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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Day 1493 - Action is her middle name

The BRS Chairman has made a return to The Arms today, just after 9.30am,  with the first tweet being in response to Kerry the Cocktail posting a photo of a piece of Morrissey's shirt from the previous night's concert in Budapest. The Chairman tweeted, "If I see that on eBay I will sue."

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Here are the rest of the highlights:

Mirrors are still misleading

How do you think I feel after years of lies? One cannot bare to switch off the light incase another lie invades the Internet during sleep.
ME: @BRSChairman Sorry to hear this. Is it Joyce again? Perhaps it is best to either leave the light on or never get out of bed.
@TheRatsBack it's always Joyce in one way or another. It's him that's stopping the labels from signing me. I just know it.
ME: @BRSChairman There can be no other explanation. Perhaps Joyce is holding secret meetings with the execs in his DOUBLE garage.
@TheRatsBack I had just forgotten all about the double garage. Immeasurable sadness elopes me.

Six more followers needed. I'll be in the jacuzzi if anyone needs me. Not that anyone ever needs me until they feel lonely or sad.

@PapaSonsFilm It is inconceivable that you have over 4,000 followers whilst I languish beneath 200. Have you not heard of share the wealth?
MARCUS: @BRSChairman Do you think a series of hard hitting warts and all interviews with celebs in a bathtub/ jacuzzi could work?
@PapaSonsFilm I conduct one with myself every night. Most enthralling.

In reply to @stephenfry tweeting: Sent an email to the chairman of a trust. Just noticed that it begins “Dear Charmian…” — should’ve stuck to the simpler “Chair”. #twazzock
@stephenfry I didn't receive this letter. Is the 'Royal' mail as lazy as the Royal males?

Stephen Fry is one mental breakdown away from a knighthood. That's all he wants.

MAX (@MadAlix14): @BRSChairman why don't you open up the 'official' account again, for a little entertainment? Or did Harvest confiscate it?
@MadAlix14 The only thing Harvest confiscated was my dignity. And 'career'
MAX: @BRSChairman dignity is overrated
@MadAlix14 So is life yet here we are

And at just after midday, he was gone.

Astra arrived just after 2.30pm and posted the following in a whirlwind 3 minutes:

I am no longer a free show. Lock on my Twitter. Lock on my heart. I now exist for private eyes only. (Ed - Astra has locked her twitter account)

This Twitter weather’s been far too mild lately.

Who’s in the mood for a little bit of my ASTRA? Or should I say, a little bit of my HURRICANE?


Heading into the eye of my beautiful, swirling storm. Walk straight into me. NOW

Are you ready?

Never be the first to look away.

Streets paved with everyone’s hopes. Diamonds in my head, where instead I should have eyes. Come and walk beside me.

Make Art. Make Love. Be Art. Be what you’re looking for. Be what you need.  Be whatever you want to be. Do not search outside yourself.

All eyes on me. Looking to wrap me around and around. My star is on fire.

But you’ll never see my core. Mist and seduction and music are all I have to give. The rest? For no one else’s eyes. Only in my heart alone.

Your drama, dilating my pupils. Lips parted once, but that was before.

My nights are music, and everythings, and nobody’s nothing, and all the beauty that will never be again.

When I was, where I was, and when nobody could hear me, I sang yesterday’s soul. Birds swam out of my mouth. My eyes lit the sky.

And time flew back into the palm of my hand

Miaow me this. Miaow me quietly. Don’t look now. This is my sweet, coddling, baby blue heart. Beating. Beating. Beating fast. BEATING HARDER

Like this. This is how it’s supposed to go. Blink and I’m gone. Did you miss me again?

Do you ever miss me at all?

Come to me for all of your broken dreams. Half price Tuesdays ‘tip December

I am fragments of everything. With the beat of your heart in my blood. The siren of always, who calls to me. Your voice in my veins.

The murmuring voice of toujours. And too much love for this spinning world, that we’ve always painted together.

A cyclone without fear. I am without end. And the pleasure, the privilege was - MINE

In response to Astra's initial tweet about being for private eyes only, I replied, "It's like Soho of the good old days", which brought a reply not from Astra, but from The BRS Chairman. I wonder if he tweeted from the wrong account by mistake?:

@TheRatsBack @FadingGoldLeaf @heathercat222 You know nothing of the Soho of the good old days. Nor the bad.
@BRSChairman Admittedly my trips to Soho weren't in it's 60s heyday, but it was still seedy in the early 80s when I went for a peep!
@TheRatsBack All you could do was peep? That is a criminal lack of imagination.
@BRSChairman It satisfied my curiosity. 50p a peek. I was 17 and in an alien world.
@TheRatsBack 17 in the 1980s? Don't try and fool me.
@BRSChairman We weren't all born in the 50s you know! Had the war even finished when you were born?
@TheRatsBack You are very lucky I'm not in too bad a mood

I think I may have got the better of him! It's never happened before, and it has made my day, which is just as well, because the blanket of despair has been smothering me lately. Sometimes you just wonder where the hell you are heading, but who ever said we are heading anywhere, except the exit?

I knew where I was heading in late October 1983, to a peep show in Soho!

Meanwhile, The Dotty character that I mentioned yesterday, and who I first wrote about a few years ago, last night tweeted to me whilst Morrissey was on stage in Budapest, which puts paid to it being a pessoa! And what is more, I have today read back through some old FTM's and Day 184 has reminded me that Banjaxer had something to do with the Dotty account. It is all so confusing.

As for the Budapest concert, well neither EARS nor Kerry the Cocktail; or indeed her man servant  Dave, managed to pass a blue rose to Moz, which means that once again, NO ONE has given Moz a blue rose on a European tour. USA 4 Europe 0.

Kezza has tweeted to say that she threw her blue rose onto the stage during Action is My Middle Name, which incidentally was thrown into last night's set having not been played before on this tour!
Rather interestingly, Kerry's twitter name was originally Kerry 'Action' Richards (which I changed to 'NO ACTION' after her failure to take a rose previously), so to have the song played last night was a HUGE coincidence. We must add it to the list.



Kerry 'Action' Cocktail has informed me that her rose was picked up from the stage by one of the security, and The Chairman has this morning confirmed to her that it is now in his possession!

Both Kerry and Dave's blue rose pictures have been added to the BRS tumblr site.

There are now just two concerts to go on the European tour, but I don't believe that any BRS members are going to either Romania or Macedonia, so it would seem that, for now at least, the BRS will go into hibernation.
Next month our eyes (and ears) will turn to South America, with Morrissey's tour starting on November 7th in Ecuador, but are we likely to see any blue roses in South America? It seems unlikely. So, what next?

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