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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Day 1488 - The f*cker!

There was no sign of the BRS Chairman on twitter this morning, so at 9.30 I rattled his cage by tweeting him details of his and my twitter follower numbers, and I got a response.

ME: @BRSChairman 96-91. You're in the lead.
@TheRatsBack 97 old boy. Now stop tweeting me as I'm trying to sleep. Although my lawyers keep calling me. Must be Joyce again.

Our Mozzer then proceeded to pop in and out of The Arms throughout the day, before disappearing at 4.40pm, presumably to get ready for tonight's concert in Cesena. Here are the highlights:

Police only protect the interests of the rich. If you're poor then to jail you will go.

@GranadaReports: Manchester music legend @Johnny_Marr prepares for second sell-out gig in his home city
@GranadaReports Is he playing in Mike Joyce's garage?
ME: @BRSChairman What is it with you & that garage? Has he recently had one built or something?
@TheRatsBack I obsess over everything he does. I'm paying for everything. Shame I didn't pay for his parents contraception. (Ed - this made me howl with laughter)

There is a certain romance to violence. There is none in barbarity.

I think I still have an unpaid library fine from 1979. They won't be getting that 72p from me. Or the copy of Das Kapital back.

They follow me through streets and airports so why not follow me on Twitter?

Hugh Grant is a jacket potato microwaved for too long.

The Smiths are lauded as being better than The Beatles. Yet Morrissey is lauded less than John and Paul. Murder or a hair piece required.

Marianne(@sadglamour): @BRSChairman Funny you should mention this, I have to go to a Ringo concert tomorrow...not by choice, exactly
@sadglamour Not even Ringo is there by choice. There's a cash-register ringing....

If only Joyce didn't sue. I could afford to buy more followers. Alas I will be stuck on 98 forever. How many does Joyce have? My money helps
Marianne: @BRSChairman Sadly he will try to take 25% of your followers at any given time :/... Really only deserves 10% though at best
@sadglamour The f*cker

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be me? I left my tea unattended for 10 minutes and on returning it was lukewarm.  Why did I get up?

@WorkersSpatula: SWP Releases Statement Calling for Morrisey's Death
@WorkersSpatula @oscarpower They aren't the first (Joyce) and won't be the last (Joyce)

Austerity is a tool designed for the rich to control the poor. Amazingly austerity politics won an election

Over 80% of the British electorate voted for parties with austerity politics, heavy or light.

ME: @BRSChairman Signed copy of Certain People failed to sell on eBay at £24.99 & has been relisted at 15 quid. One has to smile.
@TheRatsBack I wouldn't pay £10 for it (Ed - this is HILARIOUS!)

Manufactured pop stars are of no use to society. The proliferation of their work causes harm to real works of art.
ME: @BRSChairman Talent shows have been around for years & look at bands like The Monkees. Is there not room for a bit of manufacture?
@TheRatsBack Joe Pasquale, Lenny Henry, The Chuckle Brothers
‏@HoldenMorrissey:  @BRSChairman even Bieber?
@HoldenMorrissey Well he doesn't acknowledge my existence so yes @justinbieber

I've lost a follower. I'm crying into my luxury cushions.

The day finished with the Chairman's follower numbers at 102.

Astra also appeared briefly in The Arms, both last night (after the Naples concert) and again today. Here are her highlights:

Stretch out and wait. Stretched out in silence. Now swimming in eyes like galaxies, that'll make hell feel like home.

Give me your sadness. I'm the only one who knows how to hold it.

These really are VERY exciting times, but I'm sure that it won't last long - it never does!

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