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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day 1400 - Cat's Eyes

Astra has returned to both the Twitterdilly Arms and FTM.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Astra left a couple of comments on my last blog entry, complaining of ripped fishnets and cobwebs. She also left a song for fancy123, Early In The Morning by Hoodoo Man Blues, whilst stating that she doesn't usually listen to any blues.

Astra also left a song for me, Time Is On My Side by Irma Thomas:

Astra returned to FTM later in the day to leave a gift for the whole BRS, a poem, which was greatly appreciated by the few who remain in this cobweb strewn hole. The poem was left untitled, but I have decided to call it Cat's Eyes:

Cat's Eyes by Astra

Will you dance upon my grave?
Will you jump?
How high?

Cat's eyes. Nine lives. Never try.
Stand stock-still. And above all, above all,
Above all
Never, ever let them see you cry

Windless. Starless. Careless.


Now I'm here
I'm on the floor
Here to stay
I lay my head

But I'll be gone before you

And then these words I said
We'll look again one day
And think
How very strange

But then, another moment gone, and soon
We move ahead

Will you dance upon my grave?
Will you jump?
How high?

Cat's eyes. Nine lives.
But never let them see you cry

Face serene, immobile
Skin like milk
And alabaster
But underneath kohled lids
And silent breaths

Suffocating, dreams

Eyes full of heaviness
Thoughts full of lead
Pulling me
Like a weight to the bottom of the ocean

And then
Like a weight
To the bottom of the ocean

I'll be gone
I'll be gone
I'll be gone

Will you dance upon my grave?
Will you jump?
How high?

Close your eyes now, sleepyhead
A lullabyed goodbye

Cat's eyes. Nine lives.

But I'll be gone before you

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Astra's first visit to The Arms in three weeks came about on Monday, with a series of Bieber pictures being posted, followed by Bardot pictures.

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Astra also posted these words:

"If it isn't surreal, it isn't real. If it isn't hard, it doesn't hurt. If it isn't beautiful, do you know which way to go?"

"Entire devotion to an operatic life. Devotion to love. Burning eyes. This is Act III."

"Fathom my depths. Plunder my soul. Existence is only a game."

"If it's not VISCERAL, grab it as hard as you can And throw it back"

And when I thanked Astra for her poem and told her that she should write for a living, she replied:

"For a living? Mainlining as a practicing troublemaker. Sideline in legs. And I know how to keep a bed warm. My holy trinity."

Astra has also been spotted at the new 'official' home of the Deluded Dozen (who incidentally are listed as being: GOB, Chuck, Marcus, MTearfull (no idea who this is!), Jaz, Kerry Action, Hoaresly Cry, comrade harps, Our Mozzer (really?), Kirky, LizzyCat, The FTP Guy (Neville?) and Moz Fiend. There is no sign of those who have taken blue roses to concerts, such as; myself, Heather, EARS, Father Brian, President Kyle, VP Vulgar Angie or Manc Lad, so I guess this DD group must be some sort of non active splinter group - although Jaz, harps and Moz Fiend are in there, and they HAVE taken roses to concerts, so God only knows what this new site is all about. I guess Chuck set it up as a place for the likes of GOB and Lizzy to go, so that they can still be involved in the whole phenomenal MorrisseysWorld story following their ban from the BRS by Broken. An alternative to FTM isn't a bad thing, especially as I'm not around as much as I used to be, which means Chuck & Co may spot things that I miss...... I wonder what ever happened to the 'other' BRS group that formed last year? And what happened to that ridiculous Blue Knicker Society? There has certainly been some comings and goings in the past 4 years! Anyway, I can't linger any longer inside these brackets, I am in the middle of a sentence about Astra, so let it continue.....),The World Of Morrissey, yesterday leaving the following piece:

"Have you ever caught God by his toe?
 Do you know what it means?
 How it feels?
 If you ever catch God by a toe
 Hold on tight
 And don't let go"

Chuck's World Of Morrissey site has published another picture of Moz making a hand gesture at the concert in the Masonic Temple, which matches the sign shown on the MW blog:

Meanwhile, Morrissey has played two more concerts since my last blog entry, but I don't believe there have been any further MW references, and no blue roses have been reported.

