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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Day 1487a - Scrabble & Steam - Greatest Hits

Our Mozzer - aka BRSChairman - once again returned to The Twit Arms today, tweeting on and off from 9am to 4pm. Here are the highlights:

All typos are due to Admin Bods and their ridiculously fat fingers.

@TheRatsBack It is incomprehensible to me that you have 90 followers whilst I languish on 83.

Yawning in someone's company is so disrespectful. That's why I always do it.

In response to Boy George tweeting that he had recorded Celebrity Gogglebox: Where was my invite? Lord knows I need the exposure.

I see signed Vinyl on eBay. What a way to make a quick pound. Do they care how much it took out of me to sign each copy? Do they even care?

Rejection sticks in the throat. In these modern times there are many ways to be rejected. I can't possibly cope.

Please stop watching YouTube videos of me. I receive no royalties. It's a bloody outrage.

ME: @BRSChairman You aught to re-invent yourself as a bedroom YouTube artist - the new Dread Beerrun.
@TheRatsBack I would be shut down in a week. 56 year old men are not allowed on YouTube you know. It's full of boys with youth but no beauty
ME: @BRSChairman I wonder what the response actually WOULD be? Is your bedroom tidy?
@TheRatsBack I don't actually have a bedroom. One falls asleep where one stands these days. It's a struggle to stay awake during 'Paris'
ME: @BRSChairman You have just made me lol - I am being stared at. I do agree that Paris has, er..... been around quite a long time now *coughs*
@TheRatsBack it's arrondissements keep me sane. God bless Napoleon III.

Alexandre Cabanel 002.jpg

England is full of overcast skies, overcast people, overcast minds.  Grey is the national anthem.

What on earth am I even doing on here? I have a laconic show to 'prepare' for. How do I prepare? Scrabble and steam. Scrabble and steam.
ME: @BRSChairman Scrabble & steam? Somehow, I believe you!
@TheRatsBack Boz is no competition at scrabble and he somehow managed to bring me falafel unfit for consumption. Time to disband the band.
ME: @BRSChairman You could always hire a portable scrabble player!
@TheRatsBack Need to keep the expenses down. You don't think the band buy their own outfits do you? From my pocket once again.

There are towns in England where people would defend their Argos catalogue or Tesco clubcard with more vigour than defending their children

Consider this my Greatest Hits Twitter album. Don't despair. We all know how many Greatest Hits albums I've had.

I'm off to earn my crust. No bread allowed though. You will be searched.

And off he went. Follower numbers at 91.

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