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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Day 1497 & 1498 - Hideous tricks on the brain


Morrissey's European tour has concluded. And as he sang on Friday night in Skopje, 'R' took to the comments section of FTM to post the following:

Morrissey has left a new comment on your post "Day 1496b - The Q&A session proper":

A new parody is imminent...


Posted by Morrissey to Following The Mozziah at 16 October 2015 at 21:57

I'll believe it when I see it, although as I am going away tomorrow, it's irrelevant if it's imminent or not, because it won't get published, not on FTM at any rate. Maybe it will be published on The World of Moz, whose latest publication is a piece by Orangey Chuck; who once again accuses me of being involved with MorrisseysWorld, and even accuses me of tweeting as OM, Broken and Astra! I do feel rather sorry for Chuck; the whole mystery of MorrisseysWorld has obviously just become too much for her to take. If she were to re-read FTM from the very beginning, I believe she would see that it is blatantly obvious that my discovery of MorrisseysWorld was no different to that of anyone else - I nearly stopped blogging after my 4th entry, as I really didn't believe that it could be Moz, and that certainly wasn't the last time I questioned if he was really involved.

Oh well, I can't tell people what to believe or not to believe - if Chuck thinks I'm involved, then that is her look out. No one has tricked her. No one has played games with her. She has come to this conclusion on her own - and similarly, I still believe that Kevin 'Walter Ego' 'Banjaxer' Mar(r)inan was involved with MorrisseysWorld, but I guess I may well have got that wrong. I also thought Romina was a pessoa, and accused GWO of being Boz Boorer. This journey really does have the ability to play hideous tricks on the brain..... but I for one wouldn't swap it for the world.

There was no sign of BC in The Arms yesterday; he was no doubt having yet another pre-concert massage, steam and jacuzzi session, but we did get an afternoon visit from Astra. Astra posted a couple of songs; Lo ti darò di più by Ornella Vanoni and Mina's version of Bang Bang, retweeted a couple of Anaïs Nin quotes, and posted some photos of Roberto Bolle and Brigitte Bardot.

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I thanked Astra for her postings, and particularly the Ornella song, to which she replied, "My pleasure. Two minutes of aural ecstasy is my speciality. Ahem."

In other news, I have discovered a new band: Slaves. Well, I haven't actually discovered them as such; they have been around for a couple of years, but I had never heard of them until I saw them on TFI Friday last night. I have spent today listening to as much of their stuff as I can, and I love 'em! My favourite song at the moment is Sockets.


All has been fairly quiet in The Arms. Broken showed up yesterday at around tea time, posted a couple of Bieber pics and an 'Arabs on-line' picture, and then left. No one attempted to speak to him.
Astra appeared just before midnight, and tweeted to GOB and GWO to, "Think of me often. Think of me always." Astra also tweeted, "I moonlight on backlit backdrops sometimes. Back alleys the rest."

STOP PRESS: As I write, The Chairman has just appeared in The Arms, with an opening gambit of, "I was never a virgin in the intellectual sense. Thoughts penetrated my mind from day 1."

It is now time for me to go away. I am going to be internet free for a while, so will have no idea what is going on in The Arms. I wonder what I will come back to? As I leave, Our Mozzer has 231 followers.


  1. Hi Rat, there's a little flaw in your logic here! When I say that you're "involved" with MW, of course I assume that especially your first blog entries were basically lies, so reading them again wouldn't really help!

    1. Whatever! I guess you join the group with Skinny, Rosy et al.

    2. Those were the ones who say that Moz is nothing to do with it, remember? And how rude to think I'd join Skinny, I'm NOT very pleased Monsieur.

    3. Those were the ones who thought it was all lies. You have joined the list of the liars - or at least the list of those who call me a liar.
      They weren't lies, they weren't lies, they weren't lies.


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