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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day 1470 - Journey's end?

By all accounts, the concert in Hell, I mean, Hull, was electric, probably due to Morrissey's recent announcement that he may not play the uk again. I expect tonight will be pretty much the same, and to say I am excited is an understatement. I didn't sleep at all well last night, and haven't looked forward to a concert as much as this since, er, the last one in Bournemouth!

The BlueRoseSociety tumblr, which I believe to be the work of Morrissey, has been updated to include the 'toothbrush vine', EARS blue rose that she took to Hull, my blue rose that I'm taking today, and a wonderful new BRS video that has been made by Jenni T and posted on Youtube.

Right then, it is time for me to leave the bedsit, and head to London. I have three songs in my head, Ganglord, Trouble and Oboe. I am desperately hoping to see/hear one of them tonight.... actually, I am desperately hoping for all three, but I can't see us getting Trouble. Could this really be the last Morrissey concert that I will ever see in the UK?

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  1. Ah, U WERE THE FIRST to inform me of this, hadn't even checccked, thxxx. I l0.0k forward to hearinnggg about ur rr revieww of the concert. I SEE he pllayed Ganglord and Oboeee, how special it must of meant to youuuuuuuuuuu, AWH .


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