Next stop Red Rocks, but again, no roses are expected. 67 sleeps 'til Hammersmith.


  1. trust you to miss the picture posted of BB, certainly, a la November

  2. Cat's eyes and cobwebs are two of my favorite things, along with practicing troublemakers, of course. Life is always more fun when Astra is around.

  3. Neville & ?????.
    There is also Mlle FTP author. I'll give you THREE guesses. Lots of things come in THREES round here.
    Incidentally like the THREE admins behind The World of Morrissey blog too.

    1. I too likened it all to the holy trinity a few years back

  4. Chuck & co have certainly spotted things that you've missed!

  5. Astra's poem becomes more powerful each time I read it.
    It is lovely to have Astra & her ever delightful spirit with us again.

    My heart is here with FTM. The archives are bursting with the history of our epic journey. Unbelievably I found Morrisseys World five years ago in August. I didn't for a second think our voyage would last this long.

  6. Astra's poem is undeniably exquisite. Absolute beauty and perfection. Thank you Astra.

  7. Blue roses will be the only flowers allowed at my funeral and grave site.

  8. Oh là là. The only part of my comment on Orange's blog yesterday that should have been taken completely seriously - was the part about my hair.

    I left comments on all three blogs yesterday. I thought I'd make the rounds to see who still has a pulse. The final count wasn't promising. Then it became mildly exhausting and I gave up when I began to feel the pulsating heat from the 1D fan frenzy through the ether at the news of Louis Tomlinson's baby.

    Thank God JB is still single, and just renting Learjets in his spare time. And looking G O R G E O U S. Oh là là indeed.
    My puppy dog eyes, come hither.
    Come faster. I'm smitten. Heart quickens.

    I'm with manclad, in loving my own photos of Brigitte. The sweet little duck on her shoulder was just too delicious for words, and it made me want to touch them both. I have a light touch, a nice grasp, and very nimble fingers. It could have all been so perfect. A peck on the cheek, and a peek at her cheeks. But I really will be making a concerted effort to stick with what I love best from now on. Which is a four letter word. Which starts with an 'L' and which ends in an 'S'.

    Red Rocks on the mind.

    1. tonight my dear, eyes will be peeled back even further as we keep a 00 out on Red Rocks.. L and S you say.. and I guess it was just me and you who spotted the resemblance to November spawned a monster of that gorgeous BB photo

  9. Rat, I was under the impression that the invitation for joining the other blog was extended to everyone. In order to access the editing capabilities of the blog, one must accept the invitation which I did, being that it would be a new little haven for those wishing to discuss and post old MW articles and musings, which to me is completely acceptable. I welcome the thought and I maintain that the other blog can be useful, but I feel that we will run a gambit of hard times if we are pushed to choose sides (again n again)
    The return of the Mozziah could be enough to rekindle whatever flame we have left and even set new ones ablaze. Although that decision has never been up to us it's still interesting to think about.

    1. I don't think anyone has ever been asked to 'choose sides', this isn't a war, or even a game of cricket. When I saw that the new World of Moz site had listed a page for interaction on the concert at the Masonic Temple, I genuinely thought that it might be a proper alternative to Solow, but unfortunately nobody commented on the concert, and since then the authors of the site have abandoned all ideas of concert reviews from each show, and instead just posted TTY statements, an old MW picture and used the site to have a go at me. Most bizarrely of all, the authors of the new site seem to be gleeful in their rejection of taking blue roses to Morrissey concerts as requested by Morrissey himself. In short, the new site looks to offer us nothing 'new' at all. Shame.

    2. It's all a bit of fun, really.


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