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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Day 1486a - Love from the Underbelly - Boy George Promotes

Having taken a break from Twitter for a few hours yesterday evening, the BRSChairman (aka Our Mozzer) returned again at around 7.30pm, to converse with the Orange Mecanique. When asked by the orange why he had chosen to return to Twitter, Our Mozzer replied, "boredom mostly but a keen nose for mischief."

Here are the rest of the highlights:

There has been a conspiracy underway in Britain for the past ten years. They will try to convince you Art does not matter. It does, it does! 

They did get the Importance of You Are The Quarry... 

Art should not be repressed. 

Stick with your convictions! I did and I gave you Years of Refusal... 

Well for what it's worth today I invented a new word. It's called 'Joyced' and means the loss of money unfairly. 

The reviewers didn't read the book, just other reviews. They all said the same things like an ugly boyband. 

With no record deal in sight I will need directions to the nearest dole office. Is it still called that or has it had a makeover? 

I cannot be trained and I had no skills to begin with. Life is cruel. 

Has anyone found a use for Elton John yet? I need a plunger so could you tell him to apply? 

Alex Turner has made a career out of one good album and sounding slightly northern. Although a secret - he's actually posh. 

The first one (Arctic Monkey's album) is passable as music. The rest of their albums sound like a long yawn. 

That last tweet came at 8.54pm, and then he was gone. Follower numbers at 48.

He returned again today at 8.42am, and tweeted throughout the day. Here are the highlights:

There are things more exciting than death but I for one cannot think of any

51 (followers) now. I am not worthy.  I'll have 10,000 by the end of the week otherwise there will be no new (live) album.

That (Johnny Marr's live LP) will sell well. I bet Dread Beerrun won't compete with that. The industry is against me.

Johnny Marr: Adrenalin Baby - Johnny Marr Live: Numbered Pink Vinyl

Justin Bieber exists to remind us that intelligence is not everything.

We are all searching for that someone who makes us feel better about ourselves. Little do we know we can do that on our own.

In any other time David Cameron would be a political afterthought. In the 21st Century he is Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson is to politics what Simon Cowell is to music. That's the greatest insult I've ever composed.

Boris cannot carry himself. He is a tub of lard poured into a bin bag.

I could never form a Government because I need to ask the Queen. I wonder what Jeremy will do..

He's (Jeremy Corbyn) being lauded as the change we need yet he will end up like the rest. Spin doctor will be hired next.

He (Corbyn) will never abolish the Monarchy. He may limit their powers/wealth but they would remain. Unfortunately.

Once the ideal is compromised it is no longer the real deal.

Most political blogs are run by dyslexic dunces.

@BlueRoseSociety Oh please stop fawning. NO actually continue. It's so rare I hear praise these days.

@BlueRoseSociety So far you are doing a better job (of promoting) than Harvest. Plus I haven't needed to demean myself with spoken word videos. Poor Nancy.

In response to former Smiths drummer, Mike Joyce tweeting to someone on September 24th that he would be "buying Mozzer's book": @mikejoycedrums @c_col Please don't call me Mozzer, you glorified benefit scrounger.


@BoyGeorge The only gift I have is self-loathing. Can I inspire people to self-loathe? Some would say I've been doing it for years.

Boy George: Rubbish. You write awesome lyrics and look at love from the underbelly. It's inspiring but in a positive sense!  

@BoyGeorge Is there any other way to look at love? Answers on a postcard.

@Limahl_Official How does one contact Limahl? He never responded to my pleas of a duet. My 'career' has hit a snag and only he can revive it

The Guardian ‏@guardian  Oct 4: List of the Lost by Morrissey review – the publishers should be ashamed of themselves

@guardian Not as ashamed as I am for once touching your paper. Stop eating quinoa and shopping in Oxfam. F*ckwits. I've switched to the Mail

Oscar Power ‏@oscarpower: Nearly finished with the List of the Lost review I started last week but didn't get to finish due to ilness. For 'review' read 'mauling.'

@oscarpower Try writing it with illness. Also maul your face off with a chainsaw. Thank you and kind regards.

(List of the Lost) Work of high art if you ask me. Read with an open mind and closed fists.

The drummer has blocked me. I have no idea if I should be elated or not. Never blocks those bank payments does he?

Joyce may as well become a tax man. He can't 'thud thud' like he used to.

If I was a MP my expenses would bore everyone into death. £1.45 for broken biscuits. £100 for ten copies of World Peace.

My cupboards are bursting with gin and carrots

To me sex is just something that happened to other people. To Nick Grimshaw fashion is something that happened to other people.

Something will happen soon. I can feel it in my Alka-Seltzer

If Kenneth Williams was born today he would have been bullied into suicide by age 17. There is no acceptance of difference.

If I was alive in the nineteenth century I would have been the only male victim of Jack the Ripper.

Britain is bust. Be nomadic.

Foot note: Tweeting finished at 1am - followers 80.

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