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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 1458 - Touch Me

It has now been 54 days since Our Mozzer, via R, returned to FTM and suggested that he would publish a new parody piece. It has also been 40 days since OM, via R, promised us "a treat" of a "a short piece of prose" - written by both OM and Broken, and edited by Mikey which, we were told, "will touch you in ways words never have." The question is, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT? WHERE THE FUCK IS ANY OF IT?

It has been four long years since I did that stumbling thing that is mentioned at the top of this blog, and since that initial stumble, I have spent god knows how many hours/days/months writing this shitty two bit blog, just so that the story of MorrisseysWorld and the Blue Rose Society can one day be read by all, and what thanks do I get from Mr Subject Matter? None! Have I ever asked for anything? No! Well I'm asking now, GIVE US THE EFFING PARODY PIECE AND TOUCHY PROSE. GIVE IT TO US NOW, OR OTHERWISE I AM OFF TO BLOG ABOUT GEORGE MICHAEL.

While I am here, I guess that I may as well mention that Morrissey finished his US tour with an excellent rendition of a song I had never heard of before, Are You Sure Hank Done It That Way, and he also debuted the wonderful, Oboe Concerto:

Also while I am here, I will mention that Morrissey recently attended the London film premier of the new Krays based film, Legend, where he went dressed as Cheryl Cole (thanks to Roberto Ferdenzi for pointing out the similarity):

                          MOZ & CHEZ - TWO PEAS IN A POD

And also while I am here, Morrissey has been photographed at an Anti-Fur demo in London this week, and his nephew has posted a picture of Moz & his sister as babies:

And also, also while I am here, Manc Lad has found on the Napoli Today website (God only knows what Manc Lad was doing looking on Italian websites) an article saying that Morrissey will be playing new songs from an album to be released in the New Year. Could there possibly be any truth to this?

And also, also, also while I am here, Fifi was lurking in The Twitterdilly Arms on Saturday morning, and favourited a tweet of mine that read: "What's your dreams, your goals, your ambitions and aims? He laughed and said, Shame is the name." Hash tag SwordsMorning.

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I presume that Fifi was just letting me know that she still looks in occasionally, as opposed to that actual tweet meaning anything, but who knows?


Must it really all end here, with me, a desperate, washed-out nobody pleading for a grain of something?


  1. Hmm, I doubt we’ll get anything by being pushy. Patience, as always, has been our forte. Perhaps it is the lack of a mass audience and comments that keep the pieces from being posted or maybe it’s something else, all I know for certain Rat is that you aren’t the only one waiting.

    1. Pushy? It was 54 days ago! He's laughing at us, I tell yer. B*s***dy c**t!

    2. Excruciating, isn’t it? I saw you were selling a ticket on twatter, does it come with a blue rose?

    3. I would be delighted to give a blue rose to anyone who wants one, but somehow I don't think they will! Nobody seems to want the ticket either - that useless fat bastard, Big Mick, has decided not to come; which I'm actually pleased about because, well, he's a useless fat bastard!

  2. The wait certainly is excruciating but I'm used to being laughed at, so nothing new there. I got quite a chuckle out of the Cheryl Cole comparison because of Astra's 'fondness' for her. I wish you had included a pic of Moz at the recent anti-fur demo in London - that made my entire week! Getting excited for all of you lucky UK fans who will be seeing Moz wonderfully soon.

    1. I have added the anti-fur photo just for you!

    2. Thanks! Nice to see baby Moz too.

  3. Damn, it's been 54 days! Time is a funny thing. Anyway, I never expected a parody or prose. I'd be shocked out of my socks if either appeared.

  4. Yes, I am a pessimist of the highest order.

  5. Great to see Moz out there supporting the cause against such barbaric animal cruelty.
    Some MW parody or prose would be a tonic.

    Is it next week yet?

  6. Ahhhh .. I wasn't EVEN AWARE we were wa8iiiing for such thinnnngs.... so B-hind-E.

    I really HOPEE EEEEE uuu don't mind me sharing that link on yt.


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