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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Day 1476 - List of the Lost's Twitter Dozen

How did I miss it? HOW DID I MISS IT? HOW DID I MISS IT? It is clearly there in black and white on Page 15 of List of the Lost - and it is one of the BIGGEST 'coincidences' we have had since this journey began. It reads, "as this teasing twitter played out its daily dozen".

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As I raced through List of the Lost on Thursday, I failed to notice these nine words, but then again, why would I notice them, after all, they don't actually seem to mean anything - but of course, they mean EVERYTHING!
It was only this morning, when I was reading through comments left on yesterday's FTM by Manc Lad and comrade herpes, that I realised what I had missed - MORRISSEY HAS GIVEN A NOD TO THE BLUE ROSE SOCIETY AKA THE DELUDED DOZEN IN HIS NEW NOVEL!

I should point out at this stage that it was LizzyCatMoz who made the connection (observation made on TWoM blog), and not Manc Lad or comrade herpes, but the important thing is that it has been noticed, and what is more, it's also been verified, as after I mentioned it on Twitter this morning, one of Morrissey's pessoa's, Mademoiselle Fifi, replied, "You took your time...", which is a bit harsh - surely two days after release can't be seen as taking time?

It was back on November 1st 2011 that I first made reference to there being 12 Twitter followers of MorrisseysWorld. Since then, we have referred to ourselves as the Deluded Dozen, or even the Dreary Deluded Dozen. A number of those original twelve are no longer with us*, and in fact there are actually more than twelve of us these days, but us daily twitter users have always continued to refer to ourselves as the dozen, which Morrissey is VERY aware of. The World of Morrissey blogsite even has the subheading of 'Home of the Deluded Dozen'.

It hadn't even occurred to me to look for any signs in List of the Lost, but now I can't help wondering if there are more. This special, special adventure just keeps on going.

In other news, Broken apparently appeared in The Twitterdilly Arms this morning, but I missed him.

*No longer with us doesn't mean dead, it means they lost their delusion.... which one day, they will probably regret. Bloody Whitney Houston!


  1. yay, great news, looks like a few of us just missed Broken or maybe he just didn't want to speak with us, either way things seem a lot better now for some reason, I'm sure page 15 gave everyone a lift after the awful news of the last UK tour.. what a journey

  2. Without having read the book yet, I know nothing of the context of the sentence, but it does seem like quite a coincidence to have 'twitter' and 'dozen' in the same phrase. Thanks to Lizzy for pointing this out.

  3. Enjoyed all of the recent posts by fans who had been lucky enough to attend one of Moz's concerts. It seems they all had a great time. And now, thanks to you, it will take me a lot longer to read his novel when I get it, as I will spend much of my time not just reading it, but also looking for clues. Maybe, in the future, he will publish some crib sheets to aid us in this quest.

  4. My copy still hasn't arrived. I really want to keep it until I go away in November, but I don't know if I will be able to resist the temptation.
    When I walked past Waterstones on Thursday I was unable to forgo popping in to have a little peek & read the first couple of pages.
    How lovely to find a coincidence nestled in the novel.

  5. Goodness, now there's a coincidence and a half. I haven't read the book yet although I do have it. Today will be the day.

  6. I remember when I was getting randomly trolled by someone who was complaining that they had just lost two precious hours of their life watching Papadopoulos & Sons. The man claiming not to be Morrissey at the time jumped into the conversation and tweeted... "When someone gives their life to art, you should at least be polite. Art is not a market. It is a passion" The woman apologised. It was a remarkable statement and gesture from this man. I wrote this quote out and I keep it pinned next to my desk. It also helps me keep my feet on the ground when I start being tempted b the market. I ask, where is the passion? Perhaps Morrissey knew what was coming when he opened his show last Monday with the words... "I give you my life".

  7. Parody imminent.

    Keep your eyes open.

    Only FTM will ever receive authentic MW content.


  8. SOO oo o oWOAH!
    the p!c.


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