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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Day 1490a - Broken back

Just before midnight last night, both the BRS Chairman and Astra strolled into The Twitterdilly Arms and stayed until 1am. Here are the highlights:

Everyone have their sunglasses on?

I've come to flash my ankles. Midnight frissons for the willing and wanting.

Smoke made of blue roses. Midnight mass for the holy. Beautiful travesty for communion. Lingering.

Tailspin. Headspin. Luring you in.

All You Need Is Me (In response to this tweet, the BRS Chairman tweeted, "@FadingGoldLeaf but after years of refusal? What then?")

Words for the wicked. Legs for the wise. Misbehavior for the knowing.

Nothing on earth beats one of my languorous glances, apart form maybe JB’s abs ... which are definitely in the running to give me a run for my sideways swindle.

And nobody on Twitter has SWAG like us @justinbieber. Follow me up and down and to the bottom of the world DADDY. And then all around again

Leaving my heart here tonight. No tears if you find it. I always come back for it.


Good times for a change.

@FadingGoldLeaf You were not made for the Victorian age. Starch and pomposity kill your sexual stance.

Being born in 1855 I will always blush at the sight of an ankle. A tie is as erotic as I can go.

Today I had several massages and relaxed in a jacuzzi. I assume you were at work?

My iconic body longs to be touched but I refuse to pay.

Once I reach 200 followers I will conduct a Twitter Q&A. All questions must be submitted in advance and not mention The Smiths.
@BRSChairman At the rate you've been amassing followers, we could be waiting quite a while.
@heathercat222 precisely the point. I have better things to do other than conduct a Q&A. Such as my stamp collection and garage spying.
@BRSChairman @heathercat222 That garage has really gotten to you, hasn't it.
@TheRatsBack @heathercat222 It has. I assume it's where he keeps my money. Kisses it every night.

I never advocated celibacy as a life choice. However in the case of Katie Hopkins celibacy should have been enshrined in law.

I spend my life flirting with dignity and despair.

Happiness goes hand in hand with self-loathing

America is the truly the land of progress. They tried a black president and next they will try a transvestite. #Hillarywearsthetrousers

I'm Morrissey trying to be Russell Brand

At 11.30 this morning, Broken waltzed into The Arms. He posted photos of his favourite topless celebrities, including: footballer Alan Smith, Chris Eubank jr, Jeramine Jenas, Biebs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sanchez, Austin Robert, Sergio Ramos, Austin Butler and Neymar. Here are his highlights:

Life is like a game show. Only the prize is death. And there's no beautiful assistant encouraging you.

Dark thoughts come from within. Happy thoughts come from without. Evil thoughts come from Eamon Holmes.

The novel ... oh the novel... oh

The novel was... a mistake. However the next one will make it irrelevant.

One cannot be a singer forever.

Media Brand Britain PLC: purchase, purchase, purchase. Smile fondly at the royals. Swallow your antidepressants. Eat, drink and purchase.

The difference between the royals and benefits fraudsters? The royals spend their benefits money on castles, while the poor get investigated if they turn up to the Job Centre + in a car <8 years old.

Elegance is just a passing fantasy

When I feel life can't get any more meaningless, Vine comes along to show me how it can.

Jordan proves that it is possible to have a career under capitalism, even without anything to sell.

How did you all vote in May? For UKIP I hope?

Are Tony Blair and David Cameron the same person?

ThatcherMajorBlairBrownCameron #fucklabourandtories #spitonthenameolivercromwell

Two years ago Cameron's government wanted to arm the rebels. Now they want to bomb them. At this rate we'll be bombing ourselves by 2018.

Labour are the party of benefits (chavs/royals). Tories the party of working class snobs. Lib Dems the patronising middle class. #UKIP4all

The suave are always a step ahead of the bland and a step behind the desperate.

Loneliness is what we do when the tea runs out.

What connects Rio Ferdinand, The Pet Shop Boys, Twin Peaks and UKIP? #MorrisseysWorld

I'm the Oscar Wilde of Twitter, responsible for perhaps as many insightful witticisms each year as Oscar managed in his career. Yet ..nowt

Ignored, deserted, broken.

Be careful to drink enough alcohol that you lose your inhibitions, but not so much that others gain theirs.

As vile as Thatcher was politically, she was stronger than the current breed of career politician.

Broken then posted three Thatcher videos from Youtube, before disappearing.

The BRS Chairman & Astra also paid visits to The Arms. The only tweet from the Chairman was, "Colour me blue."

Astra posted songs:

Se Telefonando - Mina

Sono come tu mi vuoi - Mina

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