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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Day 1473 - I Could Already See Me

My blog entry of yesterday took all day to write, but was read by just a handful of people, and received comments from just three. I could, of course, leave it as my front page piece for a little longer, but it is already yesterday's news. MorrisseysWorld moves on - to Paris - and Paris has brought about the return of both Astra (in the comments section of Day 1467) and our favourite French mademoiselle, Fifi.

As I sat at my breakfast table this morning, re-watching (for the billionth time) Youtube footage of Morrissey singing the mesmerizing, You'll Be Gone from Hammersmith, Fifi suddenly appeared in The Twitterdilly Arms, and posted a video clip of Charles Aznavour performing Je m'voyais déjà in 1972.

Needless to say, I had never heard of this song. I watched the clip, which sees Aznavour take off his jacket and tie, and then sing the song whilst re-dressing! As I have very limited understanding of the French language, I had NO idea what Aznavour was singing about, so I googled the lyrics and opted for the English translation, which reads as follows:


At 18 years old, I left my village
Determined to take a hold of my life
With a light heart and little luggage
I was sure to conquer Paris

At the finest tailor, I had made
This blue suit which was the latest fashion
Photographs, songs, and orchestrations
Ate up all my savings

I could already see myself at the top of the bill
Ten times larger than any other one's, my name was spread
I could already see myself adored and rich
Signing my photograhs to jostling fans

I was the greatest of the great dreamers
So successful that people rose to applaud me
I could already see myself looking on my list
For the one who at night would have the favour to hold my arm

My features have aged of course under my make-up
But my voice is strong, my gesture's precise, I have resilience
My heart embittered a bit with old age
But I have ideas, I know my job and I still believe in it

Just to feel the stage beneath my feet
To see in front of me an expecting audience, my heart beats fast
No one helped me, I didn't have much luck
But deep in my heart, at least I'm sure that I have talent

My blue suit, I've been wearing it for thirty years
And my songs make only me laugh
I'm chasing after fees, I go from door-to-door
To survive, I do anything

I only met easy successes
Night trains and soldier girls
Cheap fees and luggage to carry
Tiny furnished flats and light meals

I could already see myself in photograh
In the arms of a star, in winter in the snow, in summer under the sun
I could already see myself telling my life's tale
With a disillusioned look to beginners yearning for some tips

I opened peacefully at evening of premieres
One thousand telegrams from this Greater Paris which scares us so hard
And dying of stage fright before this audience
Coming onto the stage to the cheers and lights

I tried everything to stand out
I sung love songs, I sung funny things and even fantasy
If my career failed, if I didn't get out of the shadows
It's not my fault, but that of the audience who didn't understand anything

No one never ever ever gave my a chance
Others have succeeded with mediocre voices and made a lot of money
I was too pure or before my time
But the day will come when I will show them that I have talent

This song has Morrissey's name written all over it..... but I bet he doesn't attempt to sing it!

Kerry the Cocktail asked Mademoiselle Fifi if the posting of Je m'voyais déjà had anything to do with current location, to which Fifi responded with a picture of a poster of Charles Aznavour in concert.

When asked by Kerry if she would be attending, Fifi replied, "Absolument".


  1. Sorry for not commenting on the previous post but my mind is still buzzing. Today's is a cracker though - your translation of the lyrics does strike many a chord with Morrissey. A job well done.

  2. I am sorry after all your efforts you received so few comments yesterday Rats.
    Its nice to know Astra & Fifi are still fluttering around the internet like little butterflies.

    1. I really don't care if I get no comments at all (which happened last week); I write it purely because I enjoy writing it. I also find it amusing to see that rather than grow, the whole thing has declined. It's all so Morrisseyesque. I still believe that the BRS will grow over time, but what Sunday has taught me, is that human contact is needed. Take away the darkness of the Internet, and things become more believable. As Bitter Bobby Neville said to me, "I still can't believe you are real!"

    2. Then I shall try not to be so bothered by it.

  3. I hear what whiskers says, but if Moz stops touring then blue rose will end, not for those already aware, but newbies just wont have a chance to ask what it is all about. On another note, if Moz says he wont tour the UK because he cant get a record deal then surely the rest of the touring will also end, I cant see him being offered a contract in South America for example, so if any of you can afford to pop abroad then do so, you just never know.. of course, I like all of you hope that the decision is overturned.. time as ever

  4. I wonder if there will be any pictures of Fifi at the CA show tonight?

    1. She's probably working there as an usherette!

    2. I don't think she'll be pleased you've called her a usherette!
      I hope she tells you off...

    3. She'll probably try and convince us that she is a member of the Moulin Rouge Cabaret Troupe, and that they are the opening act for Monsieur Aznavour.

    4. So he is going to watch CA tomorrow night...

    5. If Fifi IS an usherette, perhaps she will get to serve him!

    6. Fifi will tell you off if you keep calling her an usherette!

      I noticed this on SoLow before. And it got ignored !!!

      Quote Originally Posted by Dhalluin View Post
      Nice evening, with a Mozz seeming healthy. The concert was good, even if "You'll be gone" was tried 3 times and abandoned finally. Very happy to have heard Boxers and Alma Matters.

      Morrissey talked about attending a gig tomorrow of Charles Aznavour, and signed two of his books.

      Hope to see Mozz again in Paris another time !


      Morrissey posted on Twitter yesterday that he was going to see Charles Aznavour, but as he only has 39 followers, I guess most people missed it.

  5. A very poignant song from Charles. Lovely to see that Fifi was around this morning, although it was too early for some of us to catch her. I do hope she enjoys the CA concert immensely. And what a joy to see that Astra is still lurking among us and hasn't given up on us completely.


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