.


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