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Monday, 27 July 2015

Day 1412 - Blindly Loved

Morrissey's US tour has come to and end (although the band are in California for three dates at the end of August), with the climax coming on Saturday in San Jose - and there were yet MORE 'coincidences' for us MorrisseysWorlders', although to the average man in the street - or Mozzer fan outside The Twitterdilly Arms - the 'coincidences' will have gone completely unnoticed.

Last Friday, longtime MorrisseysWorlder and giver of the blue rose in Salt Lake City, Jaz, tweeted the following lyrics from the song Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye:

"I don't want to be judged anymore. I don't want to be judged, I would sooner be loved. I would sooner be just blindly loved"

On Saturday night in San Jose, before launching into Kiss Me A Lot, Morrissey rather incredibly sang these words a cappella :

"You see, I don't want to be judged anymore, I would sooner be blindly loved."

As coincidences go, this one is HUGE. Of all the Moz lyrics, on all the twitter feeds, in all the world, he chooses one posted by a MorrisseysWorlder who just so happens to be the only person he has accepted a blue rose from in 2015. You couldn't make this up!

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Of course the previous two blue roses that Morrissey accepted (Hollywood High 2013 and Santa Ana 2014) had been given to him by Vulgar Angie's young friend, Devan, and who just so happened to be invited up onto the stage at San Jose for the  encore? Yep, Devan!

And on the subject of Devan, or actually Devon to be precise, Morrissey has announced that he will be playing a concert in Plymouth on September 15th.
Before the official announcement had been made, Mademoiselle Fifi posted a video on Twitter of I Know It's Over (live in Plymouth 2011). When the official announcement came, I took to Twitter to inform Fifi that she must be a soothsayer. Fifi replied, "I'll go for coincidence. I can hardly see my own hand without glasses, how could I see the future?"

I have subsequently been informed by Orange Chuck that the Plymouth concert had already been announced by Gigs & Tours before Fifi tweeted her song, so it would appear that it was neither a coincidence nor a sooth say; merely some old French bird in The Twit Arms playing the jukebox!

However, there is a couple of other 'coincidences' to mention before I sign off, and they both centre around Kerry 'The Spirit' Messenger (formerly Kerry 'Action' Richards). Kerry has written on the splinter group blog, The World of Moz, that on July 21st she was in the long forgotten MW Chatroom and allegedly got into a conversation with Our Mozzer, who asked her (along with Orange Chuck and Marianne Tearful (@sadglamour)) which shirt he should wear that night. Kerry asked for the shiny one that Morrissey wore on the Fallon show, and although Morrissey didn't subsequently wear that particular shirt on the night of July 21st, he  DID wear it for the final concert in San Jose on Saturday.
The splinter group quite often come up with some pretty flimsy coincidences, but to me, this one has substance.



The other 'Kerry coincidence' involves the TTY announcement about the Plymouth concert. In the announcement, it states that Plymouth Pavilions has a capacity of 3400. The official capacity is 4000, and NOWHERE does it state that it is 3400. Now, most people would consider this a mistake on TTY's part, but Morrissey doesn't usually bother stating a capacity when announcing a concert, so why bother this time - especially when he then gets it wrong! The reason is, it is yet ANOTHER sign. Kerry often uses the numbers 3 and 4 when talking to Astra on Twitter. It would appear that Morrissey has used these two numbers and followed them with an '00'. It would appear that Moz seems to like Kerry - perhaps he admires her spirit.... drinking!

There is one other possible coincidence to report. According to Marianne Tearful, at the concert in Seattle, Morrissey was offered some gladioli, but he told the person offering them, "I can't accept these". As Morrissey has recently accepted other flowers, other than roses, I personally don't think that this is a reference to our little gang, and is more likely a reference to the fact that Morrissey no longer accepts gladioli, but you never know.

Moving on from coincidences, apart from the chatroom, the only other part of the original MorrisseysWorld blogsite that still remains is the 'active board', but the only person who seems to use it is Manc lad, who has religiously kept the tour dates and set lists going. It is a shame that this part of the MW blog never took off, but I guess with the main blog gone, it didn't stand a chance.


So with the tour now over, we turn our attentions back to the promised parody piece, that is supposedly going to be written by Our Mozzer, Broken, Russell & Mikey B. The outcome of the recent vote has resulted in MorrisseysWorlders wanting to see OM, Broken, Boz and Astra featured in the parody, although Mam was also a popular choice, coming in 5th. Surely the parody will contain a reference to the fact that there were NO cancellations on this US tour, which would suggest OM is losing his 'unique otherness'.

I meanwhile have arrived in London for a few days, which I will spend watching some cricket at Lords, watching Rustle Brand at the National Theatre, and hopefully visiting Vinyl Boutique.... if it's open!

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And finally, did I mention that Morrissey announced in Seattle that he was going to sing What Difference Does It Make?? Well he was just teasing, and instead he sang Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before. What Difference remains one of my all time favourite Moz songs, and I dearly hope that one day Morrissey actually will sing it live, although from what he told me in that 'fake' interview of 2012, I guess it is unlikely.

Right, I am off to buy a hat to wear to the cricket.

*Goes off singing* All men have secrets and here is mine, so let it be known, for we have been through hell and high tide


  1. Thanks for the updates Rats, I feel horribly out of touch.
    I am loving the lyric coincidence, what a peach!
    Whoever ends up in the parody its bound to be a corker.

    I hope Moz & the band have some time to relax now. Bring on September, the forthcoming tour is giving me a much needed focus.

  2. TearfulL double L (but I can forgive you on that). No mention of venue size on Napoli TTY update. Also, the look on Boz's face when Morrissey announced Stop Me as What Difference Does it Make was priceless.

    1. Sorry, but Tearfull with a double l brings me out in horrible red spots (under the word!). Unfortunately there is no Youtube footage with the What Difference bit - I wonder if the band are able to play every one of Morrissey's 200+ songs to order, or does that look that Boz gave mean that there are certain ones even HE doesn't know!

  3. Rat, Our reactuons were very similar I began to think "of all the lyrics, of all the songs, on twit, in the world etc. etc. " ah but then I hear him sing it a cappella *swoon* and follow it with KMAL and it's just beautiful.

  4. As I'm not on Trotter that much, posts like this are more intelligible to me than those in the other place, which tend to assume a level of intimate knowledge that I don't have. Unfortunately I am in a sleeping time zone during much of the BRS/DDD activity.

    Thank you.

  5. Congrats to Moz & Co. for a highly successful tour. The US is so fortunate and grateful to witness such a brilliant tour. And very exciting to see so many more autumn dates announced today! Always great fun to see more coincidences and hoping to have a new parody to savor soon. Enjoy your time in London, Ratty - I'm currently on an extended holiday and therefore won't be around much for a while.

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  7. I can confirm a new parody piece is currently being written.

    Following the recent MW poll, the parody will star: Our Mozzer, Broken, Boz Boorer and Astraea. Furthermore there will be guest appearances from Log Lady and one mystery guest star.


    1. Excellent news, can't wait!

    2. Hooray! I voted for Log Lady.

    3. PS What happened to the allocation of points?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Splendid to hear the parody is being constructed. I wonder who the mystery guest could be.

  9. Congrats to OM on all the awards he'll be receiving and thank you for the news that the parody is a work in progress. Reading who are all supposedly writing it, brings to my mind the picture I always get r/t the parodies, and that's of Moz , chilling with his friends as they throw ideas out and laughing as they compose the parody. I should also comment on how wonderful the US tour was-with the lyric coincidences and accepting of the blue rose, but for me the best was the singing of 'Rose Garden'. Well, I hope the next leg of the tour is just as great and that all who will be enjoying holidays have a splendid time.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thank you all. It has been a pleasure following the tour like this. I am so happy for the awards Moz is receiving. Gongrats! Love you all you deluted ones.

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  14. I think I'll have a cocktail now.


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